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Poems must be written by Elftowners and posted here by the original author. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular poem in somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the writer's permission. Poems must be written in good English. Let someone check your spelling and grammar if you're not sure about it.
Limit is 2 entries per person.

Since the five chosen poems will be featured on Main Street, we would like to keep them fairly small. Anywhere from 8-35 lines is acceptable. Be creative but please keep that in mind!

Submissions for Daily poems on Mainstreet are usually not accepted when they feature violence, disturbing actions or insults.

For the Christmas competition we will be less strict about it, except for insulting contents. If a poem is judged to have insulting contents by the Daily Poem Team it will be removed without question.

And obviously, poems must have something to do with Christmas preferably with a fantasy or sci-fi slant.

How to post it here:
Add the poem after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and author (Written by...) .

December 18th

Five Christmas poems will be picked out by the Daily Poem Team among all those presented. Participants will receive special Christmas badges and the winners will receive Masters of Building badges.


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1. The Death before Christmas

The night before christmas, when all in her blouse
Not a hand was stirring, not even her spouse
She’d put on her make-up with ever such care
And put on a nighty, like some models wear
Her husband was sleeping, all drunk in their bed
While a drop of liquor spilled out of his head
Then out in the kitchen there arose such a clatter
The mice had run of with the pancake batter.
After the mice a winebottle flung with a flash
Went out of the window and gave a big clash
Her husband yelled: “Hey wife what you wearing?”
She thought he had finally started with caring.
Then he said: “You’d better not be messing around!”
She thought of the letters that he might have found.
She got scared, but then said with a smirk.
“No love nothing special, just a guy I met at work.”
He raged and he yelled that she was no good.
But silently she watched and smiled as she stood.
He came at her with a fist raised high.
And felt his breath leave as she heared him sigh.
As she tensed her hands and turned it around.
All that she heared was a gurgling sound
She stepped back as his dead body sagged in
“Finally free” she said with a grin.
All her live she was sick of this man
And now she had finally finished her plan.
To have her freedom had cost a high price
Now who will ever know if she’s naughty or nice

Written by [Cookieholic]. Inspired by, The Night Before Christmas.

2. The Elf

He looks so jolly, but he is angry,
As I have erred again;
His eyes are twinkling, but he is fuming,
As I have erred again.

Father Christmas, he is called,
And I am his helper elf;
Santa Clause may not come to town,
And the culprit is me, myself.

I fixed wheels to dolls,
And wigs to cream rolls;
I am resentful, and with a wail,
I turn myself in exile.

Death had only his scythe,
The Sandman had only his pouch;
Fairy Godmothers have wands and flight,
But to Santa Clause I brought only blight.

I wandered for days,
I wondered for hours;
If Christmas would come,
If, at all.

He looks so jolly, but he is angry,
How surprised I am to see him!
His eyes are twinkling, but he is sorry,
That I ever left him.

Written by [diagonist]

3. Christmas Bliss

One night before christmas, while reindeer were creeping,
there were people in bed, my family was sleeping,
into dreams fled our despair caused by the previous fight,
the future seemed so startlingly bright,
what good is a season, that we celebrate yearly,
if we cannot relate with those we hold dearly
why should we care, about presents or gifts,
when those we love are seperated by rifts
what should I do, when faced with desision?
a blissful sleep, or sharing my vision?
I have to consider what is more meaningful to me
the family and friends, or gifts and a tree
one can have both it they have the first
so settle your account, its not worth the thirst

Written by [---deleted account---]

4.         The Brilliant Stars.

The northern lights dance in the night; the wind seems to make the colors sway up and down.
Wolves howl their night songs through the air, to keep in touch with others.
The stars twinkle overhead the world, too far for people to reach and capture one.
Snowflakes descend and create a mound of white cotton candy.
Children play snowball fights ‘till their mothers call for them.
A white owl swoops down to consume its hunger, while its eyes look for other prey.
As a tired man goes home from his long work you could hear the snow crinkle beneath his footsteps, he lead himself to a house with smoke coming out of the chimney.
Snow hares run around in delight for they are isolated from human beings who hunt them; sometimes they are lucky and sometimes they are not.
The hissing of water reaches unknown ears, sources would tell you that the sounds were made from whales.
Memories such as these are still in dreams of children.

