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2009-03-16 15:20:34
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Brought to you by [Linderel].

Hello all, and welcome to the Bird Photography Contest! I doubt there is much to explain about this - just find yourself a bird, be it a pet budgerigar or a penguin, point, and shoot. Not always quite as easy as that, so I'll be sure to give you a plenty of time.

1. Submit your OWN work only. Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
2. Up to three (3) entries per participant allowed. Each entry is to be posted separately.
3. Everything must be uploaded on Elftown.

Judging & prizes
There will be four winners: first, second and third place by poll, as well as a host's favourite. Winners get a badge, and there is also one for participants. <URL:stuff/birdphotoparticipant.png>

Deadline is December 22nd, 2008.

3rd place: no. 33 by [BinaryPhoenix]
2nd place: no. 10 by [Viking]
1st place: no. 29 by [Kuruni]
host's favourite: no. 39 by [Mirime]

Bird Photo Badges

Entries below the line in the following format, separated by <hr>
#. [username] - Title


0. [Linderel] - Bickering sparrows

1. [Jitter]

2. [Jitter]

3. [Jitter]

4. [Skydancer] - Mallard Pair

5. [Skydancer] - Tour Group

6. [moira hawthorne] - Samhain Ravan
- replaced My Chickadee <URL:stuff/chickadee%201.jpg>

7. [moira hawthorne] - My Cardinal

8. [moira hawthorne] - My Mourning Dove

9. [Viking] - Great Blue Heron, Muskatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

10. [Viking] - Hummingbird, my patio

11.[Iske] watch out , Evil Duckslook at the shadow in the water

12.[Iske] hey ho, Home from work we go

13.[FamousPanda] walking

14.[FamousPanda] Bottoms up

15.[FamousPanda] Owly

16. [Tynuka-Rhytishy] Sunrise Glory

17. [Tynuka-Rhytishy] Fanciful

18. [Tynuka-Rhytishy] Every Detail
<img300*0:stuff/z/80010/mary%2527s%2520art/i1228068166_1.jpg> Proof:<img100*0:stuff/z/80010/mary%2527s%2520art/i1228068166_2.jpg>

19. [Kuramasgirl] Swan of Lucerne

20. [Kahri] Pelican of St. James Park

21. [Byne] BOOBY!
Disqualified for breaking rule #3.

22. [Byne] Scratch that Itch, booby!
Disqualified for breaking rule #3.

23. [Iuna] Metal bird

24. [Iuna]


26. [Skydancer] Suet Supper

27. [iippo]

28. [dayah] Blue Jay in the Rain

29. [Kuruni]

30. [Kuruni]
Wild Duck

31. [Kuruni]
Pecho Amarillo

32. [BinaryPhoenix]

33. [BinaryPhoenix]

34. [BinaryPhoenix]

35. [Alexi Ice]
One day at disney

36. [Alexi Ice]
An apple a day

37. [Alexi Ice]
Two birds are better than one

38. [arthemis_]
Baby Owls :D

39. [Mirime]
Baby goldfinch!

40. [Xuan.]
Blue Jay Way

41. [Xuan.]
Cardinal's Color Coordination

42. [Xuan.]
Cardinal's Color Coordination pt. 2

See also Birds Reference Pictures

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2008-12-26 [Chimes]: Voted~

2008-12-26 [Alexi Ice]: Where is the voting for this one?

2008-12-26 [Skydancer]: poll is up top there, or a link to it anyway

2008-12-26 [Alexi Ice]: I found it. lol ^^ Thank you though!

2008-12-28 [Jitter]: Do you mind if I plug Birds Reference Pictures? :o

2008-12-28 [Linderel]: You already did with that question xD

2008-12-28 [Jitter]: Did I now? xD

Ah yes. That was unintended *sips coffee*


2008-12-28 [Linderel]: *gigglesnuggle*

2008-12-28 [Chimes]: She's on the ball! :P

2009-01-26 [Linderel]: It seems a lot of people like hummingbird photos :P
Thanks for playing, everyone! <3

2009-01-29 [Mirime]: *squee* ^__^

2009-02-04 [Kuruni]: Yay!

2009-03-16 [Linderel]: Say, if I hosted a second one, would people be up for it?

2009-03-16 [Hedda]: I hope you don't mind that I added a link at the end. Very nice photos here!

2009-03-16 [Iske]: congrats to the winners

2009-03-16 [moira hawthorne]: congrats to the winners tho i think there were many awesome photos... and the whole wiki is a winner

2009-03-16 [FamousPanda]: [Linderel] I would be up for it.

2009-03-16 [Viking]: I would probably enter again.

2009-03-16 [Linderel]:



2009-03-17 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: I would definitely be up for it. =D

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