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Poems must be written by Elftowners and posted here by the original author. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular poem in somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the writer's permission. Poems must be written in good English. Let someone check your spelling and grammar if you're not sure about it.
Limit is 2 entries per person.

Since the five chosen poems will be featured on Main Street, we would like to keep them fairly small. Anywhere from 8-35 lines is acceptable. Be creative but please keep that in mind!

Submissions for Daily poems on Mainstreet are usually not accepted when they feature violence, disturbing actions or insults.

For the Christmas competition we will be less strict about it, except for insulting contents. If a poem is judged to have insulting contents by the Daily Poem Team it will be removed without question.

And obviously, poems must have something to do with Christmas preferably with a fantasy or sci-fi slant.

How to post it here:
Add the poem after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and author (Written by...) .

December 18th

Five Christmas poems will be picked out by the Daily Poem Team among all those presented. Participants will receive special Christmas badges and the winners will receive Masters of Building badges.



41. The Gifts of Winter’s Wife

Winter’s Wife came knocking
Came a knocking on my door
The rocker set to rocking
Where was stillness there before.

Her icy winds she left to marshall
To scream against the maple door
and there she left her frozen parcel
upon the porch’s stain-ed floor

And I, I waited bundled warm
With blankets, huddled nigh the fire
Against the cold and bitter’d harm
Of snow outside still drifting higher

Tomorrow day was nearly here
When Christmas day would dawn with sun
And snow to dampen Christmas cheer
Ere the season yet was done

The gift I opened Christmas morn
The snow she left against my door
And a sleigh to ride, and a bugle horn
And a kit to play with on the floor

Written by [MoonDuck]

The Real Meaning of Christmas

The Christmas Eve service is my favorite time
The dark room, twinkling like stars from each candle light
A once a year memory we’re all sharing again
And singing together, “Silent Night, Holy night”
A loving feeling fills the room like a flood
From my friends and family, smiles as bright as the Sun
Make me wonder about the meaning of this special night
As the play about Baby Jesus is finally done
Is it giving and getting gifts from family and friends?
Reindeer songs or Peace on Earth?
Santa Claus ho-ho-hoing or sitting in church?
The meaning is simple, it’s Jesus’ birth

Written by [la vie lemon]

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve
And everyone is filled with excitement
For every house is covered with many bright lights
All the little girls and boys
Are hoping they will get their favorite toys
Some children will get dolls
And action figures with remote controls
But the bad children will get lumps of coal
Santa’s reindeer are all in gear
To visit the people with the Christmas cheer
The children see all the presents wrapped
Some are tall, and some are small
Parents lay their children down to bed and read “The Night Before Christmas” to put them to sleep
As santa goes to each house, he fills stockings with presents and candy
All the people who have been waiting all year
Will be sure to have a day full of Christmas cheer

Written by [la vie lemon]

What's in a Name?

Some people may call it Christmas,
and others say it's Kwanzaa too,
or perhaps Hanukkah or even Yule.
or other names, special to you.

Whatever you call it: this time of year,
This season has so many names,
none more important then others,
because the feelings are the same.

Such charity and compassion abound
in this season of giving.
This time brings great joy and happiness to
every person that is living.

So no matter your race or religion,
you celibrate for some reason.
Whatever your holiday occasion,
it's such a wonderful season!

Written by [Savien]

45. my past
love is lost to the damned
my heart and soul are all alone
for to fall in love is for another one
everyone is together but im the lonely one
you look to decieve me
but i know your games so go away
i dont need anymore of peoples lies of heart
just leave me alone in the dark
Written by [Skater Heiro]

46. Untitled:

Saint Nick is looking upon us
while the elfs work night and day
cause soon toys will be delivered
to the children that await christmas day
On the 24th Saint Nick was busy
feeling up his sleigh...
Soon his journey will begin
and the children soon will go to bed
Saint Nick starts his journey going from
house to house puting gifts down upon
the christmas tree. Not making a sound
eating his cookies and milk and silently making and exit.
The next morning arrived and the children run down stairs
to open the gifts and
spend with their family
a very happy christmas day.

