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This wiki is for those who have had dreams of Different animes or a bunch put together. Anyway, we want to hear them, so post them up!^^ Even if the dream only had an anime char in it for so long. -[Kiristo]

There are no rules I can think of since this is a place to express you type of dream, good or bad. -[Kiristo]



- Ok. Vash was standing there doing spin tricks with his gun and I wash on the roof for some reason. Then as he put it back into his holster it began to fire off rapidly, so here is Vash running in circles trying to get his gun out of the holster. Then finally when it stops shooting looks up towards me and does his famous thumbs up and says, "Everything is A-OK!" It was priceless.

- I woke up laughing after this one. I was sitting in a resturant eating lucnch with Jun and Yurika, we were talking about that anime that 'Gai' kept watching. Then out of no where we hear Akito yell at the top of his lungs. So we all run through the resturant jumping over tables and people. Finally, we get to the back of the resturant and there is Akito hanging his head standing over a stove and he has these red stains all over him. Yurika freaks out and Jun asks" Akito!! What happened!? Is it the Jovians!?" Then Akito looks up at us and says "Damn, I burnt it." Yurika, Jun and I all fall over in disbelief.
(By [Jun Aoi])

         Yu Yu Hakusho
-I was at a bording school in the front yard Hiei was teaching me a warp techniquic. I was holding a magic coin or something to help me. The bell rang and I had to go in. That night we were having a party and I was training by runing up and down a hill. One guy was making fun of me. I broke a rule of some kind and had to go to a differnt school on a farm. Me and two other girls were sitting on a dirt hill and there were electric wires every where. Even on the hill. Huge fences surronded the area. One of the teachers turned on the electicity. There was a part of the fence area theat looked as if it had been knocked down. We ran through it and I ran to a path. My friend ran into the little school and somehow it was knocked down. I ran to the other school into the asembley room. There was a play or something going on. The teacher grabed me and my friend and I tryed to kick her but it didn't work. She draged me up the hall. The principle stood up and asked what was going on. The teacher said we were just acting up, I said the she was trying to kill us. The priciple looked at the teacher and asked if this was true. Then I woke up.

      Yu Yu Hakusho
-All I remember was Kurama standing on top of a car and said something to Hiei. Hiei looked pissed off and stabed his sword into the bumper of the car and said something. I think they were talking about a corporation.

        Yu Yu Hakusho 
-The only thing I remember is seeing Hiei standing there. It was fogy and blury and faded but Hiei was standing there.

  Yu Yu Hakusho and InuYasha
-I was in my room on my bed, my light by my bedside was dimb, but it was on. I had a pic of the YYH Gang, framed, on my desk next to me. I then remember turning and seeing Kikyo in my doorway. She made an image that looked like the gang, who I thought to be my friends for so reason, apper in the doorway. They were walking to me to kill me. I had a bow and arrow sitting on my lap, I picked it up and shoot the arrow to them. It looked as though it hit the wall, but then to image disappered, and the arrow had actually hit Kikyo in the side. She said, "YOU FOOL!" and sort of fell, leaning over in pain, in the direction of the hallway.
         Yu Yu Hakusho
-I remember Kurama was talking about why he had his hair so long.......(that one really confused me.)

-Inuyasha was fighting Sesshomaru, but Inuyasha's sword was red and had coputerized marks on it. Sesshomaru had something like the Tetsiga and they threw powerful blasts back and forth.
(By [Kiristo])

  Inuyasha, Ghost in the Shell and Wolf's Rain-ish...
-I remember it started out in the Inuyasha era, fighting demons on and off with Inuyasha and the rest, then I ran into a building and came out and i was an agent at section nine and my ghost got hacked by this freakish kid in a pink tutu and he then made me and a couple of others go on a Wolf's Rain quest thingy to find paradise and when we got there it was full of hot dogs...
(By [Insaniac Yoshie])

-All I remember is that Vash and Wolfwood were there, and I somehow got Vash's coat. I was all like, "I hope I have this coat when I wake up!" (Actual quote from the dream). Then I woke up (still had my eyes closed) and was hugging something fabric. I was thinking, "Pleeeeease let this be Vash's coat!" I opened my eyes, and I was hugging my blanket. TT_TT