Written by [Noxme]

5.        Lightness is in the air.
Leaves rustle as the wind changes into an anonymous sound.
Birds dance to the event of spring coming at last.
Flowers poking their heads out wondering if it’s time to come out of hiding.
The sunshine is silhouetted against a fury of gray clouds.
Chick monks chattering in the trees, while their cousins, the squirrels, chase each other accordingly.
The dampness clings to the air making everyone who’s out shiver with cold.
The ray’s of the sun is like little lullaby’s running still through the smoke of clouds.
Water trickling down the bases of trees, creating little puddles; just like ponds at the bottom.
Little drafts of wind sweep the leaves off the ground making them swirl with wonder.
Dogs bark at funny sights to their vision’s, when it’s just a person walking by.
Comfort entrancing people as they sit and drink hot cocoa at home; unless they burn their tongues, of course.

Written by [Noxme]

6. the very first christmas present
hot apple cider
and caroling kids
it's here, it's now
you've guessed it my friends.
it's Christmas time once again
with presents and parties
all for your friends
it began long ago
in a stable so low
on a clear starry night
with angels galore
the very first
christmas present was born.

Written by [Silver Gypsy]

7. Christmas Fantasy

Fairy lights sparkle amongst the night sky
Laughter and smiles everywhere
Today's a good day
There's no time to cry

Lovers under the mistletoe
Children smiling gleefully
The boys with their sly games
The girls with their quiet giggles
This is their Christmas Fantasy

So let the evening continue on
Allow the joy to spread
The smile's from innocents
The kisses of lovers
Let them live
In this Christmas fantasy

Written by [Just another heartache on my lips.]

8. A Winter Night

The children lay nicely in their warm beds
as thoughts of good things to come run through their heads
It is a time to rejoice and be happy
It is better to give then it is to recieve
Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza and all the rest
for this is the night, that we all are blessed
snowflakes fall and cold winds blow
for in the morning the children will go
they will play in the snow
and enjoy all its glory
later that night they will hear a story
A now sitting here in the warmth of the fire
The clock does chime for a glory hour
This is a time to remember all the good things
for when the when this year ends
there will be great new things.
Merry Christmas to everyone and a joyous new year.

Written by [Draconius]

9. Christmas Blight

The Christmas Blight,
Comes in the Night.
Annoying Songs,
And Banging Gongs.
Joyful People Singing,
About Presents They're Bringing.
I Can't Take It Anymore!
Everyday I Wake Up Sore.
I Know What!
But I Shouldnt Do That.
I Could, Pretend To Care,
And Then Prepare,
To Carry Out My Plan.
Precautious As I Can,
For If I Get Caught,
Everything Will Be For Naught.
How Happy I Will Be,
How Joyous, Just You See.
I Will Definately Do A Cant'a,
The Day That I Kill Santa!

Written by [Pillowthief]

10.On christmas eve!

On christmas eve
No sound. just sleep
Inside the childrens room!

Then rattles a sleigh bell in the sky
The sound of laughter so close by
Quiet footsteps on the roof.

A BUMP a THUD. No noise again.

Then the footsteps in the snow
The crunching sound starts to go!
The riendeers hoofs. Santas laugh ho ho ho

Morning comes christmas is here.
Give and recieve, a childrens cheer
When we share with those who we hold dear!
Oh how we love this time of year!

written by [The Dark Lord] (something nice and jolly from me for once)

11.Silent guest

A silent step on the floor
Silent laugh behind the door
Happy face and silent smile
Looks the shining tree for a while

Then he walks away from there
He has to visit everywhere
His time is only one short night
And so long is midnight flight

He visits every house
He gives every cat a mouse
He hides one present just for you
When everyone's happy, he is too

He has ten reindeers before the sledge
Peter's the one on the edge
He flies up again and there they go
And all that's left is "ho! ho! ho!"

Written by [Elmiira]

12. My Love

Once I had a vision
there was a girl as beutifull as sea
she is the reason of my pain
yet,nothing alse she is to be

She had a skin as soft as wind
and the purrity of a white dove
she crossed the path of my heart
and so she became my only love

The voice of an Angel she had
her look was sweet and shy
before I take my last breath
I know that as a lonely man I will die

Like a waterprincess she smiled to me
and said that Eliven was her name
then like a cloud she disappeared
like it was winter and she was flame

What is a lonely soul
if not just a sad word seen
what will not be a wasted life
if not a pursuit of a dream

My soul is yet to be awaken
for a burden that is havy to bear
now I pray for the moment of my life
I pray for my hand in her hair