Written by [Sweet Tatia]

47. Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming...
I can feel it in the air...
As I warm myself by the fireplace ,
A small look through the window gives me delight .

I hear happy voices ,
I hear ancient songs ,
I see the sky painted white ,
All this is giving me delight !

I see hundreds of lights glowing in the dark
Showing us the way ...
They almost seem like little faeries
Watching over us ...

Children are making snowmans and snow-angels .
As the last ray of Sun gives her place to her husband-the Moon ...
I feel the warmth in my heart ,
I feel the spirit running through my venes .

Then I smell the cakes ( a smell so familiar)
All family is laughing and smiling ,
While outside….the snow-flakes
Christmas is coming !

Written by [wilwarina]

48.Christmas in the fantasy lands

Christmas songs are wonderfull poems,
Enlese they come from oger homes.

The Christmas tree is a pleasant sight,
Though I guess it’s not quite an Ent’s delight.

You yelled to your child “Light up the tree”,
But your dragon had heard you, now it’s lit as can be.

Santa is coming with five reindeer and a mage,
“My name is Gandalf, not Rudolph” the mage screems with rage.

Santa had brought only half of the gifts, I woder the reason,
Well, I guess it’s the half elves that are working this season.

If I’m opennig gifts under a decorated tree,
Are there trees openning gifts under a decorated me?

Written by [cobi]

49. Santa Is Evil

People think Santa's a nice guy,
But that is all a big lie.
His white beard may look like hair,
But it's actually animal fur that's rare.
"His suit is made out of red cloth",
No, it's made from blood of a giant moth.
He may look jolly when saying "Ho ho ho",
He's laughing at you, but it's not nice though.
"He brings presents to all the boys and girls",
He stole those toys from all around the world.
"Rudolph has a bright red nose",
He got it from stepping on Santa's toes.
He makes the reindeer pull him in a sled all fat,
While the lazy guy just "chills" with that hat.
You may think he's good ol' Chris Kringle,
But only I really know that Santa is evil.

Written by [Dreddz]

50. Christmas

The glow of christmas
is like no other
just like the love
of child and mother

The thought of joy
and christmas cheer
will last you 'till
the very next year

Christmas time
will always start
to warm the coldest
meanest heart

So if that day
is coming near
Merry Christmas to you
and a happy new year!

Written by [Savanna x3]

51. King of the jews

Hanging with the king of the jews?
You know you've got nothing to lose.
You can even keep your foreskin!
Don't have to worry about no hurtin.

Hanging with the king of the jews?
He will forgive you for your booze.
He is very very kind,
He can even heal you if your blind!

Written by [Apollo of Crowingblade]

Christmas Eve

Little boxes
Stacked in rows
They’re all tied
With petty little bows.

Little elves shuffle there feet,
As they walk in the snow,
Christmas is coming
And they all know.

The sleigh is stacked with goodies,
For all the good girls and boys.
They all are looking forward
To getting there toys.

Santa climes into the sleigh,
While the parents hang bows on trees.
He gets ready for take off.
On Christmas Eve.

Written by [Bloody Rainbow]

      My love
One night of plearsure
A year of pain
I stand alone
And scream your name

Its not a box
Or a leather glove
Its everlasting
It's my love.

I may not show it
I even lie
But one thing I don't want
is for You to say good bye.

Written by [mandy the sex goddess]

54.  Dragon Tree

They stand in awe of His incredible beauty; His unimaginable power.
His mighty wings shift... he dives...they gasp at the flaming shower...
What is it that He has done to deserve such glowing revere?
Nothing, they don't love him, that shining emotion in their eyes is fear.
Every year they know He will come to their village without fail.
Every Yuletide they remember that last Christmas He cast down His fiery hail.
And though they know that He'll come back again next season;
It does not weaken their hearts, their joy, their resolve, their reason.
For though The Dragon hates the holiday; Christmas will stay.
And the Village will always erect their Christmas tree and enjoy it the same way.

