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Brokens' Drawings


Not sure what im naming her, but shes vampire-ish but has the ability to use energy balls and such natural power.


A character of Annette Curtis Klause, I decided to Draw her from the images I was seeing in my mind

The same drawing but a new photo of it to show you the detail the p.o.s scanner didn't pick up.

-Gerard Butler

Gerrard Butler played our fabulous Phantom and I tried to draw him over the last summer, i thought i did pretty good.


Even though the wiki no longer exists this is a beautiful fairy




A Character of mine from a story I am currently writing with The Vampire Armand, Cale.

-Nasurda; Eragon

The king of the Vardens' Daughter, nasurda. I didnt like how the movie portrayed her when it came out so I made my own view of her, it seems everyone I ask who has read the books and seen the movie agree with me.


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2007-10-05 [Snap Dragon]: i love the pics i wish you could draw me in elvin form tey are awsome keep up the good work ^_^

2007-11-26 [Dark Erk]: God, you're good babe. =D Wish I could draw like that. <3 I love you.

2007-11-27 [Galatea]: Very nice artwork!! ^_^

2007-11-28 [Galatea]: Hello again! I here to offer advice, if you don't mind. :) I would say that for the most part your portraits look really good, you certainly get the facial features down nicely which is hard for most artists. I'm sure that like me, you always have to work on shading...its amazing how important that is to make your work 3-d. My suggestion would be to deepen your shadows a bit, this will really round out your portrait and add detail. Also for hair, go slowly, start at the beginning at the root and do a smooth clean line to the end and then from there you can add details. That way you can give the impression of alot of hair without having too many busy lines. I do like how you darken the eyes so that they jump out at you, to have them do that even more make your light reflections in them a little more prominent. That will really allow your eyes to glow. ^_^ 

2007-11-28 [BrokenSilence]: ive been working on uncle bills photograph alot and i think its comming better ill upload it agian and see what you think its based on his photo in my house.

2007-11-28 [Galatea]: That will be great! I look forward to seeing it.

2008-05-01 [bored and gone]: I love how you did Louis!!The only thing that bothers me are the eyes.. I havent seen the movie yet, but I always pictured him with those deep-emotional eyes..

2009-04-23 [jaraden]: nice drawings here by the way, loved your pencil renderings and shading work!!!! great job!!! keep up the fantastic work!!!

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