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Charles Hopkins


Username: [Nite_Owl]

Name: Charles Hopkins

Age: 25

Sexual Preference: Homosexual

Personality: A naturally nonjudgmental and light-hearted person, he can always cheer up most people and gets along well with the men and women alike. He likes to surround himself with people as often as possible, but when he's alone his thoughts tend to stray into dark places. Though very talkative, he seems to avoid all questions about his past no matter how insignificant and doesn't like to talk about himself. He loves to talk to the men and often visits the various tents simply to talk, but strangely has never been known to go further than that openly as most would. He also has a slight drinking problem, especially on days he doesn't work, and can sometimes appear very tired and with bags under his moss-green eyes.

Appearance: He is of average height and has short golden-blonde hair that is always just slightly mussed and tends to hang in his eyes. The round glasses he wears along with the thin line of stubble along his jaw and chin make him appear much older than he really is, but without these aspects he appears closer to twenty than to thirty. Usually, he dresses in casual plain colors, not liking to stand out too much, his favorite being a loose white shirt and dark brown over-shirt.

History: Charles was born to more liberal lower-class parents the "old-fashioned" way and still has vague memories of his father, and kind memories of his mother. He never minded being considered lower than others and simply enjoyed life as a child. He liked to wonder the streets curiously, meeting new people and finding new places. When he was still very young, he met another boy lying alone in the street, named Jack, and the two became fast friends, and soon became more than that. Years passed, and after what seemed like an eternity of happiness, the time for "testing" got the better of Jack's brother. Crushed, Jack decided to follow and protect him and refused to let Charles do the same for his sake, but of course Charles did just that. It was only a year into their slavery that Adam was killed and Jack was dragged away. Using a few contacts that Charles had made on the outside, he managed to escape and fake his death in the mines in order to live on the outside again as a Lily, hoping to find Jack, although it seems he has long given up hope.

Other: Although he maintains that he generally dislikes slaves, whenever he can he attempts to find ways to save them from slavery. He is good friends with Nichelle, who holds similar (but less willing and open) views on slavery.


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2009-05-06 [Artsy]: So.. what is his job? o.O

2009-05-06 [Nite_Owl]: He's sort of like one of the head security-type guards apart from the mines. He deals in interrogations/negotiations and other such things, but he also does lower jobs since there's not always opportunity to actually do his job :) So basically he's a jack of all trades

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