Written by [ShadowSong00]

xmas puddings

i like xmas puddings the sticky chewy
feeling in my mouth
yummy yummy yummy
its what xmas is all about
the little tiny fruit cakes with marzipan ontop
scrummy scrummy scrummy i love it alot!
the presents are not anything
and neither is the turkey
but bring a xmas pudding
and it is christmas time for me!

Written by [summerfaerie]

56. Christmas long past

Gathering around the fireplace
hearing stories from ages long past
wonderful pictures dance in my head
of what christmas was like way back when
Silently dreaming of gentlemen and ladies
dressed up finely in thier satans and silks
the children peeking out of their rooms
The food and the decorations
That have gone out of style
music playing softly from the four piece band
What a sight that must have been
What a dream it must have seemed
But yet here I am lying on this rug
at my grandmothers feet
hearing of what used to be
wishing with every fiber of my being
to spend just one christmas as one of them
In a Christmas long past

Written by [Tranquil Insanity]

57. The perfect gift

Music tingles in my ears,
all around I see raindeers.
A bookshelf filled with ornaments,
the load so heavy that it bends.
The snowglobe shaken by each hand,
can’t resist, can’t let it stand.
The elf that looks so cute within,
Look! A snowflake on her chin!
The music, snow and decoration,
fill me with appreciation.
Blinding, but pure the color white,
and all the lights that shine so bright.
The smell of trees is tickling my nose,
and in the flash I strike a pose.
Captured in a moment, with cheeks glowing,
a smile so big my teeth are showing.
A secret kiss below the mistletoe,
from my love who charms me so.
Family gathered around the fire,
this is the Christmas I desire.
Dear Santa, grant this wish for me,
I’ll be good, I swear, you’ll see!

Written by [Sunrose]

58. Receipe for magic snow

Snowy snowwhite snowflakes,
do you know what it takes?
To make those fluffy little things,
floating down like angels with wings?
2 Spoons of pure white sugar step 1,
share this secret with no one!
Put the sugar somewhere cold,
don’t think it’s easy, don’t be bold!
Step 3 is to just spread it out,
direct sunlight’s not allowed.
Put your finger in the air,
turn in circles just right there.
Create sparkles and sprinkle around,
that’s step 5 or so I found.
Doesn’t sound so easy I know,
to make something as unique as snow.
But this should do the trick I promise you,
if you do the things I told you to!
Make Christmas white for the ones you love,
send them your magic snow from up above.

Written by [Sunrose]

59. The Great Elf Cometh

On Dancing, faster Cometea, zap the lights Rudolf!
Speeding along through warps and christmas wyrmholes,
A mighty magick on golden runners slips through the night.

Great Red #1, the mighty Sleigh of the Great Elf filled to bursting,
anticipated, but never expected, the spirit of the Polar Elves spreads over the worlds.

In many Elfhouses, the long and the short, the stripey and the darned,
in wool and cashmere, in cotton and homespun, the stockings hang,
on chimney and door frame, on hobbit hole and orcan cave.

Lying in their beds of fluff or stone, of sticks and muck or fairy down,
each dreams of the Christmas magicks and the morning of much surprizes.

For in Elftown, the Mayor is supreme, but even here, the magicks of the Great Red Elf,
come and touch every heart and soul, and in your House, may you find the wish of your heart,
and the special secret of your deepest joy.

The streets are quiet, the fires burning low, but candles in the windows, and much holly and mead,
stand and wait the joys of the morrow, the tearing of papers and the ripping of ribbons,
then the many will dance in celebration, of new lives, of new friends, and presents gleaming and new,
but for me my friends, it is enough that I have met YOU!

