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Anime Wiki


This is the list of the Wikis for those who love watching anime, drawing anime, or both. Whether you're looking for a fan group for a particular series, or anime in general, this is the place to look.

Anime Fanclub has information, tips on what's good in anime and manga, chat wiki-pages and places to share art and stories.


Unsorted list of more or less active anime wikis
Alphonse fan club
Angel Sanctuary Club
Anime dreams
Anime Fanclub
Anime guild
Anime kingdom
Anime Madhouse
Anime Mania
Anime Nation
Anime North
Anime <Refugee!> Camp
Anime Universe
Anyone for Saki?
Azumanga Daioh Fans Unite
Bad luck
CardCaptor Sakura
Case closed
Cheza Shrine
Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop Lovers
Descendants of Darkness
Digimon Fans Unite
Digimon: Fighting Spirit
D N Angel
Ed and Ein fans
End Of War
Fai Lovers Club (And all things Tsubasa)
Fruits Basket Fans
FullMetal Alchemist, dog of the military
Furinkan High
Gravitation Club
Gundam pilots
Hellsing Fan Club
Hellsing: Amen
Inuyasha Addicts
Inuyasha 2
Inuyasha fan club
Inu-yasha is a hero
Jack Spicer Fans
Kati-chan's Page
Kitoky's World
Knives Shrine
~Legato~ Rocks!
Legato Scares Me!
Love Hina Fans
Manga And Anime Lovers United
Megaman: Dark and Light Elements
Miroku club
Miroku Shrine
Naraku Shrine
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Ninja Blade
Online comic’s/furry
Pretty little ninjas
Rule the World by Anime
Saint Seiya
Saiyuki fans
Samurai X
Sesshoumaru-sama Club
Sesshomaru Shrine
Shaman King!
Sonic Central
SSEB Saint Seiya Experts Bureau
Tenchi muyo fans
The Legato Revolution
The Spike Spiegel fan club
We ♥ Naruto
Wolf's Rain
Wolf's Rain fans
Yet Another Inu Yasha RPG
YYH Pics


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2004-08-20 [suducing rayne]: need to add my love hina wiki.. pllllzzzzzzz Love Hina Fans

2004-08-20 [Yoruno]: Added! *bows*

2004-09-06 [thuthuca]: Hellsing Fan Club can u pliiiiz add this too? thanks!

2004-09-07 [Yoruno]: Added Hellsing Fan Club. *bows*

2004-10-01 [Badluck]: hn no HIEI but they do have inuyasha

2004-10-16 [Yoruno]: Online comic’s/furry has been added! *bows*

2004-10-29 [MACCANATOR]: come on put on Anime Kingdom

2004-10-29 [Yoruno]: Anime kingdom is up! ^_^

2004-11-21 [Gone4Eva]: would you add neon genesis evaglion

2004-11-21 [Gone123456789]: neon genesis evaglion has been added!

2004-11-21 [Gone4Eva]: no it hasnt

2004-11-21 [Gone123456789]: Uh yes it has... I just added it yesterday... its above.

2004-11-21 [Gone4Eva]: oh i see it now, sorry thanks

2004-11-21 [Gone123456789]: Anytime.

2004-11-22 [Ghost Lilly]: Can you add D N Angel?

2004-11-22 [Yoruno]: Sure! D N Angel has been added ^_^

2004-11-22 [Yoruno]: And I've already joined *grin*

2005-01-06 [kitoky]: Could you please sustitute neon genesis evaglion with Neon Genesis Evangelion - changes has been made.

2005-01-06 [Yoruno]: Fixed! *bows*

2005-01-16 [MACCANATOR]: could u add case closed

2005-01-16 [#9437]: case closed has been added

2005-01-24 [Gone4Eva]: yay

2005-02-12 [JapaneseMiko]: Could you please add... Fai Lovers Club (And all things Tsubasa) for me?

2005-02-28 [adriane]: what about vampire game and fushigi yugi and tokyo mew mew and faeries landing? those are some really good anime people!!!

2005-02-28 [Yoruno]: *phew* Please, don't add comments like "There should be a wiki about this or that"...

2005-03-02 [Phoenix Tears]: could you add Cowboy Bebop puleeze? ^_^

2005-03-02 [Yoruno]: Hey, cool wiki! Cowboy Bebop has been added! *bows*

2005-03-03 [Katisama]: could you add Kati-chan's Page plz?

2005-03-03 [MarkyMark]: What about DBZ? can you add that?

2005-03-03 [Yoruno]: Kati-chan's Page has been added! And DBZ is an empty page... well, it haves two comments...

2005-03-05 [MarkyMark]: Is there a Yu Yu Hakusho one?

2005-03-07 [Yoruno]: I think not yet...

2005-03-08 [Katisama]: ty for adding me^^

2005-03-10 [Charity Mariah "Willow" Garcia]: How do you create a Wiki?