Markael is my name
An Elf from Amoria I am
my heart is broken in peases
and it will never be whole again

Remember theese words
before we meet,untill then
my soul will not stop wondering
but my Silmarile will never shine again

Written by [Artil Kordiestra]

13. Christmas Choir

The Chorus in the square
They know that you are there
You walk right past them
And they start to sing

He's coming, he's coming
He'll coming our way
That big o'll man in his great big o'll sleigh
Calling all the reigndeer
Urging them go on

Christmas Eve is coming
Along with Christmas morn
Hurry, now hurry
Listen to the song

It's your fair warning
Now hurry hurry along
Fast down the willow lane
Rushing to the fire
Hear the voices singing
An angelic Christmas Choir!

written by [Fuu]

14. The Real Meaning of Christmas

The Christmas Eve service is my favorite time
The dark room, twinkling like stars from each candle light
A once a year memory we’re all sharing again
And singing together, “Silent Night, Holy Night”
A loving feeling fills the room like a flood
From my friends and family, smiles as warm as the Sun
Make me wonder about the meaning of this special night
As the play about Baby Jesus is finally done
Is it giving and getting gifts from family and friends?
Reindeer songs or Peace on Earth?
Santa Clause ho-ho-hoing or sitting in church?
The real meaning is simple; it’s Jesus’ birth

Written by [nokaredes]

15. The True Meaning of Christmas

Christ’s birthday
Holy night
Star of David
Three wise men
Mary and Joseph

Written by [my lover is someone I don't know]

Krampus' gift

Once upon a time
In the darkest street of all
Krampus hides and laughs
Those who weren't good will fall

He climbs on to the roof
Santa flew away from this house
But Krampus knows a secret
He jumps down the pipe and laughs.

He looks at the shiny finery
He smiles all over his face
He put into a stocking
A piece of coal from his Grace

On the card a note
For the little one to get
"I do not think you liked that
In fact I did just bet!"

The next year Krampus slept
all trough the Holiday
The boy were not mean again
So does the story say.

Written by [.:Aina:.]

17. Dragon Dream

Wonder white from heaven snows
Lustrous lights from each tree glows
   Colored toys in window rows
Down deserted street walks one
All alone, this girl has none
   So has christmas time begun
Wait, what's that light? Fluttering
Glowing, growing, unfolding
   Slowly like a living thing!
Rays recede and standing there
Mild, majestic! High in air
   Rising, scaled a creature rare
His head lowers to behold.
Gentle gaze, with eyes of gold
   To her speaks a voice of old
"Truly, trusting, you shall see
Faithful, follow, me to be
   For a time, free as are we"
Gaping, ghasping is the child
Feeling fearless with this wild
   One. She'll follow, she's beguiled.

"Friend, forever, if I may,
I implore you, let me stay
   For you've given all this day
If, indeed, you do exist
Bless, beloved, me with this."
   Sealing, blushing, wish with kiss
Laughing loudly he does then
Dragon, daring to befriend
   Human child so close to end
“Always and forever be
Here high in the air with me
   In this Christmas time, set free”

Written by [Baen]


I got a lump of coal today,
Such a nice present for Christmas Day,
Disappointment and anger got its way,
As hope and dreams just flew away.

Sad and lonely for another year,
Until Christmas spirits came ever near,
I spotted my present and began to cheer,
Two lumps of coal; my greatest fear.

Spring came and summer died,
An eternal sorrow, there I lied,
I was good and nice, I really tried,
But alas, 3 coals: I broke and cried.

I prayed to god, but he turned his back,
Confused and disoriented, answers I lack,
Bit by bit, my heart turned black,
It was time for revenge, some sweet payback.

I heated the coals, in the dark star,
It sent a signal, deep down and far,
I beam of energy, with the consistency of tar,
Encircled my body, rekindling the scars.

A wave of darkness took the northern lights,
Clouds of horror, blocked all the sights,
Blacker than my heart, it took out the night,
As the whole of the world, trembled with fright.

“Don’t do it!” the scared children pled,
“Why would you do such a thing?” many said,
Soundless silence, in the coming dread,
It suddenly stopped, for Christmas was dead.

