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BSS Character Sheet 

Try not to overpower one gender with another, we'd like to keep the gender numbers as close to even as possible!

Age: (between 17-26)
Description: (give a decent description)
History: (No memory loss, there must be a decently full history, flesh out your charries!)
Personality: (Two key points- they're young and in college, so for the most part they love partying and getting laid)


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2010-02-09 [MyAlterEgo]: we have but it's a little difficult because the power's been knocked out all over the place and nik and justin cant get online. So for now its just me and dragoon, but feel free to join if you want, were not that far into yet.

2010-02-10 [*Phoenix*]: can I be one of the demons that is awakened? or are those taken?

hey! That rhymed!!

2010-02-10 [MyAlterEgo]: im pretty sure those are can probably make one of your own though.

2010-02-10 [*Phoenix*]: hmm....well...I'll have to do some thinking...

2010-02-11 [wicked fae mage]: They're taken by me and Deidra to keep the spirit of the original story (with many changes that have cleaned it up a LOT)

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: .....but there isn't anything so how could you clean it up?

2010-02-12 [MyAlterEgo]: because they started writing it as a story long before they put it on here and agreed to redo everything. i don't blame them for wanting to keep the plot the way they had it in someways.

2010-02-12 [wicked fae mage]: What do you mean there isn't anything? o.o

We're missing a tidbit of the story, but we have three whole acts written out and since we redid the background to flesh out the main characters and their relationships a few details conflict with our initial story. We thought somebody else's input on a few characters and happenings would prove interesting.

And we have several scenes that if we were to attempt to publish it, it would be changed. They are detailed, drawn out and they might be seen as unneeded, and in the original, Lulu is killed by Ryushi as an example, Ryushi and Akra's powers are switched for this one, and Nagi has no magic and is trusted with somehow killing two demons as an ordinary human with Yaryck.

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: oh...well. There's nothing on the act pages before I made my character...

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: ........I found my mistake....I think I'm going to have to withdraw my character..I hate starting in on rps that are so far advanced....

2010-02-12 [wicked fae mage]: No this is an RP.

We don't want you to add to the original which is about to move into the fourth act. We haven't showed it in its to anybody who didn't live with us when we started it which means only the two authors [Ravendust] and myself, my sister and [MyAlterEgo] have seen the alotment of it. And most probably couldn't take a bulk of the third act's gruesome happenings.

2010-02-12 [wicked fae mage]: What do you mean mistake?

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: I know this is a that comment's kinda odd....

Soooooo........ O.O Okay, I'm confused. The acts aren't the roleplay?

My mistake was that I didn't realize there was a link.

2010-02-12 [wicked fae mage]: No, there is a story that we were writing. We decided to see what it would turn out like as an RP so this is the RP.

I'm just commenting that we want to keep the demons ruthless killers who live by the ends justify the means. We don't want them to be soft or merciful in anyway so we want parts of the original story as the same. Here's a passage from the original with the demons:

“Hey!” Nami pointed to some inscriptions on a wall. “I’ve never seen them engraved so deeply…”

“What do you mean?” Anka joined her and began to investigate the textures and colors.

“Look, it’s at least six inches deep.” Nami muttered. “And they’re done again in black ink…and even emphasized in the red…”

“This has got to be big!” Anka grinned. “They emphasized it, after all, right?

“Yes, it’s emphasized and it’s next to a golden chamber. Back then, gold was the indestructible material.” Nami replied. “Can you read it? I’m a little rusty…”

“Inside these hallow walls lie darkened calls one of power the other of mind their evil forever bind beyond the golden temple of Anubis and before the wake of Isis, disturb not the seal with the Hymn of Chaos for the virgin’s fate lay as bride and…” Anka trailed off as she reached the last word.

“Star-crossed.” Nami filled in the last word to the inscription. They both shot around as a gust flew through the room knocking them both slightly off balance and was quickly followed by a quake.

“Is that an earthquake?” Anka asked.

“More likely a cave-in…” Nami muttered.

“How can you be so calm?”

“Something is just telling me to remain tranquil…” Nami replied.