2005-03-10 [Yoruno]: See



2005-04-03 [Ryniel e' Lasavain]: Can you please add Cowboy Bebop Lovers? Thank you!

2005-04-04 [Yoruno]: Added!

2005-04-14 [D.N.alchemist]: plz add full metal alchemist the fate of destiny

2005-04-15 [Yoruno]: full metal alchemist the fate of destiny is an empty page... could you please give us a link to your wiki?

2005-04-15 [D.N.alchemist]: so lost on this site.................

2005-04-16 [jo has gone]: rooaar

2005-05-15 [Kiristo]: Can you add Anime dreams to the list? Also YYH Pics, now you can have a YYH one.~_^

2005-06-06 [kabutali]: Can you add Anime Nation To the anime wikis section please?

2005-06-07 [#9437]: Added!

2005-06-10 [Kyotaki]: Can someone add Anime <Refugee!> Camp please? We started a while ago.. and we would really like to get it out to the elftowners.

2005-06-10 [Kiristo]: I'll look at it.

2005-06-10 [#9437]: added

2005-06-22 [kabutali]: Thanks [#9437]! ^-^!

2005-06-25 [Ghost Lilly]: Can you please add Saiyuki fans?

2005-07-09 [kabutali]: Am I allowed to say stuff next to my wiki 'Anime Nation'?

2005-07-11 [Yoruno]: You mean, advertize in this page? No, you can't, but you can use wiki feedback! to advertize your wiki.

2005-07-14 [Taresuke]: Add the wiki Debonair for me, please.

2005-07-21 [Zardra]: could you add Gravitation, Itachi addicts and Death Note please ^^

2005-08-23 [kabutali]: please add adult swim fans united?

2005-09-03 [Suicidal Butterfly]: Why is the Gundam Pilots Wiki empty? What happened?

2005-09-06 [Yoruno]: No idea... looks like someone messed it up...

2005-09-11 [~Legato~]: Please add the following ^^: Miroku Shrine, Knives Shrine, Cheza Shrine,Naraku Shrine,Sesshomaru Shrine ..I know its a lot but thank you ^^

2005-09-11 [Blaithin]: Added :)

2005-09-11 [colour me blood red]: could you please add Descendants of Darkness

2005-09-12 [Ayaka]: add [Rule the world by anime@wik] for me

2005-09-12 [Blaithin]: Added :)

2005-12-02 [WolfBrother]: why dont ye have a hentai page, ye'd prolly get more views tha' way

2005-12-02 [Yoruno]: You're free to do it yourself ^^

2005-12-22 [Coldfire1]: could someone please add final fantasy unlimited

2005-12-22 [kittykittykitty]: finalfantasyunlimited has been added

2005-12-31 [WolfBrother]: will ye please add Wolf's Dueling Adademy

2006-01-01 [Gone123456789]: That's an empty page. Please re-check the name, and resubmit it. Thank you.

2006-01-04 [WolfBrother]: Wolf's Dueling Academy sorry ^__^

2006-01-09 [kittykittykitty]: Hmm that's an empty page too. Keep trying ^_^

2006-01-09 [Coldfire1]: can AMV be added?

2006-01-16 [kittykittykitty]: AMV has been added o.O

2006-02-28 [Rhammin]: could you add, Azumanga Daioh Fans Unite?

2006-02-28 [Yoruno]: Added

2006-03-01 [Rhammin]: thank you once again

2006-05-24 [*Night_Shade*]: Please add Anime North!

2006-05-26 [kittykittykitty]: Added :)

2006-07-01 [MoRoxy]: could you please add tenchi muyo fans

2006-07-03 [Yoruno]: Added!

2006-07-05 [MoRoxy]: thank you ^ ^

2006-08-11 [MACCANATOR]: could you add [bad luck]

2006-08-18 [{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]: Could you add Narutofan?

2006-08-18 [Yoruno]: Added!

2007-01-02 [Surimia]: i made an anime (mostly naruto but a few other shows too) wiki pretty little ninjas could it be listed please?

2007-01-08 [Yoruno]: Added! ^_^

2007-01-08 [Surimia]: thanks :)

2007-04-26 [Shikitty]: (( Magic Simplicity needs members! It is a magic school rp. Just go and look! If you're interested talk to [KnightAngel] ))

2007-06-04 [~Legato~]: Please add The Legato Revolution. Thank you.

2009-01-19 [Hedda]: Anyone active here that want to sort these wiki-pages a little?

Like dividing them into RPGs, fan-pages, inactive and put the most active ones on top?

2009-01-19 [Hedda]: I want to suggest this page to new-comers, but right now it's too messy to do that. It's just links to many places that are mostly not active.

2009-01-19 [Hedda]: I found Anime Fanclub that is at least somewhat useful and active. But now I leave this to someone with an actual anime-interest <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

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