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Welcome to the Cafe Rondine!

Hiya! I'm Lou-lou. Welcome to the Cafe Rondine, the local, well, hang-out, for Elftowners. Come on in, enjoy a cup of tea, or coffee, as the case might be, and have a seat, relax, and have a chat. : )

Hey guys! Cafe Rondine needs a new storefront window / banner!!! Please!! Help out if you can!

Either make an entry yourself, or advertise!!

Cafe Rondine Storefront Contest!


~ Coffee ~
1. [Rook.]
2. [Easterling] <3 (and I want it strong)
3. [ReineBloodwolf] BLACK PLZ!
4. [Nuit Darksin] Cappuccino extra whip cream and chocolate sprinkles pls
5. [Astrid] French Vanilla cream, two sugars, and a shot of espresso.
6. [tia mia] bring on the ultra sweetness of the cream and sugar
7. [dawn bolly] black with sugar please
8. [PnkShpGnWld] Coffee sounds good, although.. How about you make it an Iced coffee and Ill be yours forever.-wink-
9. [Galax'Or] Just make me a pot o' the Irish!
~ Tea ~
1. [JINKS MAN] any tea will do.
2. [ReineBloodwolf] APPLE TEA!
3. [Give Me Red] ooh apple sounds good but i like peach
4. [Frost-:-Wing] Same here Hayden
5. [Paul Doyle] the meanest and greenest of loose green teas, plain . . . shaken, not stirred.
6. [0-Aki] NomNOM!
~ Soda ~
1. [Frost-:-Wing] ~ Rootber float please! ^^
2. [ReineBloodwolf] I LOVE ROOTBEAR FLOATS!!!! TWO PLZ!
3. [¡Soy Bekah!] Make that three ^^
4. [*Phoenix*] What about a Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper float!? Yummy goodness!!!!!! XD
5. [ReineBloodwolf] MAKE THAT 2 DR. PEPPER FLOATS!
6. [dimond_babe] DR. PEPPER FLOAT sounds good
7. [JINKS MAN] Mountain Dew
~ Other ~
1. [dawn bolly] give me a pint
2. [ReineBloodwolf] Chocolate shake and a fruit salad!
3. [XxTsomexX] Shirley temple, extra cherries <3
4. [Mortified Penguin] Scotch!
5. [benjiNOmore] eeh, give me some vodka. And make it snappy!
6. [orchidflame] human blood... jk jk :P Ill have a vanilla shake with LOTS of whip cream:)
7. [ReineBloodwolf]HUMAN BLOOD 4 ME N GUTS!
8. [dimond_babe] Chocolate shake

1. Star shaped grilled cheeses!!
[Frost-:-Wing] : YEA Go grilled cheese!
[XxTsomexX]: Awesomely yumtastic! <3
[Galax'Or] for [Lord Squid] : Kat Kabobs!


1) the secret realm - Posted by: [PnkShpGnWld]
2) Underworld Wars + The Hunter Ship - Posted by: [XxTsomexX]
3) Two Face - Posted by [Rook.]
4) Fruits Basket Zodiac - Posted by [*Phoenix*]


The Jukebox!

Place any artist & song on here for people to look up / listen to, and I'll add it to the Cafe Rondine Jukebox Playlist: <~ THATS IT!!!

~ Songs ~
[Rook.] - Anberlin, Alexithymia

Username (or number or email):


[JINKS MAN]: .....random.....*hugs back*.....


[¡Soy Bekah!]: *Looks up from rootber float* Did you say War? *smiles*

[dawn bolly]: het used to it she gaves random hugs ^^

anyways cheers everyone

[benjiNOmore]: I'd say..

[Mortified Penguin]: 24/7! ...but, I digress... stop all this here long comment feudin'!

[Mortified Penguin]: be slowin' down this here page! ...*eats ramen*...

[Lord Squid]: dear pancake batter, whats with all the long comments here?

[dawn bolly]: they are having a contest or something  

[Paul Doyle]: match in the gas tank, boom-boom . . .<img:stuff/sing.gif>

[Rook.]: You guys, Jinks and Shi, enough is enough.
if you want to have a hello battle, take it to the pms, otherwise, I'll have to remove you from the wiki.

[¡Soy Bekah!]: sorry.

[Rook.]: its fine.

[Rook.]: so... what were we talking about?

[ReineBloodwolf]: WAR I SHALL WIN!!!!! *HUGS! u back*

[Frost-:-Wing]: *open wallet* Loo at my picture! ^^

[Rook.]: Shi, take the war to teh private messages.

[ReineBloodwolf]: k but my twin boys wanna play roo

[Rook.]: twin boys?

[ReineBloodwolf]: jeah my werewolf kids

[Rook.]: cute

[Frost-:-Wing]: *puts kiteh away* :(

[Rook.]: I liked tehj kitty *pets kitty*

[ReineBloodwolf]: ty^^ they love to play giggle and never a hand full me want rootbeer!

[dawn bolly]: *walks in*

[Rook.]: DAWN! *tackles*

[ReineBloodwolf]: *my boys go and attack dawn w/licks*

[dawn bolly]: *falls down*   okee bit shocking is this butr o well hi guys !

