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Archive 1- past


Willow Inn and Tavern

Corus walked out of the rain into the Willow Inn and Tavern, searching for the owner. When he saw Maddy with a group of weary travelers asking for dircetions for the next day he sat down at a booth. He had come to speak to her about the change in the prospects of his plans. The time for the rebellion had come.

Maddy eyes flickered to Corus when he entered her tavern, but quickely went back to the lost couple. "Head due east and you should reach the village." She told them, and then headed to Corus when they went up to their rooms. Madaline Cornell, known as Maddy to her close friends and regular costumers, ran her inn with a compassionate heart, but iron fist. It was her home, and Corus's meeting place for those in the Phoenix Kingdom.

Flick had followed Corus in, he held his hood firm over his head so as to hide his features, shades weren't exactly welcome around, especially himself considering some problems he had caused in the past. He cough a little into his hand and grinded his teeth in annoyance, it had been a while, and he needed something to eat before he got even weaker.

When Maddy came up to him he asked for some whiskey, then motioned Flick over. He had just recieved ketsuri's letter, causing him to recalculate his original plan. He thanked Maddy with a smile when she brought him his whiskey, and waited till the three of them were setted to talk, to updated them and give new orders.

Flick walked over and sat down beside him, hugging his cloak to himself, he breathed heavily, tapping his fingers looking rather aggitated.

Maddy sat on the other side of Corus than flick. "Sometings wrong." She stated, she was one of the few people who could read him.

"It seems that the mages cast the summoning spell earlier than expected; however, that is not the problem. It seems that Ketsuri's old master has become a problem if we wish to ride our selves of the girl."

"Must we kill her?" Maddy asked. 

Flick chuckled slightly."Dear Maddy, sometimes death is inevitable, it's all for the best in the end". He nibbeled his finger and looked around the room, making sure not to be obvious. He doubted MAddy would like it very much if he ate one of her customers.

"Don't even think about it, or I will personally kick your but out of this tavern Flick." Maddy said darkly, and she had the power to do it. "Go find your dinner elsewhere."

Corus chickled, he would like to see Maddy kick Flick out. "Flick." He said waiting for the Shade's attention. "I want you to find who Turan has guarding the girl, and a way to finish them both off. However. do not harm the girl. I want to watch and get to know her." He knew that very few people new about his betrayal.

Flick nodded slowly, he nodded a good few times as if caught in a loop."I understand". He looked around the room, he narrowed his eyes as a young woman walked out the bar, stumbling slightly, laughing to herself. What a foolish girl to wonder home alone.

"No." Maddy said to Flick. "Her mother just died, and you know my rule. You never eat my costumers, past or present!" She Glared at him. There were times when she wanted to throtle him.

Flick turned to her and smiled."Oh ok of course, I'd never want to do anything to offend a dear friend of mine". He sighed and thought for a second, there was a small villiage near by, maybe he could coax a willing victim, shouldn't be too hard, this time of night, some people just loved night time walks.

"Thank you."She smiled, the turned back to Corus. "What do you needed me to do?"

"Just keep this place open, and my safe haven, for now at least. When the time comes of my idenity I'll have to move to the Island base." He hoped that wasn't soon. Even though her Kind heartness bothered him at times, she always caused him warmth. Not to mention the inn had become a cozy place to relax, away from the palace and court.

Flick just stared at the table, hr rubbed his finger along the grain, eyes darting around the room. He looked a Corus."Shall I leave now, or, do you have something else that needs to be done before I track this girl and her gaurdians down"?

"No, you are free to go, just try not to make Maddy made. We both know she is adorable when flustered, but something seems to be bothering her." Corus said never taking Eyes off of the woman now checking in a young couple.

Flick nodded, he stood up slowly and walked out of the tavern, humming a ditty little tune as he went, going on his merry way, he did a full turn before going out the door. God knows why.

"Maddy giggled when Flick turned, knowing it was just a whim. "He has such freedom." She said to no one in perticular.

"Very True, but I should get going as well. The Princess is most likely feeling ill at the moment." Corus said. The young rolay had suddenly come down with an illness that has covered the Phoenix of Kongdom, a disease he did not cause. "God night."

"Night." Maddy said as he walked out. Soon all of the land would be up in a roar, but she had costumers to look after for now.

Flick didn't wonder far before he found a rather solem woman, she wasn't far from her villiage house and she sat quite happily by a lake, watching the moonlight on the ripples. Flick smirked and appraoched her, he wasn't in the mood to play so he quickly grabbed her. The woman had about a second to react and stare as Flicks mouth opened, he lurched forwards, the womans head caving in and being ripped from it's torso. He began to suck out the blood carelessly, not caring it now covered his front and dribbeled freely out of his mouth.