Dedicated to Faith [Lerune] and her precious new little girl.
Marion Z. [Skydancer] © 2004

60. What is Christmas?

"What is this thing called Christmas?"
The elf asked.
"Why is it you celbrate it with such glee?"
"Why Christmas," I answered.
"Is the day for giving presents and family parties.
It's the day we celebrate the good things in life.
It's the day people prepare for, for four weeks called Advent.
It's the day, the jolly Santa Clause comes with gifts a plenty."
"Is that all it is?" the elf marveled. "A day for greedy people to give and get gifts?"
"Ofcourse not." I replied. "It is the day we celebrate the birthday of Christ Jesus.
The day God gave us his son."
The elf was thoughtful for awhile, and then finally spoke,
"Then I'll celebrate this holiday too."

Written by [Blue_Spirit]

An Elftown Christmas

A profuse willow near the frozen lake,
Decorated with faeries, on top a drake,
Luminous, shimmering lights of fireflies,
An Elftown Christmas as I surmise.

Ducks immerse in hidden springs,
A Dragon soaring, spreads his wings,
Leprechauns laughing under a clover leaf,
An Elftown Christmas as I believe.

Magnificent feast to sate a dragon,
Food’s still coming by the wagon,
Wine is pouring on and on,
An Elftown Christmas as I reckon.

Dancing elves in the forest’s winter ball,
Singing dwarves in an underground hall,
Some happy Orcs before a brawl,
Elftown Christmas enchants us all.
Written by [IChester]

The Frosted Window

I sit near my frosted window
of my lonely castle
The towns people sing and cheer
I find it all a hastle
The lights are up all over town
The dragons are awakening
I feel disgust, I must frown
I sit near my frosted window
My candle flickers, the reflection, so fair
The cold seeps through my window
There's Christmas in the air
I sit near my frosted window
and there is Chirstmas in the air
Written By [Marhiah]

The celabration of Christmas.

It was The eve of Christmas and everyone in the town was up and about celebrating the the night before Christmas,because Christmas was everyones favorite holiday in this small yet simple town.

When everyone in the town was thought fast asleep having high hopes for the morning ahead,one little girl was pondering what Christmas was celebrating,she wonderd and wonderd,until suddenly she heard something on the roof of the small one story house.

She went out side in the bitter cold in her pajamas to see who it was,and to her surprise it was her idol she wanted to meet her whole life,Santa claus.

So she called out to Santa "Hi santa!" but with the bitter cold wind whistling about he could not hear the small girls fragile voice.

So she saw Santa leave without saying a single word to her,but she did notice that he had put something down the chimeney,so she ran into the house to see what it was.

She searched the names on all the presants and came to a small package that said her name,so she opend it and it said "Hello,I hear you do not know what Christmas celebrats,so I wrote this to tell you:Christms is about the loving bonds the community and family has with each other to encorage love and friendship between one another.

P.S I hope that clears up things for you, and I hope you like that new doll I gave you.With love Santa.
Written by [jamesipoo]

The Crow

Upon the old oak stands,
cawing its harsh demands,
a shadow of the day,
Free to roam as it may,

Here sits the ancient crow,
By the river with no flow,
silent he surveys his lands,
slipping through his dark hands,

For now the crow must depart,
yet behind him remains his heart,
for there rises a new foe,
the harsh cold of the snow,

And now on to warmer shores,
Still he sits, sits and caws.

Written by [Mitsuharu]

65. Joy

Christmas is for joy,
Not for getting a toy,
People should not forget this,
It’s a time you shouldn’t miss,
For family life,
Especially your wife,
Remember it always,
And don’t make up stories,
Because Christmas is a time for joy.

Written by [Erestor]

Eternal Mirages
The day it glows, like the begotten fire,
Like the heat of the home,
The one where we live.
How wonderful it is,
To be beside you, my love,
Beside all of these people,
For they are the ones,
The ones that glow brighter,
Brighter than the candles
Behind us or the sunset
In front.
Together, this day shall be a better
A better today
A better tomorrow.