Yu Yu Hakusho
-Ok, so me and a few other families I know were living in a Chinese-lookin' house. And Kurama lived there for some reason or other, and for some reason, he was my boyfriend. So yeah. At one point, we found a secret garden with all these really pretty fountains in the forest. It was kinda weird, but cool at the same time. Then an evil tyrant came to rule, and for a few years, life really sucked. Then the evil tyrant died a few years later, and a nice ruler took over. Anyways, later on, Kurama was missing. I went to one of my older friends and asked her, "Have you seen a teenage boy with long red hair and green eyes?" She told me that she saw him walking into the forest, so I went to look for him. And right when I went to search for him in the forest, I woke up. TT_TT
(By [White Phoenix aka Ryoko])

Fullmetal Alchemist
- i was for some reason staying with Ed and Al at Tucker's house, but Nina wasn't there, instead there was a girl who looked just like my sister. I went to the store one day when Ed and Al were going to take the test. I thought that Mr. Tucker would stay home and watch my sister-look-alike, but when i got home, no one was there. I yelled for them, anybody, but no one was home. I ran out the door, asking around if anyone had seen a little girl with brown hair run by. Someone told me that they saw her go by and that she went into a near by alleyway. I went there and i saw a blood splatter the same shape as a disembodied humkan, i woke up covered in sweat and crying, screaming my sister's name.
(by [scars of winter rain])

Me and my friends from school where in this weird room that was underground. Someone came on a speaker and said, "Attention, we don't want to kill you but we have to." We were all like "What's going on?" Then someone said "Good pictures." We looked at the pictures and one of them was of Vash and Wolfwood. Now this is the weird part. Vash is yelling, Wolfwood is shooting at someone and both of them are naked, covering up their 'parts' with something. Vash had a fish and Wolfwood had some green sign covering his.

(By [Blaze the Nameless])


I was sitting in my living room (I'm in my half-cat demon form,)watching tv with my Rayquaza lying down on the floor,nuzleaf on top of Rayquaza's head,and Blaziken sitting down beside them. Then I hear a knock on the door. I go to answer it,and at the door was Inu-Yasha,Kagome,and everybody. I said,"Hey Kagome. Whats up? Inu-Yasha?" Kagome smiled and said,"Hi Alaina. Could we possibly stay here a couple of days? We just had a big battle and you know." I nodded and said 'sure.' They all went into the living room to tend to any wounds. Inu-Yasha's arm was hurt badly,you didnt have pull up his kimono sleeve to tell either,it was just bleeding so bad. Kagome wanted to look at his arm,but Inu said no,and they fought for about five minutes and Inu finally caved in. While Kagome was checking his arm,there was another knock at the door. Not reconizing the person,I open the door slightly and ask,"May I help you?" And he looked kinda like that guy from the 'Fateful night of Togenkyo',you know,freaky eyes,sharp teeth,he wasnt as fat,though. the guy stepped up. "You may help me by letting me in!" And he tried to push the door open. He kept the door slamost shut,but then I remembered that my Latias was outside for flight to stretch its wings.(Oh,yeah,this was during a HUGE rainstorm),So I called for LAtias,and the guy started freaking out. He backed away saying,"la-la-Latias?!" And Latias appeared anbd tackled him into the wall a couple of times. I told Latias good job,then returned inside with it. The minute I walke dback into the living room,Inu-Yasha fainted. I took one look at his arm and it was BAD. I mean,it was like the flesh was just ripped of in a fairly-big stripe,or...something. I immediatly grabbed Inu and hopped onto Latias. I tole the others to grab either Rayquazq or Latias. Miroku,Sango,Shippo,and Kelala got onto Rayquaza,and Kagome accopamied me on Latias. I wanted to get Inu to a hospital,but a far away hospital bacause our hospital might kill him. (Yeah,its that bad.) But I didnt know the way. So I ran next door and grabbed my neighbor and asked her if she knew the way to this town. She said no,but her dad might. And her dad came running grabbing his coat saying that they would take the mim van. Latais swooped down and I grabbed him before he could say or do anything and got onto Latias. Now he'w leading down to this fairly-far away town,and once we get to the hospital there,some of the doctors start asking me questions. (For some reason,most of them were girl doctors. X.X) A female doctor came up to me and told us that he needed a blood transfer. That's why he fainted. She first asked me if he had parents. I said yes,but both were dead. Then she asked me if he had any siblings.(I'll give you one guess what our thought were at that...XD)
I slowly said no. The doctor pondered a minute,then I said,"His uncle has the same blood type! My dad!" the doctor quickly said go get him,so I did,it took only 20 minutes on Latias,so we got my dad,Inu was in the clear,and then more questions came from the female doctor! She first noticed his dog-ears,and asked about that,then the fangs,then the claws,the the eyes,then wher he came from and how old was he! Of course,I didnt have an answer to any of those questions,and before I could answer,my grandma woke me up.
So,pretty crazy,huh?
I think Latias was in it beacause I caught Latias just about 3-4 hours before I went to bed and was still kinda excited about it....^^;;

YuYu Hakusho...sorta...