[ReineBloodwolf]: hi dawn guess u meet my lil baby boys

[dawn bolly]: yeah i did ther greet people in a weird way i must say

[ReineBloodwolf]: giggle

[dawn bolly]: ur sick pete ?

[¡Soy Bekah!]: o.o

[Frost-:-Wing]: I was the other day but that face has nothing to do with being sick :P

[dawn bolly]: oo i see 



[dawn bolly]: *drinks some juize*     sooo whats up guys :)





[Frost-:-Wing]: O: Off the box thing

[tia mia]: OMG how do you make it so big?

[ReineBloodwolf]: yeah how u make it so big!

[dawn bolly]: thw (huge>)  or something   and (<huge)

[Frost-:-Wing]: Here is the code

<huge*> </HUGE*> minus the asterisks

[dawn bolly]: oo yeah that whas it

[ReineBloodwolf]: ???????????? <ROOTBEER>

[Give Me Red]: oohh just pick one right

[dawn bolly]: got any tp ?

[Rook.]: wow... you guys got loud instead of long ><


[Give Me Red]: cafe is like a caffeine pub ;)

[Rook.]: yes hayden.

[Give Me Red]: :P I was answering Dawns statement question up there

[Rook.]: oh

[Give Me Red]: hehehehe yes are you to put your name under all that appeals to you or just pick 1?

[Rook.]: *shrugs*I originaly meant one... but whatever.

[Give Me Red]: thats what I figured bbut it looks like there are even more ppl here with the multiple entries ;P

[dawn bolly]: no tp here ?

[Paul Doyle]: match in the gas tank, boom-boom . . .<img:stuff/sing.gif>

[Rook.]: niiiice... hey, wait... Paul... aren't youteh one [playslashwrite] pushed off the ship...? 0o

[Rook.]: niiiice... hey, wait... Paul... aren't youteh one [playslashwrite] pushed off the ship...? 0o

[Paul Doyle]: Actually, I fell off the plank :P

[Paul Doyle]: What's Eating Gilbert Grape for the win!

[ReineBloodwolf]: lol! u fell off!<img:44166_1164145171.gif><img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:44166_1164145241.gif><img:44166_1164557391.gif><img:Untitled-1.gif><img:41764_1161369208.gif><img:2706_1128818519.gif><img:stuff/dand-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood18-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood17-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood3-gif.gif><img:stuff/modd37-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood37-gif.gif><img:stuff/sing.gif><img:stuff/sing.gif><img:img/mood/20610_1166102398.gif>

[Rook.]: okay then ^^

[ReineBloodwolf]: GIGGLE!

[ReineBloodwolf]: HI ROO! i'd bring my pups but they asleep

[Rook.]: Hi Shi.

[ReineBloodwolf]: hi roo^^. oh there come my babies!

[Rook.]: cute ^^

[ReineBloodwolf]: ty *werewolf twins come pranceing in w/wagging tails*

[dawn bolly]: *dance*

[Rook.]: *grins*

[ReineBloodwolf]: giggle *twins wag tail*

[Give Me Red]: hiya all ppl

[Rook.]: hello

[Give Me Red]: how is everyone today

[Rook.]: good...?

[Give Me Red]: well what should I say its too late for hello :P

[Rook.]: *shrugs*

[ReineBloodwolf]: GIGGLE!

[Give Me Red]: lol Im not good with starting conversation better at adding on

[Rook.]: are.

[Give Me Red]: I'll take that as a compliment

[ReineBloodwolf]: JEAH!

[dawn bolly]: i want my new mobile !!! *jumps up and down and from right to the left*

[Rook.]: *blinks*

[dawn bolly]: now i need to sit *sits down*

[ReineBloodwolf]: giggle jump wit dawn kids!

[dawn bolly]: i whas allready sitting down

[ReineBloodwolf]: giggle jump on dawn boys

[benjiNOmore]: whats with the giggling and the jumping? o.o

[dawn bolly]: well my jumping whas becous of i whas a bit exited but that whas for like halve minute

[ReineBloodwolf]: meani!


[ReineBloodwolf]: giggle just kidding! got you good huh!

[0-Aki]: <<;

[Paul Doyle]: How does one "nom nom" a cup of tea? Unless they pull a Cookie Monster and eat the teacup after drinking the tea? o_O

[ReineBloodwolf]: GIGGLE

[0-Aki]: Well you see it's a very delicate procedure...

[ReineBloodwolf]: giggle@

[0-Aki]: <<; *noms my tea*

[0-Aki]: xD

[ReineBloodwolf]: :D!!!!!!!!!!!

[Rook.]: I GOTS A PUPPY!!!

[ReineBloodwolf]: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[tia mia]: OMG OMG OMG hes so cute you need to bring him to me so i can eat him up

[Rook.]: DONT EAT HIM!

[ReineBloodwolf]: GIGGLE!

[tia mia]: too late

[ReineBloodwolf]: LAUGHS!