Written by [cvg54]

67. Christmas Spirit

Cake, oh cake, till my teeth ache!
Then present, presents, until granny must leave!
Celebrating Christmas only for the presents sake
Now that’s not my image of Christmas Eve…

The wonder of the spirit of Christmas, so bare
The spirit which history through centuries bore
How it fills the houses, the humans, the air!
Is what I’m yearning for

There I lay, in the snow, my eyes closed
I dream and let my thoughts fly
the snow-caped pines so perfectly posed
Against the Midnight sky

Letting snowflakes meet my skin
wondering what Christmas Eve will bring
and thus, that will always the only way be,
to grant the true Christmas spirit to thee.

Written by [imsdal]

What you are to me...

You . . .
Are the beginning of every day.
You . . .
Bring happiness and warm feelings
Each and every time I feel down.
My thoughts are of you constantly.
Time stands still when I cannot hear your sweet voice.
When I go to sleep at night,
In my mind, you are the one lying beside me.
My dreams are of us and when I wake,
I feel your presence.
You are the beacon that draws me,
Like a moth to a light.
Your kind words are a blessing to my ears.
Your unselfishness is a trait that many strive for,
Coming naturally to you.
Though you may feel down at times,
You still have kind words to share
Cheering others up.
When I tell you these three words,
Know they come from the heart:
"I love you" and everything about you.

Written by [stevenp]

Christmas Spirit

The advent candle lit every night,
Flickering in the dark.
Carols sung in the cold,
Noses red and presents sold.
But behind closed doors,
Feuds break out beneath the mistletoe,
The holiday of sharing and love,
Reduced to tears and hurt.

Traditions the same every year,
The same old turkey feast.
Fake smiles and ‘thank you’ passed,
Around the Christmas tree.
But whatever hurt and petty grudges,
Said the whole year round,
Can be forgotten for at least one day,
As we spread our love around.

Written by [Keii]

Ode to snowmen.

there are beings made of snow,
a carrot in their nose,
and without a soul,

people smiling,
offering aid,
happy feelings,
in the times they are made,

it makes me wonder..

do the snowmen give us,
a warm soul and heart,
do the snowmen drive,
our hate-feelings apart?

or is it us,
that can still love..
and care..
on christmas..

Written by [Aidan Ryuko]

The Shadowed King

Come dark night
Sweep away the embers
Of the dying sun
A chill wind blows
Across a barren land
Mystic shades of dark I see
As the pallid black descends
Covering the earth
In a darksome swoon
Fen witches descend
Into their icy lakes
To sleep the night away
Ice sprites hover
Above frozen pond
Gleaming and luring
The lulled traveller
Into a cold swift death
But lo! This icy waste
Is not without cheer
Far away and distant
Twinkle gleaming lights
Revellers drive back the dark
Waving shining torches high
Ignoring the cold so stark
This calm luxuriance of blissful light
The blaze, the splendour, this lucent realm
Fills my heart with warmth
Yet a turn my feet
And walk away
‘Tis not my place
To enjoy such cheer
Northward my feet trudge
Ever away from the sun
For I am he
Who all must shun.

Written by [Maurer's conclusions]

72. Shiver

Flowers wilt upon the cold pressence of the titely packed snow.
Crushing their beauty, a beauty now lost.
When blood is spilt, flesh is created.
Flesh of the crisp air and evergreen trees.
As mountains they stand, well beyond their prime.
Yet secrets they contain, secrets worth their age.
A shallow whisper creeps from their branches,
Speaking of a tale,
"On the night before christmas..."

Written by [Tiny Suicide]

Christmas preparations.

One or two weeks
before Christmas Eve
Everybody starts preparing
which outfit they will be wearing
which turky to buy
if the Christmas mass starts at 5.
Decorations involving
The famous Christmas tree
will be decorated as brightly as can be.
Then comes the choosing of presents
lots of things,
for example gold rings.
Ahh,so many preparations
and lots of decorations,
to be done before Christmas Eve.