Written by [Doormat]

Christmas Translation



By [Topspin]

Bethlehem Babe

Tiny prisms of light
Enter your fragile body
For all to see
This marvellous sight
The stars shine upon you tonight
As you are received
By the stars of bright
And the world believes
under a lucky star
People came from afar
To see how you are 
They brought you gifts
To celebrate your birth
And they thought it befit
To bring you gold, frankincense and myrrh
And we loved you
Small as you were
We loved you
Like the stars in the sky
And with you
You bring hope
To lack-lustre eyes 
You brought with you
A new hope
A new faith
You brought love
You brought trust

Written by [Cascading water lillies]

21. Ms. Christmas

When Santa got stuck up the chimney,
He began to shout
“You girls and boys won’t get any toys,
If you don’t pull me out!”
Except they knew that he did lie-
They saw his sack was empty!
So who gets you your presents this Christmas?
Well, that would be me!
Some call me Mrs Santa
But that’s not up to date
I prefer Ms Christmas
And even then, it’s my husband’s name
You think he stays at the North Pole
With only his reindeer?
You’re wrong- who do you think feeds them all the time?
Let’s get some things clear.
I’m the one who does the work
Managing all the elves
And let me tell you, by November
That can be utter hell!
But what can I do about it?
It’s my job, my responsibility
While the fat guy poses in red
And does publicity!
He gets his mug on all the cards
Around photographers all day
And who’d doing all the hard work?
Ms Christmas is slaving away!
I get no credit for what I do
But you what you want each year
So spare a thought for Ms Christmas
And join in with the Christmas cheer!

Written by [Catlover] The first bit of the poem comes from the song 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney'.

22. What do you buy a dragon for Christmas?

What do you buy a dragon for Christmas?
Quite a dilemma, I certainly think
You can’t buy a hipflask, even if it is silver-plated
For someone who never, ever drinks

You can’t buy them notebooks, you can’t buy them toe-socks
A paper calendar would only fry
It makes me laugh to think of buying gloves
And putting them on; he’d be obliged to try.

You can’t buy a wooden photo frame, knowing it’ll burn.
How can you get books, when they’ll end up crisp?
Buying a dragon hairspray is never any good
One puff, and we’ll all be December mist!

Purchasing for a dragon is always a problem
Especially if you go for originality.
So, I’ll just use that old and boring present
A candle for a dragon will do for me!

Written by [Catlover]

23. The Special Star

Look into the sky that night
To find something different
Something magical.
A star shining so bright
You have to quickly turn.
It looks as if it's moving
A shooting star perhaps?
No, not a shooting star
Something else
Something that gives you
A warm feeling inside.

The sound of bells
You think you hear
And sounds to me its getting near.
I'm starting to figure out
Who or what that star is
Well its none other then Santa
On his Reindeer!

~Written by [cobwebb]


Twas the darkest night of all the year
the church bells silent and the world full of fear
No sleigh bells rang and no snow flakes fell
no lights were lit in this world of hell
The children hushed and the gifts were gone
no dancing no singing, not a sigle song
The trees all burned in a pile of ash
No decorations hung and not a holiday bash
the people stayed home, not a caroler sang
not a reindeer flew, not a sleighbell rang
Not a ho was heard, or a turkey was cooked
for once in my life to the sky no one looked
not a stocking was hung, on the fire place
and not a single family was saying grace
This christmas Day was different you see
not a child was hoping for what was under the tree
this christmas eve was silent and dead
not a thought of happyness ran through there heads
poeple were crying and screaming in fear
knowing st. nicholas will never be here
Written by ~Alli Cole [~f~Another Drastic Change~f~]

Warm Christmas

Reflections of myself in the water this eve
I sigh to myself glumly
It’s 20 above!
Stupid parents I think
With their stupid plastic tree
“What happened to the good times?”
When there was white snow instead of white sand?
When pine needles covered the floor instead of pieces of plastic.
Where are the snow angles and fort?
The fog on the windows?
Stupid Christmas I think.

Written by [Carol Lynn] ^.^

My Hero

He left me and the kids at home
Left me in our bed alone
Just to go and fight for us
We as a counrty, not us
He may never come back

I couldn't afford to get the kids toys
I put their names on angels
So now I pray
Some one else will bring them joy
On this Christmas day

I sit at the kitchen table
my lungs cold and my coffee stale
Waiting for the sobs and tears
the lacking of the Christmas cheers

But a new noise fills my ears
the booming laugh I could never fear
I turn to see him standing there
Still in his army uniform
his ears pointy and cheeks warm
I see them laugh and run to him
Then he looks to me

Two boxes came with angel gifts
I was overjoyed
But they could never beat his
He's my hero, my world, my elfish joy
Happy Christmas my little boys

Written by [Shion-san]

The Ornament

Shineing brightly on the christmas tree,
a tiny little ornament, blue as blue can be.
Spinning round in circles, never slowing down,
Hanging by a branch, not falling to the ground.