“Huh?” Anka’s serene mind soon enough matched Nami’s. “Who are you?”

“Please tell me your name…” Nami pleaded with the hissing voice.

“Ryushi…” the voice muttered in reply.

“Akra…” another voice whispered.

“What do you want with us?” Nami asked.

“We only wish to meet you…” Ryushi’s voice grew deeper.

“That is all we desire—so far…” Akra’s voice likewise became more masculine.

“Where are you?” Nami grumbled curiously.

“We’re right behind you.” Ryushi replied as he wrapped his arms affectionately around Nami and Akra mirrored the action on Anka.

“We’ve been watching you…” Akra whispered in Anka’s ear.

“And protecting you of course…” Ryushi added.

“You saved us from the acid? And the scorpions? And the spikes?” Anka asked them.

“We could only guide you from our previous state…” Akra replied.

“Thank you…” Nami muttered.

“You girls were able to break the seal…” Ryushi noted. “You must be the pure ones that we had awaited.”

“Pure ones?” Anka asked.

“Only a virgin could finish the inscription and free us…” Akra replied to her comment.

“Ha! Proof that we didn’t sleep with Nagi!” Anka cheered.

“Nagi?” Ryushi asked coldly.

“My boyfriend…” Nami muttered.

“You’re already to be wed?” Ryushi asked.

“No, it’s not quite that serious yet…” Nami blushed.

“Then you are able to be wed freely?” Ryushi smirked.

“Something like that.” Anka answered.

Ryushi and Akra turned the girls to face them. “Wow…we gotta do this more often…” Anka whispered as she saw the man she awoke.

“You’re not kidding…” Nami muttered as her eyes traveled Ryushi’s body in full approval. “You’re wow…”

“I’m wow?” Ryushi quirked an eyebrow at her comment.

“To put it lightly in latent terms…very attractive.” Nami muttered.

“I can say the same to you…” Anka muttered as she continued to stare at Akra. “Another odd-ball with weird colored hair like me…”
“Your hair is natural beauty. You should embrace what makes you perfectly you…” Akra replied as he brushed Anka’s bangs away from her face.

“And they’re smart and charismatic!” they both chimed adoringly.

“Hey…” Nagi glanced around and found that Nami and Anka were not behind him as they were but a matter of minutes ago. “That is the last time I contemplate stuff…” he muttered as he grabbed Lu-Lu and Lucas, pulling them to the side.

“What do you want?” Lu-Lu asked, breaking Nagi’s grasp on her arm.

“Anka and Nami are missing…” Nagi replied.

“Dammit…I’ll get the collars and leashes…” Lucas sighed with a smirk.

“Uhhh…” Nagi blushed at the thought. “Let’s go find them.”

“Shouldn’t we tell James?” Lucas asked.

“Stop being the responsible one! You’re supposed to be the perverse one…so lead us onward oh mighty brash one!” Lu-Lu gave Lucas a hard push that lead him down a narrow passage. Nagi and Lu-Lu quickly followed and stopped when they reached a new room with an odd hissing sound about in the air.

“There’s a room.” Nagi pointed and started toward the same room that Nami and Anka were located.

“Come on. There’s great sex in it for you if you pull something great and find them.” Lu-Lu grinned at Lucas who was more eager than before to help.

They started down the path and were given several cold chills, the newest more intense than the previous. “Nami!” Nagi called as the girls came into plain sight. “Nami!”

“Who are they with?” Lu-Lu asked as she joined Nagi in step.

“You worry me a hell of a lo—” Nagi started to run toward Nami but was forced backwards just as forcefully as he had charged.

“I am on drugs. I did not just see that.” Lucas muttered as he watched Nagi struggle to get to his feet.

“Well, I now know not to try that.” Lu-Lu muttered.

“Well, somebody had to do it.” Nagi replied as he dusted himself off and started back to where he was thrown.

“Yes, but that is Lucas’s job as the idiot amongst us.” Lu-Lu pointed out point-blankedly.

“Nami!” Nagi ignored Lu-Lu and began pounding on the barrier.

“Oh, so you’re not going to call out to Anka?” Lu-Lu sighed.

