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April's Stories


This is a work in progress so please tread lightly and watch out below.


~You Can Fly~
Finished and Revised

~Short Story: The Fallen~

~Travarus's Lesson~

~Best Friends Through Death~

~*Phoenix* Drabbles~
Always a WIP because I'm always adding more...
or hope to anyway...

~We suck at life, but were wicked cool~
WIP With [Eyden13]

~Just a Pack of Cards~
Entered to The Town Herald
Issue 22: Theme: Cards

~Egyptian War Tutorial~

~*Phoenix* Reviews~
Here's a look at my reviews that I've made.


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2008-11-26 [Artsieladie]: Ok, you've grabbed my interest. Now, I'll be anxious to experience the journey your story will take me on. *smiles* Very good. *applause*

One typo:
Your heart is pounding inside your chest as your mind races with possibilities.


2008-11-27 [*Phoenix*]: Thankies! I'm glad you liked it! Which wiki was about that Editing thing again? I don't remember which one it was....

Finding typos is always a good thing. Thanks again!

2008-11-27 [Artsieladie]: You're welcome. I was glad to! :D The wiki's name is Editing Assistance - Elftown. You only had one teensy tinsy, ittsy bitsy one. That's it and that's terrific. Great job! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-11-29 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks. I'll check it out! THANKS! *bear hug* hopefully I'll get some more up soon!

2008-11-29 [Artsieladie]: Well, when you do, I'll be by to check it out! *bear hug back* :D

2008-12-01 [*Phoenix*]: Okie-day! That would be great cause I'd love your input cause you're great that way!!! :D

2008-12-02 [Dark Side of the Moon]: ooh, this IS interesting! It made me think of that Pink Floyd song, Learning To Fly.

2008-12-03 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks!! I've never heard of that song before....

2008-12-07 [*Phoenix*]: gah! Youtube takes WAAAAAAY to long on my internet!

That's awesome. Amazing how I've never even heard this song before too.

2008-12-14 [Artsieladie]: Interesting little piece... :)

Ok, so I have these 'itchy editing fingers'. lol

We, the Fallen, watch as those who live with comfort and a peace that we shall never truly experience, go on with life around us. We have lived our lives being tortured in ways that are not physically hurtful but mindfully brutal. Our emotions, minds, and even our souls have been tested to where we are about to break, but we remain strong, carrying on in this world, watching and waiting. Fury, envy, revenge, and lust for Others’ lives burn in our souls, but we have hardened our hearts so that, as we look on to them in disgust, no one knows. We remain silent, because we know that the Others can not endure what we have known to. They call it blasphemy, but they know no better. New paragraph here? Then it comes. The day we Fallen feast upon. As the Others’ world caves in around them they are falling into what we have forever endured. The madness stops momentarily, as they become one of us. *A Fallen, and this is what we live for. Our moment of triumph is here…

*I would suggest:
The madness stops momentarily, as they become one of us, a Fallen, and this is what we live for.

...Because "A Fallen, and this is what we live for." doesn't really have enough to it to stand alone as a complete sentence.

This piece made me think a little. :)

2008-12-20 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks

Thanks. ^_^
I think it's supposed to be a comma not a period there....I tend to hit the wrong button sometimes....

Coolio! :)

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