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2006-09-09 05:07:46
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If you really want to show your chain mail bikini art even though you aren't allowed to compete in Chain Mail Bikini Contest for Newbies, you can place it here for everyone to enjoy.

α [Yncke] Korrigan in chain mail bikini (Somewhere a lady can't enter this contest due to lack of a chain mail bikini)


[Zab] Superwoman here she comes (Supermen keep having underwear outside their clothes..can't a superwoman have a bikini then?)


Fantasy Female Warrior
Model: Borzag


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2006-06-28 [bookworm2290]: rockin

2006-06-29 [The all powerful Midori]: Lady Midori: AACK! SO HE'S the one who took my bikini top!! After him!!!

2006-06-29 [The all powerful Midori]: hehe jk, lucky for me I only have a one piece ;P

2006-07-11 [lyubomir]: hehe pretty good one :)

2006-07-20 [Sean..biedwell]: i like it

2006-07-26 [Yncke]: I'm fearing that the Korrigan will get an ego if he remains the only showoff here ... :/

2006-07-30 [Takeshi12]: i'm fearing this picture all by itself... >.O

2006-07-30 [Calico Tiger]: Seriously! All that detail into the chains... You've intimidated people, Yncke >:) *worships*

2006-07-30 [Yncke]: *snirfl* I don't want to intimidate, I want other people showing off too.

2006-07-31 [Mekashef]: Poor lonely Korrigan... reduced to fantasizing about oversized chainmail lingerie.

2006-07-31 [Zab]: There [Yncke], now he's not alone..x) (I know I should enter the contest instead of putting it here..but I don't want to x)

2006-07-31 [Yncke]: Wihiii! Great showoff, [Zab]!!! The korrigan's eternal thanks! ;)

2006-07-31 [Zab]: XD thanks:P

2006-09-09 [allenp]: nice work [Zab] and [Yncke] :)

2006-09-09 [Zab]: Thanks..XD

2006-09-09 [Yncke]: Thanks, [allenp]. :) I love the boots of your entry.

2006-09-09 [Zab]: :O I missed it! It's great! *steals* >D *jk*

2006-09-09 [Perplexity]: How come [allenp]'s entry isn't in the poll on Main Street? =/

2006-09-09 [Zab]: Because this is just a show off and not in the contests:P

2006-09-09 [Perplexity]: Oooooh.... duh huh huh huh =B I see now. ^^

2006-09-09 [Zab]: :P

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