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This is where I will be uploading things like drawings inspired by the X-men RP I hope to join soon, my character profile pictures, etc. I hope you enjoy the images, and I am always happy to receive constructive criticism.

Here is a picture I uploaded to my deviantArt account in late 2003. Apparently this character has been swimming around in my head since at least as early as then!

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2014-11-01 [Kalma]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/11499/squash.jpg>

Tis the season for... Squash! Happy Squash'O'Ween. Just one day late for actual Halloween.. Whoops!

2015-01-08 [Mortified Penguin]: I do usually carve up a squasholantern every October to put on my porch to scare off neighborhood children with squash allergies.

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