The fire is roaring, in the fireplace there,
yet the little orament, doesn't seem to care.
The dog falls asleep, right ontop of the chair,
and the little ornament, still spins in the air.

Freezeing winters come, freezeing winters go,
but the little orament goes on with the show.
It's true legacy shall never end,
as long as christmas, is still round the bend.

Written by [The hunter]

28. Christmas

Faeries will freeze in the soft morning snow
Elves will dance in the white blinding glow
And no one will stir from their far away dream
When a fat man crawls down through their chimney
Children will giggle with blatant delight
Lost voices sing to the doorways at night
Bells fly on through the dark, starry sky
And I leave carrots out for reindeer that fly.

Written by [Jeesum Crowe]

29."Sang the Bell"

There was singing near venders,
Up the rivers,
And through the stone-paved streets
Atop a great chapel,
Where it was heard close,
A song; of mourning and heart;
Chimed of a large, silver bell
It sang, how it sang
Of long summer gone
It sang of short springs past
Of Autumn and fall,
Of the great winter thaw,
That comes to leave every year
In the youth of morning sun,
this very day,
It sang of only one thing
Of joy
Of hope
Of love
And how it was swept and gone
"Sleeping heart joys
for the sake of none
or so, it is nevermore"
The bell sang
"Only petty things
Replace what was true
never here, never gone
elsewhere they flew"
The vendors, they listen
The rivers, they too
And everyone all through the streets
To the sad song,
For the pidgeons that cooed,
Sang the bell
On cold Christmas morn

Written by [the Indigo]

30. 'Tis Christmas

'Tis Christmas, and I do fear
For my sanity, the end may be dang'rously near.
Too many shoppers, too many sales,
At the thought, my face grows cold and pales.
As people clamor for Christmas spirit,
I reach for another - my hand draws near it.
But wait! There's better a way
To survive the time to Christmas Day.
I'll go to the town, see the people harried,
Acting as if their hearts are merried,
And I shall relax, and I shall dare
To free myself from holiday care,
From the trappings and the obligations
That plague the people throughout the nations.
And I shall watch the people scuttle to and fro,
Running- they have more places to go!
And I shall laugh.

Written by [Seamus Schwathe]

31. mistletoe...
Some red berries, leaves oh woe
A sprig of holly, you know, MISTLETOE
Christmas is fun, oh yeah, a real joy
But when you roll out the mistletoe, *gulp* oh boy
Sure it looks alright, red and green, pretty
But why bring it out just to bother me?
I know it looks good on the doorway, on the mantle too
But I can’t stand it, not at all, that’s true
Sure it seems harmless enough, and temptingly sweet
But don’t trust it! It’ll be your utter defeat
Sure, just a kiss, a peck, a smack
But soon, oh soon, it turns into an attack
Two lips joined with two more, yeah, simple
But what about the nose or if they have, ick, a pimple
Ok… I’ll put my lips here and I’ll keep them closed
But… OH MY GOSH! What do I do with my nose!
Maybe if I stand still, they’ll know and show me
No wait, they’re standing still too… woe is me!
Well… I’ll just lean forward, it’ll be over soon, but why!
Ouch! Their nose poked me in the eye!
Oh great, oh gee, was it their fault or mine?
Was my eye placed in their firing line?
Well… if I back off now, maybe they won’t realize
And then I can save the other one of my eyes…
I can’t wait for the mistletoe to stop its assault.
When it’s finally packed away and I can stop finding fault.

Written by [kanaseria]

32. Christmas Dream

I am a child who has no home
Forced to wander all alone
I strayed from my parents one eve
lost and alone , my family has forgotten me

Stopping at the window from time to time
Listening to them sing this christmas chime
Wanting to enter but so afraid
My feet begin to walk away

My mind starts to race as my heart begins to fight
Thier singing so loud, the light is so bright
Looking to the window,what do I see?
A little baby staring at me

I knock on the door and to my surprise
Noone stares at me with the look of ice
As they begin to hold me tight , I finally know what it is to mean
This is the begining of my Chirstmas Dream

Written by [Gabireal] inspired by a friends life

White ,Magic,Christmas

Sleep is no good,
not tonight
I sit and watch,
glaring into the night
I watch as the moon smiles down on me
I watch as the first frozen tears of christmas
fall and ingulf me,
drowning my image through the window
as if i had fallen in the icy sea
I watch as the world around gets valed in white
So crisp
So pure
So unatural
So right
This is the night before christmas
when pure hearts lay sleeping,
waiting for the day to down,
listening .... for santa creeping
This is the magic of the night before christmas

By [CelticMoon]

34.Fantasy is Christmas.