“I’ll do it.” Lucas replied as he joined Nagi with pounding on the shield.

“The guys they’re with are rape-able as all hell. You should give up Nagi. You’ve been out-done by the hotties over there. You’re cute, but you don’t have what they’ve got…” Lu-Lu muttered.

“I feel so reassured about my love for Nami, let me tell you…” Nagi growled.

“Now that you’ve admitted it to myself and Lucas, tell her.” Lu-Lu grinned.

“Stay on subject!” Nagi hissed.

“I’m just saying that I wouldn’t mind having one of them sent to my tent…” Lu-Lu looked them up and down perversely.

“Huh?” Anka glanced over at the entrance. “Hey, it’s the pervert, the bitch and the virgin!”

“Our friends!” Nami cheered.

“Your friends…?” Akra asked.

“We’re here on a field trip and we found this place and you guys here.” Nami replied.

“What year is it?” Ryushi asked.

“2008.” Anka muttered.

“It has been over 5000 years…” Ryushi trailed off quietly.

“You look damn fine for your age.” Lu-Lu shouted.

“Is she a concubine?” Akra asked.

“Eh, more or less…” Nami shrugged.

“And the one who calls you?” Ryushi asked as he pulled Nami closer to him.

“That’s my Nagi…” Nami replied coyly.

“Nami…” Nagi muttered with a final attempt at punching the barrier.

“Who is he?” Akra pointed toward Lucas.

“He’s the comic relief.” Anka replied.

“Is this Nagi the one that you were initially promised to, Nami?” Ryushi asked.

“He is my boyfriend…so I suppose so.” Nami replied with a shrug. “I love him so much…”

“What is this…love..?” Ryushi muttered.

“It’s difficult to explain, but he’s the one man I want to be with for the rest of my life. I’d do anything for him.” Nami replied in a dreamy daze.

“Hmmm…” Ryushi stood deep in thought.

“Damn, she beat you to saying it.” Lu-Lu muttered as she slapped Nagi on his back. The flushed Nagi fainted into Lu-Lu’s arms upon hearing Nami’s confession. “As weird as this is…I’d prefer to rape him while he were fighting…”

“Are you feeling okay?” Lucas asked Lu-Lu as he checked for a fever.

“Do you have a love too?” Akra asked Anka.

“N-not really…” Anka muttered nervously.

“You’ve met us, and that’s all you wanted so…we should be getting back with the rest of our class…” Nami muttered as she broke Ryushi’s grasp on her.

Anka quickly followed Nami’s example and started to run toward their friends. They were both forced back with as much force as they had built up with their acceleration, as were Lucas, Lu-Lu and Nagi.

“We forgot one very bad thing…” Nami murmured.

“What would that be?” Anka asked quietly.

“Force is equal to mass times acceleration.” Nami replied dryly.

“They’re coming! Play red-rover!” Lucas shouted.

“We can at least get a chance to run or think…” Anka muttered. Nami nodded and locked hands with Anka. They both started running towards Akra and Ryushi. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” Ryushi aksed as he opened his hand. The girls stopped in mid-air and were no longer able to move.

“And, how do you like my force-field?” Akra asked with a grin.

“It’s just damn lovely.” Anka muttered.

“And my little mind tricks can make you do anything…” Ryushi smirked as he brushed Nami’s hair from in front of her eyes.

“Anything?” Nami asked curiously.

“Yes, anything.” Ryushi assured her.

“And I can force anything physical.” Akra grinned.

“Uhhhhh….” Anka turned bright red,

“You’re both my heroes!” Lucas cried.

“Same here!” Lu-Lu agreed.

“He has my girlfriend. Forgive me for not cheering.” Nagi muttered as he woke from his faint attack.

“At least the guy she left you for is hotter than you.” Lu-Lu placed her arm on his shoulder in a pat.

“Your condescending remarks aren’t very appreciated at the moment.” Nagi growled as he clutched her wrist and forced her physical contact away from himself.

“Jeez, you don’t have to be so rough…” Lu-Lu hissed. “Wait…how rough do you get exactly?”

