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2010-01-07 14:28:32
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This is a contest to create a Storefront Window / banner for [Rook.]'s Cafe, the Cafe Rondine. Here is the current picture:


Sad, isn't it? The Cafe Rondine Staff would appreciate any help given, and if you ordered something from their fantastic chef.

<~ Rules ~>

1: All Entries must be uploaded to Elftown.

2: All Entries must be photographed or photoshopped.

3: If photomanipulation is used, please provide a side wiki or explination of stock used.

4: Entries MUST containe a Swallow (rondine) and the words 'Cafe Rondine', somewhere on piece.
   - if you can't add 'Cafe Rondine' to the entry, send [Rook.] a message, and she'll let it slide. If your entry is chosen, she'll add it on after.

5: Have fun!
   - If I find out you didn't have fun... *shakes head* I don't know what I'll do.

6: All Entries must be kept at *250.

<~ Deadline: February 28th ~>

Judging will be done via poll, for one week, then the top three will be chosen from by [Rook.]

<~ Judges ~>


<~ Contest Entry Wiki ~>

Cafe Rondine Storefront Contest Entries

<~ Prize ~>

The Prize for the winner is a handmade badge from [Rook.] saying you won, and free advertisement space* on her page until January '11 (So thats 1 WHOLE YEAR!)

* ADVERTISEMENT SPACING: you can have up to 3 things being advertised at a time. If you need more space, either switch one out, or ask [Rook.] if she can place another one up for a little bit.

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