Ketsuri stumbled inside the inn, looking around for Chorus or Maddy. Four bladed stars the size of small plates stuck out from him, blood dripping off their lethal points. Ketsuri had only barely managed to avoid the fatal shots aimed at his heart an neck.

"Ketsuri!" Maddy exclamed. She quickly brought him to the back, and started to take out the bladed starts. "I can't heal this I'm going to have to call of Corus. Don't move I'll be back in a sec." she went out side, stripped her close and made a quick transformation into her wolf form. She made one long howl, then returned back inside in her human formed, clothed.

"I avoided the worst of it" Ketsuri said haltingly "Whoever this guy is....know's how to ambush you...and well....I think vance would even find it a challenge to keep up with" Ketsuri shuddered "He uses mind control in conjunction with stealth...."

Maddy did what she could, but the rest would have to wait till Corus arrived. "You ran into Turan didn't you?" She whispered.

"No" Ketsuri winced as he pulled one of the large stars out "Yes i ran into Turan, but somone else did this....unless Turan can duplicate himself...either way..." he coughed hard "Either way it'll be trouble"

"Yes either way it will be trouble." Corus said as he entered the room. " It seems that the teacher has kept many things from you Ketsuri." Corus walked over towards the man and healed his wounds. "SO you have no idea who you old advisor could have aquired in his adventures?"

"Corus he was just injuryed, don't pressure him to much." Maddy said, but the look Corus gave her stopped her complaints. She sighed and left the room. She was not needed any more. However, she missed the soft look Coruse sent her as she left. He knew she was far too kind.

Ketsuri yanked another star from his body, sending it clattering to the floor. "Thanks for healing the wounds" he paused, mulling over Chorus' question "He is not an advisor....he is, or was a teacher. There are many people whom he could have met, and as far as i know it could be somone else entirely for he does appear at least to act sepprate from Turan" he said slowly, trying to get up only to stagger back down on account of blood loss "The only people i could think of are either dead or long lost"

"Well there is someone who is helping him, and you might have a clue to who he was. There are always things teachers don;t tell their students everything." Corus said. "For now find keep tabs on the girls, and try to get to know as much things about her as you can. I want to know her name, her parents name, what she find intresting, what time period she came from. Every little detail you can, and I don't care how you get it. The only limitation is that she MUST NOT be harmed."

Ketsuri cast him a hurt look "Aww can i at least put the scare into the little wench?" he thought of Chorus' assgnment for a moment "That shouldn't be to hard, i hear Juluis keeps a pretty open mind on who he tells long as you're willing to pay the price naturually. I think Turan might have even boarded the girl there temporarily, as i can't imagine they got to far with her in the condition she was in"

"No marks, mental trama, or anything. When I meet the girl I want her to be in perfect condition. There maybe a chance we can get her on our side. If not then we kill her. She wasn brought into this aganst her will, it's not her fault." Corus thought about the sitiuation. "I have an idea. Maddy come here." Corus yelled.

Maddy came back onto the roo to see what Corus had wanted from her. He had the look that she knew meat trouble. "Why do I get the feeling I'm not going to like what you have to say?"

Ketsuri sighed "Well i can't gurantee the mental trauma part on account that i'll probably end up making a mess out of whoever gets in my way, but no i won't hurt her in any way" He glanced down at the star he had torn from his body, lifting it up an examining it with a troubled look.

"You seem troubled by something." Corus said, noting Ketsuri's puzzled look. "Do you reconize the weapon?"

Ketsuri held it up, displaying the intracate markings on the center of the star "You see this, this is Turan's marking" he said slowly "When the students where issued with their weaponry this symbol would be followed by a personal icon. This is a student of Turan's, however" he said pointing to a more sublte mark at one of the star tips "He is closer, meaning Turan raised him...and this marking here denotes his clan or family which is before now unheard of" Ketsuri stopped himself "meaning that this new assasin, is at the same time a loyal student bound under blood oath and yet functions of his own free will"

Corus raised an eyebrow. "You seem suprised. Should I contact Flick and tell him to help you? Any way Maddy how would you like to attend a ball as my ascort?"

"W...W..what?!" She sputtered, Maddy was a shapshifter and not liked by the nobles of the kingdom. Usually they scorned her.

"Yes i am...because it meens that Turan was not entirely responsible for this particular assasins training....meaning the old elf found some new friends or they found him" Ketsuri raised an eyebrow "I think it would be somthing that dear flick would find...most amusing, and dear Maddy come on, you get to tease those damned nobles that turn their noses up at you for a change....that is if Chorus lets you have fun"

"Maddy glared at the man. "I think myself higher level above them, so I refues to bring my self down to their level." She had to smile a little though, he did care how the treatment of others effect her.