Elves and faeries.
Snowmen and reindeer.
Jolly old men,
all figures of splendor.

It doesn't matter,
who you might be.
Christmas is here,
come celebrate with me.

No matter the distance,
the joy still arrives.
The mystic and magic,
all brighten our lives.

So don't raise boundaries,
let your imagination go.
Fantasy is only unreal,
if you allow it to be so.

Written by: [Blaithin]


Carol of the Bells
Christmas is almost here
I can feel it in the air
The time wants to shriek
Christmas Day! Christmas Day!
But alas, the time ticks by slowly
O how I dread the night before Christmas
But I just picture the pastors
Up in their bell towers
They pull the the ropes
That lead to the singers of Sunday
What is that glorious tune
It sounds like the one we all know!
It is the sound of Christmas!
It is finally here!
The celebration of His birth!
And Christmas Gifts!
Merry Christmas!
And a Happy new year!
Written by [Anime Addiction]

36. Santa isn't real

He wakes to hear a much anticipated noise
Suspected culprit brings goodies and toys
Flung are the sheets and spry is the boy
He tackles the stairs with whoops of joy
Across the hall his bare footsteps sound
Drawn is the door and out with a bound
Eyes scan for anything jolly
Realization announces his folly
Back to the knob his fingers clasp
The door he locked and cries with a gasp
"Someone let me in! Someone please!"
Shivering, shaking he falls to his knees
Santa so close now seems far away
Forfeit the dreams for a warm place to stay
Sadly this story ends in a wretched way
Santa and the boy didn't make it that day

Written by [Infernon]

37. Silent Night

Christmas night,
Everything’s all right,
In a town so dreary,
People so wary,
No Christmas tree in sight,
No Christmas light,
No reef on the doors,
Just rotten floors.
Snow falls to the ground,
And covers a girl, lying so sound.
In a pool of crimson snow,
Above circles a solid black crow.

Written by [Bloody Rainbow]

38. Christmas

The night was cold
Not a soul could be found
Here came this women
With a mission at hand
She knew not what it was
But only to comlete it.
She gave up looking for a warm place to stay
She headed for the nearest place
And that was a barn filled with hay
She crouched over in labor pains
She sreamed why me
But did not curse His name
She pushed and pushed till the baby came
This vrigin Mary gave birth and Chirst was the baby's name.

Written by [faedeintothesea]
The story of how Christ was born in my own way.

39. Holiday Season

Sitting down, my legs shaking
Ribbons and papers stuck on me
The cookies are in the oven baking
And I can’t find my car’s key

I put my face in my hands and exhale
In all of this junk I can barely reason
Outside the window, sleet and hail
Oh, how I hate the holiday season!

Written by [inazuma]

40. Silent Night

Silence befalls the land as snowflakes dance gently to the ground.
It's as if the earth has become deaf and cannot hear a sound.
Lost in white dust, the ground metamorphs.
Everything is changed. The ground is but a white floor.
Nothing is so beautiful, so delacate and soft.
To some this is a wasteland, to me it is like heaven's loft.

Nighttime falls and the moon shines on the snow.
In the moonlight, the crystals put on a magical show.
Going outside, my footsteps are left behind.
How lovly this night is, it is perfect in my mind.
This is a Silent Night.

Written by [Soul Guardian]


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2004-11-30 [newname: hot_babe]: Title: Christmas Present Christmas, Fun and laughter Written by Gemma - I Love_Dan

2004-11-30 [irulan]: Um, I'm a little confused - what are these comments in relation to [newname: hot_babe]?

