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2010-02-28 23:17:39
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Year of the Monkey
Chimps Ahoy!

Coming soon!!!

Positive Qualities:
Negative Qualities:
Suitable Jobs:
Compatible With:
Must Avoid:
Ruling Hours:
Ruling Month:
Sign Direction:
Fixed Element:
Corresponding Western Sign:



Celebrity Monkeys:

(c)year Natsuki Takaya

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2010-02-28 [IonicRose]: Yay! I'm a chimp. XD isn't that great..

2010-02-28 [*Phoenix*]: awesomeness! Feel free to add you name to the home page!

The info will be coming soon!

2010-02-28 [IonicRose]: Kk

2010-02-28 [*Phoenix*]: :0]

2010-03-19 [IonicRose]: Aww :( it's not updated yet..

2010-03-19 [The Last Dragoon]: these things take time

2010-03-19 [IonicRose]: True..

2010-03-19 [*Phoenix*]:'s been backed up here lately, but I will have time in a about a week. Finishing all this is on my list!! :]

2010-03-20 [The Last Dragoon]: ^>^

2010-03-20 [IonicRose]: Yay! ^_^

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