"Well Turan has come up witn some new tricks over the years. I'll see if I can get Flick, and the two of you can work it out. As for Maddy, the princess could use your company. In addition, I prefer to have you by my side than any other of the noble women at court." Corus said. 

"Just have flick keep his....cravings to himself. The last thing either of us need is to be on the run because he ate the wrong person" Ketsuri stiffled a laugh "Turan always has somthing he never tells you, it keeps him one step ahead and whoever is after him the worse for wear"

"I'm sure Flick will keep to him self;however, I must admit, I am curious to the story behind Turan and you." Corus said. "I have never understood why the two of you don't get along."

"I am a former disciple of his, by this i mean far more than a student. I was within his inner most circle" Ketsuri said slowly "We don't get along on account of his lies. That and he was to soft. This didn't sit well with some of my former comrads"

Corus nodded his head. Th man would tell him more when he was ready. "For now find flick, and keep an eyeon the girl. Be ready for the ball the Phoenix King is going to have in a month, I have a feeling all the playiers on the playing board will be there. And of cource Maddy will be my date."

"I should fight you on it, but you have the glint in your eyes." Maddy said pouting like a child. "You do realize I have nothing to wear."

"I'm sure the Princess will have something you can barrow. For now I must take my leave, I have business with the king." Corus said. "And Ketsuri, make sure you find someone to be your companion at the ball." And with that Corus left to Phoenix Main hall

"You can't be serious!" Ketsuri called after him. He hated social gatherings, and letting somone get close. A combination of the two was about as bad as spiking somone's drink with somthing sour "He expects me to find soomone that i'd be comfortable with in a month.....this just keeps getting better and better" he groaned "Anyone know where flick dissapeared to?"

Maddy sighed. "No, the last I heard Corus sent him on a mission to find our mysterious guard. He should be near the girl. Maybe. And don't forget I hate these events as much as you."

"Great, lets just hope i don't find him accidentally snacking on the girl" Ketsuri groaned, he didn't mind that shade, he just couldn't entirely stomach the fact that he ate people "Yes i know....perhaps we could come up with an excuse to not be'd be quite easy" Ketsuri said, he knew she hated such events and it irritated him that Chorus still insisted on it despite knowning they both hated such things.

Flick was one of those creepy being, with a knack for turning up when being spoken or even thought about, it was rather easy as well, considering he could travel miles within seconds by using shadows, so long as he knew of a certain area perfectly. He appeared behind Ketsuri with an odd grin on his face, he looked very healthy as well, rather full also.

Ketsuri smiled, sensing the shade appear "You reak of blood" he said "We have work to do, work that i think this time will be fun....if the two ever go hand in hand"

Flick smiled and bobed his head, he clapped his hands together."Dont worry the smell will disapate as we walk".

"We have a shadow warrior to stalk, so perhaps it won't" Ketsuri never did understand why he hated the smell of blood "Turan has the girl boarded in a tavern in Griffin, won't be hard to find...the hard part will be dealing with this new assasin, and Turan if he's still there"

Flick nodded, grinning every so often."Sounds interesting, we best be on our way, we wouldn't want to make the young girl wait".

Ketsuri smiled "I like your thinking, just keep in mind that as much as you or i would rather have her dismembered with her entrails strew across the wall....dear chorus wants to have the honors all to himself" Ketsuri said with a sigh "Sufice to say, save the teeth for Turan or the dark assasin" he said loading his personal weapons into their hidden compartments.

"Maybe, when he's done, we can make an orniment out of her head". Flick decided to add to Ketsuri's little dismerbering plan, he walked rather slowly, bored at the fact he would have to travel by normal means seeing as he was with Ketsuri. "Or prehaps we can scoop it out and use it as a sounds..". He stopped talking aparntly now caught up in his daydream, a dazed smile on his face.

"Absolutely disgusting" Ketsuri grimaced "I'm just tired of all the hype that's been made out of this little brat, I honestly don't see why Chorus wants her dead though i suppose she does pose a severe liability alive" he reappeared some one hundred yards in front of flick "Normal means bore you? I thought it'd be a nice change of pace, but you've made me outright excited to have the poor child delivered bound hand in foot to dear Chorus"

"I don't like anything that takes too long". Flick did a forwards roll at Kesuri, smiling as he did so, landing oddly, he slowly up slowly brushing himself down. "I think this little princess needs to choke on her own crown, I just hope when he does decide to get rid of her we get to watch". he punched the air."I'll bring the food".