2004-12-01 [Cookieholic]: i dunno =P I'm the first =P hehe, ow everybody, i won a place in The Wiki Awards! ^_^

2004-12-01 [diagonist]: Wow...I'm in awe. ^____^

2004-12-01 [Sunrose]: [celebapril]; your entry has been removed for not following the rules of the contest. Please read the rules, adjust your poem and resubmit it to the page :)

2004-12-02 [Sunrose]: [la vie lemon]: your entry has been removed for not following the rules of the contest. Please read the rules, adjust your poem and resubmit it to the page :)

2004-12-02 [la vie lemon]: what was wrong with it? *scratches head*

2004-12-02 [la vie lemon]: oh, it's too short. never mind...

2004-12-02 [nokaredes]: it was a haiku, right? you're going to submit a different one and not change the style right?

2004-12-02 [la vie lemon]: yea it was haiku...probably won't submit one at all doesn't matter...*shrugs*

2004-12-02 [Cookieholic]: too bad..

2004-12-03 [Doormat]: [.:Aina:.] why did you delete my poem? page version 35/36...posting again

2004-12-04 [Pillowthief]: Oh I will surely do a cant'a......

2004-12-04 [Pillowthief]: The day that I kill Santa

2004-12-04 [Cascading water lillies]: Sounds interesting...Can I help?

2004-12-04 [Doormat]: [Carol Lynn] you put snow angles....i think you mean snow angels

2004-12-05 [the Indigo]: hey ^_^

2004-12-05 [Sunrose]: Poem 1, 3, 4, 10 and 21 were infected by spyware by someone (the pageversions don't go back far enough to find out who), please check your poem if it is still correct! Before you post anything here, please read adware!!

2004-12-05 [Sunrose]: (see the difference between pageversion 69 and 68 to see where the spyware was removed so to locate what sentence you need to check.)

2004-12-06 [Infernon]: Sorry, I just had to add a poem of the macabre...but it IS Christmas related...:P

2004-12-07 [irulan]: Entry #38 - be sure to put your Elftown user name with your entry!

2004-12-07 [.:Aina:.]: [Doormat] did I? I didn't mean to... sorry :(

2004-12-07 [Sunrose]: [irulan]: oops I fixed that already ...

2004-12-07 [irulan]: Okay. :)

2004-12-08 [Doormat]: happens

2004-12-10 [faedeintothesea]: Thats for telling me i would have never know if someone didn't tell me thanks irulan

2004-12-19 [Cookieholic]: oh oh oh i can't wait to see who won =P

2004-12-20 [the Indigo]: me too

2004-12-20 [Elmiira]: I ca't wait! I can't waaaaiiiit! :D I don't really believe that mine could win, but it's exiting to see which ones do

2004-12-20 [Doormat]: aww I probably won't win...too dark ^-^

2004-12-20 [Pillowthief]: Too dark? Mines about killing Santa! Cant get too much darker than that...

2004-12-20 [Elmiira]: :) mine is just a few stupid childlish words about santa.. so stupid

2004-12-20 [Doormat]: meh...I guess is the doom complex kicking in, because I wanted to write a poem on nuclear winter, and my gas mask XD

2004-12-20 [the Indigo]: why would you kill santa?!!?!?! T_T

2004-12-21 [Pillowthief]: So I can do a 'Canta.....Why else?

2004-12-23 [Elmiira]: hey, when will the winners be published? tomorrow or on christmas day or on which day?

2004-12-23 [the Indigo]: hope its tomorrow, because there isnt going to be a lot of people logged on on christmas...

2004-12-23 [Elmiira]: yeah. in finland we spend christmas, like open the gifts and eat the christmas food on 24th.. so that's why to us it's christmas already on tomorrow. so it would be good on tomorrow too

2004-12-23 [the Indigo]: yeah, i usually spend christmas eve with my family, baking cookies, shopping, going to church, stuff like that...

2004-12-30 [Jeesum Crowe]: Uhm... so... new year's in a couple days...

2004-12-30 [the Indigo]: yes!! >_< me n' a coupla friends are going to go see Spanglish ^.^

2004-12-30 [Jeesum Crowe]: I want to see that! I'm going to see the Life Aquatic later on today (after I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) and I can't wait

2004-12-30 [Doormat]: well it's over...notice how none of the 'dark' poems win :P Do I have to start writing 'happy' ones now?

2004-12-31 [Sunrose]: It´s not about happy or dark, it´s about them being good :)

2004-12-31 [the Indigo]: o.o i wanna see that!! tell me if its good ;P congrats to the winners!!

2004-12-31 [nokaredes]: yes, congrats.

2004-12-31 [Doormat]:

2005-01-02 [Sunrose]: ;)

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