I was walking in a crowd with one of my very very good friends,[Kiristo]. She was wearing her black dress with the red jewel,and her hair was her long and blonde held back with a black ponytail. XD And her eyes were her crystal blue...XD I dont remember what I was though,strangely...and,anyways,we were walking in this crowd for some sort of vacation or something,and we started talking about somehting,I dunno,but it made us both laugh,and then I said,"If only Hiei could be here..." And Rika was like,"Yeah..." And then we looked up to the crowd,and Hiei wsa right in the middle of it,and he turned around,amiled,and waved at us. Well,I dunno if my ehad got this right or not,but we both kinda ran up and glomped him immediatly. XD He like,patted us both on the back,and said he was coming with us. I wouldnt let go of him,I swear I went chibi heart-eyed...OH! Yes,
I was wearing Kisara's outfit,but I had my brown hair. Well,anyway,I dont remember what it was exactly,but we got on a bus,I think,and we got out to this vacation thingy...I think...and I dont remember what all we did,but I now we kinda shared Hiei. I did something with him,then it was Rika's turn,then me....and I dont remember what ALL Hiei and I did,I just remember that one time,when it was Rika's turn,we I was standing by a small pool,two other girls were sitting at the edge of it. Hiei and Rika had already left. I sighed,and smiled. "I'm so happy Hiei's here..." The two girls seemed surprised,and one said,"Hiei? You've got to be kidding me." The other one immediatly followed with,"In your dreams,girl." I sighed,and said. "I can only hope..." The two looked at me like I was crazy,and walked off. Then when Rika returned with Hiei,I was in a bathing sit,and made him put on a bathing suit that was black and had a little red dragon on the side of it. XD I said I wanted to see the reef,and he sighed,kinda smiled a bit,and went to change. When he got back,we walked to the reef pool,which was open to visitors,and we got in the pool. We went to get some breathing equipment,but two boys had decided to be really mean and hid all the air stuff and goggles. Hiei looked pretty mad,but I calmed hinm down and said,"Dont worry,we can hold our breaths,its a shallow pool...sorta." He sighed,and then got in the pool with me. "Ok." He took my hand,and we dove under. But for some reason,I wasn't able to hold my breath for more than ten seconds. After bringing me back up for the second time,he asked if this was a really good idea. I shook my head. We kinda just got up and left,then,and I dont remember what happened right after that. But when it was time to go,Rika and I were kinda like...fighting over Hiei to sit by on the way home silently,beacue I kept grabbing his arm,and she wouldnt let go of his hand. Well,we got on the bus,I took a seat across from Rika,their wasnt really that much space,it was like a seat turned a differnt dirction than the on e in the middle,Rika and I had a seat like that,and Hiei sat in a spot that faced forward,and not to the side. Well,I grabbed Hiei's hand from there,and kinda snuggled into it a bit. Rika got mad and pulled him over to her. I looked at them,and started crying a bit. Rika stared at me,and sent Hiei over to me. I gave him a hug,and then saw Rika looked pretty dissapointed. Then I asked Hiei,"Could you hold both our hands?" He looked kidna surprised,and then grabbed Rika's hand,and was now kinda spread out,one hand o each side. We both then stood up,and ran around,glomped him at the same time,and gave him a kiss on the cheek at the same time. He blushed a little,laughing a bit,Rika and I just hugged him,and the alst thing I remember is seeing the bus speed off. XD