"So long as it is somthing palatable for all then by all means, and yes i would be most dissapointed if i didn't at least get to whach the little wench croak".

"Like a frog or a toad". Flick looked at him with an expression that implied his question was of the upmost importants."Because, Toads are uglier".

"If you know how to cook them then by all means bring them. Otherwise stick to somthing more Vanhilla, cause an improperly cooked toad would make even you empty the contents of your stomach...whatever that may be" Ketsuri said with a laugh, not much could grose him out as at any one point in time in his life he had to eat it to survive.

Flick patted his stomach grinning happily."I don't know, it takes a bit to turn my stomach". He rubbed the back of his head and bobbed a little as they walked."Though, I'm still slightly hungry, but then she was kinda small, maybe she was a halfling".

"Or she wasn't a virgin....i hear that can make a differance in sating the thirst" Ketsuri said dismissivly. One of Ketsuri's agents appeared from behind a tree, giving him a letter before dissapearing "Well it seems we're in luck....the little brat is holed up at the inn in Griffin kingdom"

"Heh heh heh, well, looks like we'll be having some fun sooner than expected, if she resists are we allowed to you know, break and possibly severe limbs, so long as it doesnt kill her". He held up a thin finger.

"If we do....just make sure it looks like she fell out of a window trying to escape....chorus wants her in as pristine condition as possible. There's always the ran through a window look to. Though i suppose there's always the chance in getting carried away so best stick to scaring her within an inch of her invariably short life" Ketsuri said, changing the train of thought when he realized what he was talking about. He continued towards The Dark seriph inn and tavern

Maddy shoke her head at the three. With her advance hearing she heard them all the way out of the village. "They need less crude hobbies." She just sighed and continued her work.

Maddy sighed as she washed the tavern's dishes. It was late and many of the Customers were sleeping, but a few were sitting near the ifre with drinks. The ball was in a couple of days and she felt pressure building up in the atmosphere.

When Corus walked i with the princess it was quiet and Maddy was doing the dishes.

Lady Lyenisa hugged the cloak she wore around her shoulders.

"Maddy" Corus called the Tavern owner.

When Maddy looked over she Saw Corus with a young, but fragile girl. "Corus what are you doing here, and who is that? I sware that if you braught a helpless girl here for your own reasons I'll taer your heart out."

"Corus..." Lyenisa said softly.

"It's fine Lyenisa, it's an empty threat." Corus told the princess. "Maddy I would like to introduce Lady Lyenisa, princess of the Kingdon of Phoenix. I figured you could use the company of your own gendr, while the Lady could use a breath of freash air away from the castle."

Oh." Maddy said simplely. "Well it's nice to met you. However for the issue of safty may I call you Lyen?"

"Yes... you may...." Lyenisa said softly, sitting down.

"Well it's very nice to met you Lyen. I don't belive you have ever been to the inn beofre have you? So Corus what brings you and your gues to my humble home today?" Maddy said.

"The Prin...." Corus stumled, "I mean Lyen has been stuffed in her room for a while and I thought that you two could discuse the coming ball. Lyen I was hoping you could lend Maddy one of your dresses."

"I could... I'd love to...." the princess said softly, smiling at the other woman.

Mady was at a lost of words. "That you so much. I don't really go to balls od and thing of that jazz, but Corus seems determined for me to be his date."

Corus smirked as he watched Maddy muble to the Princess. He even noticed the little blush on her cheeks. "I think you'll both be beautiful. Maddy I was also wondering has the prince arrived yet?"

Maddy shook her head. "He booked a room two days before the ball, but he hasn't come yet. I suspect he'll be here in a day or so."

"The prince...." Lyenisa said softly.

"Yesthe prince RSVPed to the ball, and has agreed to stay an extra week at the palace. He usually tends to be more comfortable at the tavern so he always schedulas his visits early to relax before he has to deal with the court. Maddy said.

"Oh...." Lyenisa said softly.

"Are you excited to see him?" Corus asked her.

"Corus don't pry." Maddy instrutcted.

"I...don't know, Corus...."

"Don;t mind him, he likes to create a bit of matchmaing. And feel free to speak up here. My inn has spells cast all around it so don;t wory about eavsdroppers." Maddy said gently.

"Matchmaking?" asked Lyenisa looking at Corus.

Maddy giggled at Corus's loom of panic. "Yes matchmaking. Oh look the prince is here a day early.

Corus turned around in his seat to look at the door, whjich stood the prince of Griffin, Even Dunmire.

Lyenisa didn't look instead looking away and down, and just held her cloak tighter around her shoulders.

Prince Even saw Corus with Maddy and a young girl at a table in a corner so he walked over to them.