Written by [blablablablanla]

74. Light My Light

little lights shine so bright and wonderful
as dew drops freeze on the cold morning air.
children run and play in the reds, blues, and greens
as snowballs are thrown to sounds of cheers.
christmas lights are so wonderful in nature
they bring peace and harmony and good will towards men.
why cant brightly colored lights be used for all holidays
why cant we be at peace like this year around.
when the day comes to wake up and open presents
there still will be those lovely colored lights.
and until that day light my light.

Written by [Draconius]


Ahh Christmas, it that time of year
where many are merry with holiday cheer.
All the steets covered on snow,
the people bustling, the trees bright glow,
It's definitly Christmas, this is how I know.

Written by [leah of lightsword]

76.  Santa's Special Gift

A small bright eyed child
Tip toes down the stairs.
The magic that she sees
is amazing beyond compare.

A big jolly man
puts presents under the tree.
Laughs a hardy laugh,
and eats a chocolate chip cookie.

He turns to look
and smiles a jolly smile.
"What a beautiful doll"
he says to the child.

He reaches into his big red bag,
and pulls out a china doll.
"Here's a present, special for you"
to the small girl in awe.

"I must be off."
said Santa in his suit.
"Next time no more peeking!"
said he in a hoot.

He hugged the girl
and flew up the chimney.
It's Christmas magic
as she can see.

The small girl whispered to the doll
"It's a secret, no one can hear,
if no one finds out,
maybe I can see him next year!"

Written by [Melody_Rain]

First Awake

I feel the cold from the
Window as I wake. The
Slight shimmer that can only
Mean one thing, and my
Breath stills. First awake,
Not a sound, but something
Is different. I can’t wait.

Peak through the curtains and
My eyes widen, all is covered
With a duvet of white.
Down the stairs, stopping, frozen,
Half way. Eyes still asleep,
But my mind in flight, awake,
There is a magical glow.

The tree shining bright, with
Lights reflecting off gifts and
Parcels stashed below. My
Heart leaps, now everyone must
Wake, and know the joy of
What I found. Of what could
Only be Christmas morning.

Written by [The Well of Ilshandrah]

The Gift

We grow and we learn,
Many memories of childhood return.

Taking pictures with Santa,
Waiting for him to come to Atlanta.

Christmas Eve all the children in their beds,
So many sweet thoughts running through their heads.

Opening presents and playing with new toys,
Playing in the snow with all the little girls and boys.

As we grow Christmas has a new meaning,
Felt like as a child we were dreaming.

Family gatherings, and giving is the best gift,
You no longer believe in the "Santa Claus" myth.

We learn that the best gifts are priceless and free,
Something as a child we were unable to see.

Love and happiness are the best gifts to give,
The greatest gifts received are the chance to dream and the chance to live.

Each year we grow and learn a difference,
But we always have a Merry Christmas.

Written by [Dezirae Darkone]


It's in the snowflake skies of children's wishes.
It's in the music of children's laughter.
It's in the breathlessness of children's anticipation.
It's in the faith of children's embraces.
The magic of Christmas is here...
In the childlike wonder of us all.

Written by [Dezirae Darkone]

Against the Window Glass

Something playing sweetly,
Against the glass, a single set of notes,
A choir of angels sweetly grinning,
From the wings that sprout from their blessed skin, and ripping against the sky as they pass
Us by.

Nothing waning, wanting taunting, wishing
Slowly to come upon me,
A feeling ever grasping no meaning but
what is really there, A Christmas Carol begging of the Sun and Moon,
And peace amonst the Earth.

For christmas time is once again,
Tearing at the window glass.

It's Time to Let it in.

Written by [Amos the Flame]

Three Spirits

They watch and wait,
They glare amonst the passing hour,
A swift lay upon their shoulders,
   The Horrid
       Hours to pass,
Before they Make walk the earth,
And spread their wings around us to swiftly let the chill fall to the ground and letting every love of snow reapear.
Christmas Time is here.