I Dream of Jeannie..a bit..and Sonic

Ok,it started out I was over at a friends house,and I had gotten up,at like,8 or 9,to sneak away and go home myself. (Why would a girl on night shift schedule get up THAT early? @.@) And,my friend stopped me at the door askng,"Hey,where ya goin'?" I answered "Home." And her mom shouted from the back bedroom,"We're taking you home later this afternoon,remember?" I'm like,"Oh,yeah." And put my stuff down. The doorbell rings. My friend answeres. In walks the three military-lookin' guys with giant shovels. My frineds mom walks in,and says,"Oh,right,right..."
OK! If any of you know the show I Dream of Jeanie,I hope you can make sense out of this next part!
Then the three guys start digging into the floor,which I now noticed was grass...where it would normally be carpet...o.O And then My friends mom says,"Major Hieley(sp?) is out there." And my eyes go wide,and I run out. And thers these two rows of military-lookin' dudes just standing there. I shout aloud,"Where's Major Hieley?" And the one guy on the very end raises his head from his notepad,says thats he's him,and starts writing again. Well,I smile,and give him a hug. Then I ask him how Jeanie is,and he says,"Oh,she's fine."
Well, my dream,I dont know if this is right,but was Major Hieley the master? Or was that the other guy that knows about Jeanie? Because my dream showed Major Hieley as master and I forgot now...XD
Well,there it skipped something,and apparently Jeanie and um,the second guy who knows about jeanie had had a fight previously. And Jeanie was all solemn and melancholy,and not dressed in her usual way,she was in a white,more coverage outfit. Pure white. XP And she hardly said anything. Well,we spent....a long time trying to get the two to make up,and we eventually did. I dont remember it,though...XD I do remember one part wher3e I was drawing and the second dude said taht the way I draw,my lines were too dark to erase,so I took out a magic eraser and erased one of my lines! XD He shrugged and walked off....then I dunno what happened,I think I fell down a hole,and landed right in front of a purple Gamecube. In it was a brand-new Sonic game,and I had to test it out for the producers. XD (Happy to oblige! XDXD) Anyways,the dream skipped through the gamplay and headed straight to the Final Boss. (sorta) It had a Hero/Dark sides tory mode like in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle,and I was playing Shadow on Dark Side mode at that time. And this boss was just a little floating oval machine-thingy with ALOT of power. It's main attack was like a lock-on mega laser beam,and thats it. Well,I had four lives,I lost three,and I went to fight him again and I was like,"Okay,mister,you're dying this time if you like it or not!" And I hit him six times really,REALLY fast,to get a good start,and thats where it got REALLY wierd...XP I into the videogame,and Shadow was like...gone...I was fighting the robot-dude now. I noticed that it was small enought to stick my hand out and hole it away as long as I ran in circles around it to avoid its laser. XD Well,I did taht a couple times,kicking it once in a while,having to run away a few times,and I did this about five times and got down to the final hit. He was now firing five super-lasers at me. I COULD NOT get to it. Then I noticed something. There was a me PLAYING the game...and there was a me INSIDE the game! And I noticed that the robo-thingy had a counterpart like that too,and the me outside of the videogame waslked over the the black gamecube that the robo-dud was using and pulled out the controller. That left the boss motionless,so I kicked him one last time and won! XD Then came the ending screenshots,where a voice was saying,"Now its sonic's turn to save the day," Or somethin' like that...anyways,Sonic smirked a little,and ran off yelling,"It's my turn now!" And a different screenshot appeared,and I saw Tails,Sonic,and one little purple dude,(do not remember/see him well enough...) walking towards what looked like Tails' workshop from Sonic Adventure,but we were in a place like a forest in a marsh of some sort...XD (Reminded me alot of Green Forest) And thats actually where my battle took place,inside taht workshop,so it was a mess. Tails flew to the top and went inside,as you could hear him say,"Holy amenontys(or something like that),no wonder Knuckles was worried!"
And then...Ok,this part made me wake up with tears in my eyes...a little...
I saw a wooden dock like thing,and a seashack,a little rickety seashack off to the right,and a moss-covered boat,and another dock-like thing that was on the other side of the boat. Coming down the first wooden path of the dock,was Knuckles. He ran all the way to the boat,and slowed to a walk before stopping completely. The camera switched views,and there was this...other Knuckles...Almost! But not quite. The white U-shaped pattern over his chest was grey,although I got the feelin it was supposed to be white. His shoes were Black where Knuckles' were lime-green and red,and white where Knuckles' were yellow. He had like leaves around his wrists and ankles,and...Ok,this is SCARY...he had a wooden mask thing...over his face...this is giving me shivers jsut to think about it,but...the wooden mask was over his eyes,not his nose and mouth part,but just his eyes...and it was carved out...into a skull...Gave me the creeps. And the rest of his head was covered in leaves. Knuckles stared at it sadly,and ran up to it,dropped to his knees,and shook him a couple times. He then backed up,shed a tear,and took off the mask. (Somehow,I think that mask was a symbol of shame.) Hee picked up the strange echidna,carried him on his back,and walked away,shedding a few tears.

