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User: [Rice]

Name: Bairn. (Pronounced ‘ba-ron’)

Race: Cursed Human.

Kingdom: Unknown.

Alliance: Corus.

Rank: Carrier.

Personality: Bairn is your typical cursed creature, emotionless and frighteningly cold. He is incapable of empathy or feeling and thus his actions are motivated by sheer orders than a code of conduct. He carries out his missions to the letter and is un-wavered by any interference, if you get in his way you must pay the consequences. However taking this into accord it also mean he isn’t ‘evil’ or ‘cruel’ either since he lacks the mentality to be so, he simply does as he is told and doesn’t think otherwise. He speaks in a mono-toned voice that lacks any trace of humanity.

Description: As an undead, Bairn stands out in a crowd and looks very sinister and scary being that he is in fact just a skeleton, with albeit a few traces of decayed flesh on his body. He is 6’6ft and tends to tower over everyone else something he compensates for by hunching over as if to try and make him smaller and less imposing. He usually wears a long black cloak that covers his entire body, with long sleeves and a big hood that drapes over his skull face. His head is the skull of a ram and thus two large curling horns poke out from the hood. He doesn’t have eyes anymore and instead has two very small gem like orbs in his dark eye sockets the colour of rubies, they are however small and merely a twinkle in the darkness.

Weapon: A scythe.

Abilities: Ice magic.

History: Bairn works for Corus and that’s all he is, he could hardly be considered even remotely human anymore so is considered more of a tool than an comrade. His knack for mercilessly conducting his assignments is infamous and feared. He was once human, a long time ago, though claims that part of him has long since died away with his soul. Though more than often there is a twinkle of hope, somewhere beneath the blank slate.

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2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Okay I like that your crative, but can you just make him a very powerful shade. He can have all the same powers and looks, just change the race. Oh and his rank is Carrier

2010-07-15 [Rice]: Whats wrong with the race? o0 its like one of the most popular fantasy races?

2010-07-15 [Rice]: Also was does Carrier entale?

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Their was nothing wrong with it, I just have to look into it more because I personally don't know much about it. If you send me the name of the creature I again I look more into then add to the bestary then can use it. I just like to keep the rp up to date. And a carrier just means that you send messages/items to whom ever your employer/ what ever tells you too.

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Your ready to go. RP away!

2010-07-15 [Rice]: Ah ok. And do you want me to add Undead to the list. They are pretty easy to sum up and are nothing special, they are just humans that have died but there corpses been brought back to life.

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Ok, but just know that I has to be desent amount of info. And this is iffy. I usually like to do it ownmy own, but you seem to really want to be undead.

2010-07-15 [Rice]: Well hm. I can't think of anything he can be....all skeleton looking. Erhh. 8/
Like...a human..but...XD..cursed? I dont know?

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Human, shade, what ever, your choice

2010-07-15 [Rice]: I'll say he's a human. But cursed...and leave it at that. So basically his trait will all be human but he looks like a corpse XD Is that ok?

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: yupper doddles

2010-07-15 [Rice]: Alrighty then. X) Sorry for the mix up..I just really love undeads because they look like skeletons..I really didn't know they weren't that popular. I guess I figuired because they are in all the games I play you'd know them. *heads wall*

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Ah don't feel bad. Just think of a way to strengthen you creativity.

2010-07-15 [Rice]: D8 I love the weirdos soooooo very much. I hate beautifull characters you see so always end up make gross creature things no one wants to talk too XD

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