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Central Temple Chamber

Temple of the Light


     This room is the most beautiful, as it is centrally located under the huge stone beams that meet at the huge building's apex, the domed spire at the top.

     This space if constantly changing, shifting to meet the needs, mood, peaceful nature, divine essence, magic, mystery and grandeur to accomodate its particular guests or atmosphere. The caretaker, Vestahl, knows the ways in which the Central Chamber can be controlled and manipulated to see into the inner workings of nature and the cosmos, though he does not go boasting of his abilities to shape the chamber's essence. He most often lets the Chamber do as it does voluntarily, though he has been known on a few occasions to purposefully alter its face or demeanor. Some claim the room to be alive, a living essence. Others, including angels and devas, say that the Central Chamber is the heart of the Living Temple, and that its inner nature is made to reflect its external necessity in the many-realms, the multiverse or macrocosm.


     Vestahl Mentu - [xido]


'Genesis' by John Stephens (1997)
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