Sonic,centers Shadow,though

Me,my brothers(3),Sonic,Amy,Shadow,Knuckles,and Tails were all in this huge meadow beside a large forsest that had like a small river at the edge. My middle wanted to play bythe river,so Shadow sad he take them. Tails and Drew continues to play,and Sonic took a nap,Knuckles and I talked,and I dont remember who else did what. Well,It was a few minutes after Shadow and my middle brother left before my brother cam running up,shouting that Shodw had hit his head a fallen into the river. Sonic woke up,and he grabbed my hand and ran to the river,to see an unconcious Shadow nearing a waterfall. Not able to do anything,everybody watched as he fell over. The we somehw flip to my great-grandmothers house,sitting in the living room,worried to death. I decide to go check out the Lost&Found center. This is where it gets super wierd...
It's Adventure 2 style. We are in space(I think),my grandma's house on a piece of land,a much larger mainland with a small building on it,and a moving platform going between the two. I jump onto the paltform,jump off onto the mainland,and go inside the building where a few people are,looking worried. I see a woman in a doorway,looking back and forth between lobby and a room. I heard a woman sitting down say that there were 'Only a few left' whatever that meant. I look all around for Shadow,not even thinking to look down. The the woman in the doorway turns,looking down,saying,"Shadow,go get the rest." I here Shadow reply 'sure'. I run around some chairs,and look down to see Shadow. I run to him,picking him up and hugging him. He was extremely surprised. I hugged him for a few minutes,saying,"Shadow! Where have you been?! I've been so worried!" I set him down and saw his face. "What's wrong?" "Um...who are you?" "Huh? shadow,it's me,Alaina!" Shadow looks at me,rubbing his head. "Huh? Whats wrong?" (THIS IS SO COOl!) I feel the back of his head where he rubbed it,and theres a lump on his head. "Oh, remeber,do you?" (I FELT SHADOW!! THAT ROCKED!!!!! I STILL REMEMBER IT,TOO!!!) Shadow shook his head. "No." He agrred to come with me after a bit of talking,and then it goes to a dif video game GC games...
We jumped onto a jump pad,went through a couple of loops and he destroys a single mini-robot and makes a smiley chibi-face saying. "I'm starting to remeber more." And then it skips to this grey bos-like room. A snke-robot thing appears,and attacks. "Shadow,can ya beat it?!" I shout evading. He stared at me bewildered. "WHAT?! Are you crazy?!?!" "Just attack it!" evaded another attack,and,unsure of himself,Shadow jumps up and hits it once,destroying it. Then he's like...just take me home...I'm gettin' kinda scared now...(Thats what his face said to me, XD)
We skip again to arrive back in grannys house. As soon as everybody sees Shadow,they run up. Ay smiles brightly,and this...this is SCARY...Knuckles and Sonic hugged Shadow... It was a brotherly hug but still! The I tell that he has no memeory, ends,like,there.

(By [Lady Alaina])

Well, I was watching TV, and I was taping Trigun (or Cowboy Bebop or Fullmetal Alchemist). I taped a half an hour too much, and taped another show, which turned out to be a Trigun doujinshi (fan comic) turned into an anime. I watched it, and went into a crazy hyperactive squeely mode, "OMG IT'S WOLFWOOD/VASH SHOUNEN-AI!!!!!" And I watched it more, and I loved it! Well, later, I was looking for doujinshis online, and I found the doujinshi that had been made into an anime. I read it and loved it. Well, I taped another episode of the doujinshi. In this episode, for some reason or other, Wolfwood's memories were taken away and he was trying to kill Vash. Vash didn't want to fight him, but later, he found out that the person who was controling Wolfwood was also trying to kill Wolfwood. Lots of fighting later, Vash saved Wolfwood, getting shot a whole lot of times in the process. The guy who was controling Wolfwood lost his control when Wolfwood saw Vash getting shot as he tried to save him. Yeah. And the episode ended with a kiss. XD Yeah; I was thinking about Wolfwood and Vash before I went to sleep. XDDD -
(By [White Phoenix aka Ryoko])