"Even how are you?" Maddy asked while giving him a hug. "It's nice to see that you've lost your cold."

Lyenisa peeked up at the prince, then just looked back down.

Even smiled at Maddy. "You act like your my mother." Which he loved since his actual mother was dead. Maddy was always there for him when he needed it. "So Corus tell me what I neded to know before I stepp into the Phoenix court."

"It would be better if you asked the center of the court herself." Corus said mentioning towards the princess.

"I... Corus... what are you doing....?" Lyenisa said softly. "I..." She blushed and hugged her cloak closer.

Both Maddy and Corus smirked at each other, but said nothing. However the Prince's full attention was know on the princess. "Do I know you. You look very familar to me."

"I... I...My name is....Ly...Lyenisa...." she whispered, not looking at the prince.

Evan ws speachless. This girl looked nothing like the little toddler he knew as a child. for one she was way more beautiful.

Luckely Maddy decided to help him out. "Lyen hasn't ben feeling the greatest so Corus brought her out here for a little break."

Lyenisa nodded. "I... have been very ill... and made to stay cooped up in my chamber....I...wanted to be out again...."

"We should be heading back soon. Lyen needs to save her energy for the ball." Corus said as he stood up.

"Corus...I'm okay..." she said softly.

"Corus let her stay. Plus it'll give her and Evan a bit more comfort at the ball if the get to reformilarize them selves with each other." Maddy said, with her hands folded inder her chin.

"Ah..." Lyenisa looked down, blushing deeper. "Maddy..."

"Yes Lyen?" Mady said.

"Fine." Corus sighed as he lost a lossing battle.

"Don't worry so much Corus. Plus you know what Maddy wants she usually gets." Evan said.

Lyenisa giggled, then stopped, looking down. "I.. Corus.... if you think it's for the best.... we can go......" she whispered.

"You can leave when you damn well please. Don't let Corus push you around." Maddy demaned.

"We wont let Corus make you leave if you don't want to. If he does Maddy and I'll stop him" Evan said while winking at the princesss.

Lyenisa blushed more when he winked at her. "It's just... Corus has been so kind and helpful to me....I value his opinion...."

Maddy giggled," Corus is just like everyone else, just with a bit more drive."

Gale walked into the inn, she shifted her pack uncomfortably as she glanced around at the people but nonetheless she made her way to the bar. "Do you have any rooms for rent?" Her voice was soft but easily heard and her gaze darted around her as she kept a careful watch on the people.

Maddy Heard her calling when a new comer asked for a room. "I'll be right back." Maddy got up, and walked over to the woman. "Hi, welcome to the Willow Inn and Taver. How can I help you?"

"Well it seems Maddy still keeps things running smoothly." Even said.

"What else do you expect from her." Corus said. "The inn is her home and the only thing her human mother left her."

"Really?" Lyenisa said.

Corus nodded. "Maddy's father was a wolf shapeshifter who fell in love with a human woman. However, Mady's mother dispised all shaoe shifters so she neglected Maddy. It was a suprise that when she died she left Maddy the inn. Ever since then Maddy has made sure the Inn was even better than when her mother ran it."

"I remember that when my parents died Maddy let em hide out here for a while."Evan thought of the past. "When I did I saw she was the first one awake and the last to sleep."

"Oh.... Maddy you are such a hard worker....." Lyenisa said.

"Don't let her hear you say that you'll make her blush." Evan laught.

Gale studied the girl carefully. "I wish to rent a room." She said soft and shifted her pack again, moving one of the straps farther down her shoulder to relieve the stress of its weight.

"Sure." Maddy smiled at the woman. "May I ask why your on town?"

Gale dipped her head and grinned, "I'm afraid the reason isn't very interesting. I simply got bored staying where I was and decided to move, I'm here by chance."

Maddy laughted, the woman seemed carefree. "Well I hope you like your stay here. You rooms number three." Maddy handed her the key. "In addition tdo to the Midwinter Ball coming up the food is on the house."

Gale took the key and smiled, "A ball? I hadn't heard of that! When will it be?"

"I honestly don't know, but see the man in the corner booth." Maddy pointed to Corus. "He knows all the details."

"She's pointing over here..." whispered Lyenisa.

Gale smiled at Maddy, "Thank you. I think I'll ask him about this ball myself; it seems I've been out in the wilderness longer than I thought." Still chuckling to herself she turned and made her way towards Corus and Lyenisa

"She couldn't be." Corus said as he watched the woman apporach him. "I tryied for ever."

"What is it Corus?" Evan asked. "Do you knw her?"