Written by [Amos the Flame]

82. A Lonely Christmas

She looks out her window,
Weary and sad
When the first signs of christmas
Just keep seeming to add

She curses this holiday
More than you'll know
She despises the presents,
Nog and mistletoe

But theres one thing that
Might make her remember
The people that hurt her,
Loved her last December

But there's no one there
To hold her so tight
She's alone and forgotten
On Christmas Eve night

So remember as you
And your family come near
This girl lost her parents
This very same year

Though they were lost
In a whole different world
The Army still hasnt
Apologized to one little girl

For her there's no christmas
No holiday cheer
Her laughs and her memories
All dissapear

They say when she killed herself
There were tears down her face
But I know that now she's happy
And in a better place

Written by [Savanna x3]

Christmas Spirit

An agony of sleigh bells fill the skies
Homeless children look up with hope in their eyes
Early next morning their hearts filled with fears
Their only gift – a few crystalline tears

Black Christmas tree with dark decorations
Gothic and different, new celebrations
Drinking red wine, morbidly cheery
The Grim Reaper dances with the Sugar Plum Fairy

A single mother wraps up her gifts
Results of her exhausting shifts
Her baby sleeping, she lies alone
On the couch beside the silent phone

Families gather, friends yet strangers
Drawn by the pull of sheperds and mangers
Small talk fills the awkward room
An overpowering sense of doom

But hey, Christmas is here
Young, old, rich and businesses cheer
Santa’s stall, let off a shout.
Oh yeah, what’s this holiday all about?

By [Angelic Fruitcake]


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2004-12-13 [Sunrose]: hello! I finally made mine -sighs- that took ages! (Edit: not to write, but to find time to write ;)

2004-12-14 [Konobi]: I couldn't win a poetry compitetion...all my poems are cute-ish and not powerful enough like many of these.... -sniffles- but i guess i will try.. -shuffles through his stack of poems-

2004-12-14 [Apollo of Crowingblade]: It's ok, mines not powerful, i came up with it at church

2004-12-14 [ShadowDawns]: how do i add a poem to this??

2004-12-15 [Sunrose]: Click 'Edit this page'. A white box appears with all teh text on this page. Scroll down it and ut your poem below the last entry with your name. Then click 'Submit changes to this page' :)

2004-12-17 [Sunrose]: Could someone tell me who made poem number 50, because the name [SluttyDancerXoXo] doesn't exist...and the page-versions don't go back far enough to find out.

2004-12-18 [Savanna x3]: o thats me, im sorry, i changed my name

2004-12-18 [Savanna x3]: i didnt want it to seem like I took over that poem illeagally

2004-12-18 [Savanna x3]: my second poem, A Lonely Christmas, is a true story. One of my best friends was the little girl

2004-12-19 [jamesipoo]: Anyone like my poem?:-D

2004-12-19 [Sunrose]: The contest has closed as of now :)

2004-12-19 [jamesipoo]: so when will the voting thing be done?

2004-12-19 [Sunrose]: that is being taken care'll know what will happen: we will let you all know.. :)

2004-12-26 [jamesipoo]: hmm been long time i wanna see the 5 best cause i like reading good poems.

2004-12-26 [Savanna x3]: where r the 5 best?

2004-12-28 [Sunrose]: They are on the way! aaaah! stress!

2004-12-30 [Savanna x3]: sry, take ur time

2005-01-05 [cvg54]: Why haven't I gotten a badge? I wrote a poem but they never sent me a badge!

2005-01-05 [irulan]: We will be getting them to you shortly!

2005-01-05 [Maurer's conclusions]: It's not only about the badge...

2005-01-06 [cvg54]: yeah, I know.... but it was I was away for a while and then like a lot of things changed and I'd like to be updated. ^-^

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