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2007-03-22 17:07:56
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Anyone for Saki?


Here is where you can either add your own art - or request other people to make it for you

None of this art is Pornographic, it is ARTISTIC - and follows guidelines!!!!

We all do stuff when we are under the influence, Some we regret, and others we are proud of (Cant think what) Me? I just draw reasonably awesome, although slightly perverse pictures, but personally I find them really BEAUTIFUL

Pic #1
Saki not doing particuly much, just standing there with nothing but a Bra on...Its the first in my collection, and im fond of all of them (Cant beleive im saying this)

(Picture idea came out of the blue)
+25% Cup
+45% Hair length

Pic #2
Saki's bathtime at the hot spring, she has curves so sharp you could cut lead! - notice the little Japanese soap box floating about with a miniscule Zap flatically waving his arms about. I really like the water effect here, its very detailed for one of my drawings.
For me - this is the BEST one, I cant explain how though.....

(By request for an onchore)
+40% chest
-10% Hair length
[Now on Devient Art! ];qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps

Pic #3
Saki is wondering outside the hot spring building clutching her towel and is still a bit wet though. I tried to fill in some background, it gave a nice effect though, I think i should try it more often

(By request from a nameless individual)
Artist; [Zapinc]
+20% Chest
-35% Hair length

Pic #4
Katie lying in bed in the early hours of the morning, looks like she had a good night, not neccisarily of sleep by the looks of how she is 'dressed'.
This in my opinion is the cutest, and its the first colour post, there is a slightly cheeky/mousy grin on her face - tells more about the picture and the history behind it

(By request of Raz0r)
Artist; [Zapinc]
+15% Chest
-5% Hair length

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Hello? Has anyone got any Suggestions/Requests/Art they want to post?!?! Gimme some feedback!!!

Wow o.O

All the text is anominus, because someone asked it to be....DONT BE SHY - I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK....




Can someone draw me a piccy?

Can I draw a pic and put it up there?

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