Gale walked up to them and sat down letting her pack slide down to the ground. She smiled cheerfully at them both as she rubbed her shoulder, "I hope you don't mind. That thing is heavy!"

"It si you." Corus exclaimed. "Your one of the elder dragons I have been looking every where for."

"That What!" Evan yelled.

Her eyes narrowed but she smiled sweetly, "Now why would you go around telling people things like that?" She asked as she stared directly into his eyes.

"An Elder Dragon?" Lyenisa said softly looking at the girl.

"I don't mean to disrupe your privacy, but I have been tring to track you down for the last seven months to invite, and remeind you, of the Midwinter Ball. The feast afterwords is always held in honor for the elder dragonds.

"Corus please." Maddy said as she made her way over towards the table. "Your disrupting the few guest I have."

"Maddy this woman s an elder dragon." Evan said still in awe.

Gale sighed and glanced at Evan, "I would appreciate it if you would refrain from saying what I am with such amazement. It makes me feel as if I am so rare creature." She turned back to Corus, "As for you. I thank you for searching for me, I remember the honor which is bestowed on us.... Which reminds me... have you found any of the others?"

"No not yet. You may be the only one getting the honor this year.' Corus said.

"Why are they so hard to find?" Maddy asked.

Gale shrugged, "I travel...alot I don't know what the others will use as an excuse." She said softly. Disappointment was plain in her eyes at the prospect of being alone at the feast. She stared thoughtfull at the table as she silently mused departing the city that night.

"I hope others are found...." Lyenisa said softly.

Gale nodded, "As do I." She yawned and covered her mouth with a delicate hand. "I am going to my room, it was a long flight." She winked at Evan with a grin, "When is the ball going to start?" She asked curiously as she stood and slung her pack unto her shoulders.

"Tomarrow nights the arrival of the guess." Corus said. "The ball is the fallowing night."

Ketsuri wandered in looking tired yet somehow happy "That was a bit of an adventure now wasn't it flick?" he said calling over his shoulder.

Lyenisa looked over towards the newcomer.

Ketsuri looked at corus with an odd expression "Hey Maddy, do you have an extra room?"

"Are you a paying costumer, then Yes I do." Maddy said with her hands on her hips. "And leave the poor girl alone."

"It seems your in a crank pot mood." Evan said to Ketsuri. "I'm gona yes you got your but kicked."

"Evan." Corus warned. The princess knew nothing of his rebellion, and he planed to keep it that way. "Lyen I would like to indroduce my friend Ketsuri. He is a teacher at Crystal Academy

Lyenisa nodded to Ketsuri. "It's nice to meet you Ketsuri..." she said softly.

Gale nodded at them, her gaze concentrating for a moment on Ketsuri before she turned and made her way through the room and towards her room.

Ketsuri eyed Evan "Whach yourself boy" he bowed to Lyenisa "Pleasure is mine" he laughed at Maddy "Yes, i'm not a vagrant" he said with mock indignity

Lyenisa bowed her head to Ketsuri in return.

"Then yes you can have a room." Maddy grabbed the key for room four. "However, that is after you eat."

"Maddy you treat us as if we are all going to starve." Evan grinned as he leaned back into his chair.

Ketsuri with a mischevious grin, kicked the legs of the chair from under Evan as he walked by "Yes ma'am where's the food? and what do you have?"

Evan's face landed right on floor, causing him to get up shaking his fist at Ketsuri. "What the hell was that for."

"Play nice with each other." Maddy said, through laughter.

Corus just watch the them all sqabble among them selves. They were the closes thing to a family he had, but he'd never let them know that. "So what do you think Lyen?" He asked, bring his attention to the quiet girl.

Lyenisa giggled softly. "They're all... nice..." Lyenisa said softly. "Are you alright Evan?"

"For not keeping your blabbing trap shut" Ketsuri retorted.

"Yeah, I'm fine." That guy loves to mess with me." Evan said as he sat down. "He's not worth the trouble."

"Just ignore them Lyen. I tend to." Maddy sadi as she sat herself back down with food. "They're like brothers."

"It just doesn't seem like it to me..." Lyenisa whispered.

"Don't worry they'll behave." Corus said. "However, it is getting late and people start to arive for the ball early tomarrow. So we should get going. Maddy Leave the Inn open I'll be back late tonight."

"It was nice to meet you Maddy...Ketsuri....Evan..." Lyenisa said softly, standing up, and bowed slightly.

"It was nice to meet you to Lyen." Maddy smiled. "When you feel up to it you are welcomed here any time. And We'll all see you in a day or two."

"I'll be seing you tomarrow." Evan said.

Lyenisa blushed, looking down and nodding. She pulled the cloak closer around her.