[0-Aki]: Hey [ReineBloodwolf] you get a better reaction out of actions if you use them with asterisks(*) or dashes(-).
So instead of saying GIGGLES! You can say *giggles* or -giggles-
You don't have to or anything, just just how a lot of people on the net use it :p

[Rook.]: Thank you Z~!


[0-Aki]: o.o;.... okay then, nevermind I said anything ^^;

[XxTsomexX]: ...?

[ReineBloodwolf]: hugs!

[0-Aki]: Who gets hugs?! *looks around*

[Rook.]: *shrugs* You dooo1!!!* HUGS Z!!!*

[XxTsomexX]: Well, this sure is an interesting page...

[ReineBloodwolf]: HUGS 4 U AND ME N ROO!!!!!!!!!!

[Rook.]: *smies*it can get to be... loud... *glances at Shi* but we love it here...for the most part.... * takes out a order pad* what can I get ya?

[XxTsomexX]: Haha I put mine up a while ago :P Shirley temple w/ extra cherries <3

[Rook.]: well... foodwise then?? ^^

[ReineBloodwolf]: me too mines up there too roo! *jumps up and down like a five year old*

[Frost-:-Wing]: A 24 piece pizza for us plz :]

[Rook.]: okay ^^ 23 for for pet... got it... :P

[Frost-:-Wing]: ^^

[Rook.]: ^^ Hay...pete's my new pet everyone... :P

[Frost-:-Wing]: *KAW* I'm her bird...^^

[Frost-:-Wing]: *is about to eat her hair but decides against it*

[Rook.]: good boy.

[ReineBloodwolf]: *im ur werewolf puppy!*

[Rook.]: *smilse*

[ReineBloodwolf]: WOOF!*chases tail*

[0-Aki]: *smiles looking around the room* xD This place is SO interesting

[ReineBloodwolf]: *keeps chasing tail* im gonna get u!

[Rook.]: *grins* ^^ I agree with you there Z.

[ReineBloodwolf]: *falls from dizzyness*

[0-Aki]: o.o; *lends a hand to shiome*

[ReineBloodwolf]: ty^^ *giggle! i see stars!*

[0-Aki]: *wonders what she's looking at*
Anyways.. xD
How is everyone? *sips at my NOMNOM flavored tea*

[XxTsomexX]: Hehehe *sits down on a chair with a good book* I'm quite alright :D On vacation this week.

[Rook.]: >.> lucky


[Rook.]: O.o

[tia mia]: OMG PETE i found the perfect boy for you

[Frost-:-Wing]:    > _< I hate you

[Rook.]: Tia, be nice.

[Frost-:-Wing]: Tia listen to your consciouse.

[tia mia]: but his name... its so... jerks...

[Rook.]: Love you TIa

[0-Aki]: <<;

[Rook.]: Pete, must you be so loud??

[ReineBloodwolf]: GIGGLE! HIC! drinks wine

[Rook.]: Shi! you are far to young for that!

[ReineBloodwolf]: GIGGLE! HIC! NO HIC I'M NOT! HIC!

[Frost-:-Wing]: hmph..yes...

[ReineBloodwolf]: RA RA!!!!!! HIC!!!!! *falls on butt n laughs*

[ReineBloodwolf]: GIGGLE! *goes to ra n falls on him* HIC!

[Rook.]: Shi, listen to me first and formost... you are to young for wine... which is kinda hypicritical coming from me... ut dnot abuse it.

[Rook.]: *stares at pete* you gona help me with this or not?

[ReineBloodwolf]: HIC! u nt me HIC! mom!

[ReineBloodwolf]: *hugs ra's leg* hic!

[Rook.]: Shi...when your drunk, yes, I'm your mother... >>

[ReineBloodwolf]: *laughs* NO HIC! U NT!

[Frost-:-Wing]: lol

[Rook.]: Shi. I'm sorry to have to say this, but if you want to be in my can't get drunk... I'm sorry

[ReineBloodwolf]: *looks at u n shakes head hard* whut happened?

[XxTsomexX]: ...?

[ReineBloodwolf]: wut happened n were's roo?

[Rook.]: I'm right here shi... >>

[ReineBloodwolf]: wut happened n y me head hurt? *i want me mommy!*

[tia mia]: oh my goodness

[dawn bolly]: *walks in again*

[0-Aki]: O.O;

[Rook.]: *is lost too*

[ReineBloodwolf]: *gets up n falls back down* OOF! that hurt

[0-Aki]: So.. *Has no idea what to say next* Uhm.. Yeah *acts like I know what I'm talking about and sips my tea*

[ReineBloodwolf]: *gets up* ok me better now wut up z?

[XxTsomexX]: Hello everyone ^^

[0-Aki]: Hello, and nothing much, at the moment waking up. :3

[XxTsomexX]: Waking up???? Really????

[dawn bolly]: hii everyone!

[XxTsomexX]: Hallo Bolly ^^

[dawn bolly]: how are youuus ?

[XxTsomexX]: I'm good ^^ lol you?

[dawn bolly]: yeah quit allright *smile*

[0-Aki]: Do0o0o0o

[ReineBloodwolf]: hi yall!

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