Nagi leered over at her, “I can not believe that you just seriously asked me that in the current situation.”

“If I promised not to harm Nagi, would you do as I say willingly?” Ryushi asked.

Nami nodded, “If you break your word than I won’t trust you and I won’t even so much as look at you…”

“I am but a humble little demon.” Ryushi replied with a grin.

“Heh.” Nami growled at Ryushi’s tactic.

“The word he gives is true.” Akra explained.

“You’re both demons. Why would we believe the other ones’ testimony for their friend?” Anka asked.

“You speak the truth and we’ll speak the truth. Is it an accord?” Ryushi asked.

“Agreed.” Nami reluctantly replied.

“What are you doing?” Anka hissed.

“Honor amongst thieves.” Nami shrugged.

“And you’re foolish enough to go on an old saying?” Anka asked.

“We have no choice.” Nami sighed.

“We can’t just leave them…” Nagi muttered.

“We should just go try to find out what it is that brought them here so we can send them back.” Lucas muttered.

“But if we leave—“ Nagi started.

“Staying here has gotten us nowhere.” Lucas replied.

“I want to help them…” Nagi growled and punched a wall angrily.

“Lu-Lu…” Lucas tried to get her attention.

“We can leave her here while we get help. At the very least, if they take her with them, they’ll demand that we take Lu-Lu back.” Nagi murmured as he started back down the path from which they originally came.

“I see that your Nagi has left you with me….” Ryushi smirked and stroked Nami’s cheek affectionately. “It doesn’t really matter what I do with you, now.”

“Don’t hurt Nagi.” Nami firmly ordered.

“I’m starting to think that Lu-Lu was right about losing our virginity.” Anka muttered.

“You can say that again…” Nami muttered. A smirk came to her when she realized a loophole in their plan.

“She’s a bit distracting.” Akra growled. He waved his hand and the barrier was immediately sent leaping at Lu-Lu like bolts of lightning. After a moment, she lay on the ground, lifeless.

“Lu-Lu!” the girls both cried.

“What have you done!?” Nami and Anka leapt from their invisible bounds and were each hopelessly assaulting one of the demons.

“Nami, our own deal was that I wouldn’t kill Nagi…and Akra is under no contract.” Ryushi replied as he placed his arms around Nami’s waist.

“Let go of me!” Nami fought against his grip but was to no avail.

Akra grinned as he held Anka with such ease as well, “You’re the cutest little tool that I’ve ever met.”

“No more killing of our friends!” Anka ordered.

“We have an accord.” Akra smiled darkly.

“Look, since she’s dead…can we take her body back to the others and explain to them that we are to be your brides so they at least know what is happening?” Nami asked, trying to hold the tears back.

“Please…” Anka begged as well.

“You swear that you won’t run away?” Ryushi asked simply.

“Even if you let us stay with them for a few days to say our final goodbyes we’ll still be at the camp site where our friends are.” Anka muttered, wiping tears from her cheeks.

“Do you promise?” Akra asked calmly.

“Yes.” They both replied. Akra and Ryushi exchanged glances and finally shrugged.

“You have three days.” Akra muttered.

“And three nights.” Ryushi added.

“Thank you!” they both replied. They were both freed and allowed to move Lu-Lu’s body back to the camp.

2010-02-12 [Gypsy Mystik]: wow~~!!

2010-02-12 [wicked fae mage]: That was from 2 years ago ^.^;
To think that [Ravendust] and I have grown as writers since then...

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: I like the are you taking the story and letting free reign on the rp? I'm still kinda confused on what you're doing because there's only one page of writing...

2010-02-12 [wicked fae mage]: The RP is the RP with a similar storyline to our story.
It is just based off of the story.
The RP and story aren't twined together or super dependent on one another.
Free reign RP. Nobody gets to see the full story save [Ravendust] and myself without consent of the other party.

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: okay. I think I got it. Is it okay that I join in with my demon character?

2010-02-12 [wicked fae mage]: No, the demons are for [Ravendust] and myself. Since the flight is taking off you'll have to stumble out of the back, complaining about Claudia and Jade annoying you to death.

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: okies....

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