"Come on. Let's make sure you get home safe." Corus walkes out of the inn to take The Lady back to Lady Lyenisa Chambers

"A bit out of your league don't you think?" Ketsuri teased Evan.

"Oh shut up Ketsuri." Evan fumed, a blush eveident on his cheeks.

"You forget that it is next to impossible to hide anything from me...besides she seems to be after that prince....and that's a love triangle i doubt you want to get caught up in" Ketsuri laughed.

Maddy and Evan shared a look. "Ketsuri you do know were Evan is from right?" Maddy asked.

Ketsuri sighed, hitting his forehead with the palm of my hand "Yes i do...sorry haven't slept in three days"

Maddy sighed. "Eat the food I brought then take a nap in one of the booths. You know Corus is going to have something to say with you."

"Yeah that's what im not looking forward to" he sighed, taking a seat in one of the far corners.

"Your right in thinking that." Corus said, as he stromed into the inn. "And you beter have a good reason why your here now with the girl."

Both Evan and Maddy gulped. He was angry, never a good thing.

Ketsuri's eyes blazed "Next time i'll drag your sorry ass along and you can face the ancient elemental, and shadow assasin! So in case you didn't know already, i ran into Turan and his apprentice, the girl is still with them, but since you insist on doing away with her yourself that throws a wrench into things"

Corus looked at him cooly. "I would watch yourself Ketsuri. In addition, I don't plan on killing they girl. In stead I plan on using her." He called some of his magic into the palm of his hand, creating a small sphere of pure magoc, a rare gift. "Tell me what you found out about the girl."

Ketsuri eyed the magic orb"Completely dependant; and if alone for whatever reason vulnerable. She carries no weapons, and i think she's managed to drive Turan nuts already....somthing i thought impossible. The shadow assasin is just that; an assasin in the purest sense of the word. Turan...well he has a few tricks up his sleave still. They're on the move soon though"

Gale came walking back. She had left her pack in her room and had changed from her leather traveling clothes to a silver gown that clung to her slim form. She approached them curiously and sat in one of the chairs at the table.

"Is that all? Do you even know her name?"Corus said, his eyes flickered to Gale as she came in, but ingnored her. "Did you ask her anything or just try to scare her silly, but in stead embarrasing your self?" He crept closer.

Ketsuri sighed "Her name is Roan, she's easily attached, and strong willed, and i doubt you would fare even remotely better against Turan, let alone his apprentice Abarhi"

"Every man has a weakness, and I am not as weak as you seem to think I am." Roan, Corus thought. "My grandmother's name was Roan." He put more energy in the sphere. "Is that all?"

"Ever fought somone who can reapper with their blade in your gut?" Ketsuri mused at Corus "Yes, they are on the move, though i dare not make an attack in broad daylight. For one flick would be no good, and for another Turan knows those woods to well....meaning the wood elves would sooner have our heads before we got close"

"Then you know were they are going?" A brilient idea occured to Corus.

Evan and Maddy were being very, very quiet. They new better to say anything before the sphere was gone, and out of sight.

"Do i look like i'm psychic? No i do not, Turan saw to our asses being handed to us before i could find an informant...Evan might be more familiar with the haunted woods. Though comon consensus is stay the hell away, Turan has to many friends that would gladly flillet the skin off me alive for my liking" Ketsuri paused "If you do want to go after them, then they are most likely headed to the other side of that accursed wood, no need to worry though....they'll be there at the ball"

"I'm not so sure of that."Corus thought. "You right Evan would no those wood better. Evan were do you think they are goin?"

Even Gulped. "The only place I can think of is Deidad Island. It's the only think on the other side of the forest thats worth going to."

Gale crossed her legs to listen. The more she heard the more her curiousity was aroused.

"Of them being at the ball, or elvish reavers pelting us? They will be there, i heard that much before the fighting started" Ketsuri was not at all in a good mood "Yes the island is probably where, but it'd be easier to wait for them to come into town"

"Hmmmmm." Corus thought, "I think I have new plans for you."

"And what might those be?" Ketsuri asked absentmindedly, setting his glass down.

"Try to kiss the girl at the ball." Corus said. "Then I want to talk to her myself with out any one else there."

Ketsuri shook his head "Say what?" He wasn't terribly fond of humans, do maluable and easy....not to mention this one he simply wanted dead an gone "You have any idea how hard that'll be with her glued to Turan's side?"

"I'm sure you'll manage. I should get going." Corus stopped pacing. "Oh and Ketsuri."

"Yes i have an idea as to how" Ketsuri sighed "Yes?"

"Don't fail me again." Corus sent the purple sphere towards him, which it Ketsuri as well as Evan.

Evan flew backwards, braking several chairs. In addition it knocked him out.

Ketsuri appeared in front of Corus "Be careful who you threaten Corus" he warned cooly, the sphere had destroyed the chair he had been sitting in. He hadn't drawn any weapons, such things where pointless.

Gale stood up and glanced at Ketsuri. "I advice you also to watch what you do in here. There are innocents present." She said softly.

"Why do you think I missed." Corus said. "Ladies, ignorent pawns I will take my leave." Corus left to the palace.

Ketsuri smiled walking back to his seat "As if you could hit me if you tried" he felt his senses heighten. He sat down next to Gale.

"I wouldn't test him Ketsuri." Maddy said quetly. "There are people, things I've seen him do that would bother even flick." Maddy Flung Evan over her shoulder. "Do you realy think he could capture a god with out some type of power." Maddy left the room with that to put Evan in a place to sleep for the night.

"He bound it using dark arts...magics that i have acess to but refuse to use" Ketsuri said slowly "There's somthing i thought i'd never hear...somthing that would bother flick? Didn't think anything bothered the blood sucker"

Gale listened with interest. "The only thing that makes magic dark is the person using it." She said carefully. "What was that?"

"Hatred" Ketsuri said quietly "That is not entirely true, there are spells and magic that can't be deemed as any other than dark...."

"That would depend on the person. Something you might call dark would be considered normal by someone else." Gale answered playfully.

Ketsuri laughed "Yes yes, and somthing that seems immoral to one is completely moral to another. I was refering to the Deamonic, though i suppose for the particularly off kilter cultist that even this would seem right, even...dare i say, holy and divine"

Gale laughed "Exactly. Although one has to be particulary twisted to enjoy thaat specific brand of power"

"Yes....try killing somone who is on the verge gives twisted an and unpleasant meaning" Ketsuri shuddered.

"Yes I have. Its very disturbing." gale answered with a laugh.

Ketsuri nodded "How rude of me, my name is Ketsuri, can i get you a drink?"

"I am Gale." She said with a smile, "And yes you may." She chuckled.

"Pleasure to meet you Gale, what will you be having?" Ketsuri beckoned a waiter over.

"I'll just have water; and its a pleasure to meet you as well. You seem to be a very interesting person." Gale answered.

Ketsuri nodded, told the waiter what he wanted "Like evil, interesting is a relevant term"

"Yes, but still a fun word to use." She studied him carefully, "Will you be at the ball?"

"Yes" he said simply "Corus is seeing to it that it will be nigh unenjoyable though as i half to get an eighteen year old girl to kiss me and then get him alone with her" he grumbled

Gale coughed as she started laughing, "That shouldn't be too hard. Especially with your looks!" She chuckled then blushed lightly as she realized what she'd said.

Ketsuri eyed the mug in his hand, before turning red around the ears "How do you mean? Keep in mind Corus componded that by sending me to try and bring her in by force...meaning all the more fun trying for what he wants me to do this time around"

"Still, she's 18. She probably craves danger and you, as an assassin, can give it to her. Imagine it from her view. The princess falls in love with the handsome assassin. Its a common craving" Gale chuckled.

"You know she might be right." Maddy said as she came down the stairs. "She's young, repulsive, and is stuck with Turan. Which I'm sure is boring her to tears. It did me when I was that age. In stead of scaring her try to give her a thrill of danger."

Gale nodded in agreement, "Exactly."

"Say what about a princess?" Ketsuri's head shot up "I have absolutely no intention with getting mixed up with royalty! last time that happened....ugh...nobles assume to much!"

"It was an analgy, she's not really a princess Ketsuri." Maddy said as she giggled at the panic look on his face." Are you even any good with women?"

Ketsuri laughed "Yes i was married once believe it or not" his tone was even but hinted at bitterness "And i think you missed it when i said nobles assume to much?"

"If you ever wish to talk about it I'm here; however, we all should get going and ready for the ball. Corus said he wants me their yearly as to get ready." Maddy sais.

"She died, so there's not a whole lot to talk about" Ketsuri said slowly "I got a funney feeling about this ball, i don't what about...not even a sense of forboding...just a funney feeling is all"

Gale stood up, she said nothing as she stretched, "I'm going outside for a moment... I need to stretch my wings."

"I'll leave the door unlocked for you, but I'm going to bed then I'll be gone fist thing this morning. I left Racheal my assistnt in charge." Maddy said the whent up stairs.

"I'm with Maddy, turning in for the night before the the way, anyone have somthing i can slip into a drink?" he said half jokingly.

"I do." Evan said as he came down the stairs rubbing his head. "It's a strange concoction, but quiet usefull."


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