Alucard- Hellsing
Ok, so I'am walking along this sidewalk in this old run down town and I see a light on in this church. I look around the inside threw the crack of the door then I see candles lit everywhere inside. I step inside and take a full turn looking around. then I turn around one more time to find Alucard standing right next to me. I go into a trance and he grabs me around the waist then moves in on my neck. Then he asks "Do want to become a vampire and join me in this beautiful night?" I say "yes" Then he bites me and . . . .I wake up!(Sucks huh)^_^!
(by[Beloved yet Loveless] A.K.A Kisa)

Nadesico - Trigun
Well, in my dream I was walking down a hallway and Jun was pushing Yurika's da away from the door saying, "What are you doing!?" then her dad was trying to grab the doorknob saying, "She was suppose to be ready an hour ago!! Yurika open thiis door this instant!!". I was standing behind then laughing when her dad finally grabbed hold of the door and pulled. Then it went to a view of the three of us looking at something, then Yurika screamed and ranom junk started pummeling us, along with Kuroneko-sama. It was very random. lol. It reminded me of the first episode.
(by [Jun Aoi])

It starts off with Vash sitting in a fountain in a mall with Wolfwood and Legato. They were acting like normal teenagers which was kinda creepy because they were talking about how some of my friends were hot. I sat there and looked them. I think I said, "You know you guys are single, right?" or something like that. THen Vash looked at me and said, "Not for long." Then we where in my sister's van for some strange reason and I said something about Tuesday and Vash shushed me.
(by [Blaze the Nameless])

Okay, I remeber being in the same room with Misty and Brock watching Pikachu and Squirtle fighting on this TV but everything looked like they were in a game. The Squirtle was being all buff and macho and was winning and then an old guy came up to challenge him. It was really weird. Then, the next thing I know, I'm naked and the only thing that is covering is a plastic paper bag with names on it and it got muddy so I blame Misty and Brock who had just------um-------'had funtime with one another' so I began to chase them but they ran out of the room.

(by [Blaze the Nameless])

Trigun (and other random stuff)
Ok, this dream was just plain wierd. All I remember is that Vash and Wolfwood were in it, and right before I woke up, there were the badgers from doing the "badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger MUSROOM MUSHROOM" thing in really high, obnoxious voices. ><
(by [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]

Yu Yu + Excel Saga + Trigun
Just a character Kurama mixed with excel and vash a rose whip gun who is a complete goofball

Hayao Miyazaki anime movies
(This dream was kinda long, so I'll have to separate it in paragraphs, rather than typing it in one whole paragraph. I don't remember all of my dream, but I remember the end pretty well. ^^U)

In this dream, I was wearing a black dress (like Sophie's dress), had my own normal dirty-blonde hair (but it was down to the center of my back) tied back in a ponytail with a blue ribbon, and everyone called me Ryoko. Anyways, I had come across Howl's Moving Castle. I climbed in, and looked around. As I was exploring, I came across this place where there were really steep, narrow steps (but on the top couple steps, they were kind of like a mix between steps and a bookshelf), and started climbing up. The top "step" was littered with a bunch of miscellaneous books in a small bookshelf and a couple random stuffed animals (including a little pink soot creature (Spirited Away) plushie). I had a hard time getting up and into the room that the steps led up to, and thought I would fall. My hand slipped, and I was about to fall backwards, when suddenly, a man appeared on the landing I was trying to get to, and he grabbed my hand and helped me get up over the step and onto the landing.

The man who saved me was about a head taller than me, and looked like he was in his early 20s. He was very handsome, had shoulder-length black hair, dark blue eyes, and wore a baggy white button-up shirt and black jean pants. And he had a really beautiful smile. ^^

Anyways, he helped me up onto the landing, and introduced himself as Howl, a magician; I introduced myself as Ryoko. Howl asked if he could show me around, and I said yes. Howl showed me several different rooms, and each one was stranger than the last. There was a golden room with red draperies, and in the corner of the room, there was a wooden rocking chair with an old teddy bear with a silky red ribbon tied around his neck. There was a room full of snow, but I didn't know what else was in that room; I was guessing it was Christmas/Winter-themed. There was a small section of the castle that was built like a part of the bathhouse from Spirited away. Eventually, we met a huge boar/pig demon that could speak English (like one from Princess Mononoke), and at first, the boar was suspicious of me and wanted to hurt me, but Howl said that I was his guest, and the boar was not to hurt me. The boar obeyed and trotted off.

A little while later, Howl fixed up a large room for me; I was going to stay with him for a while (not that I didn't mind; he was very kind to me. And mind you, in this dream, I had no prior knowledge of who Howl was, and neither did my friends). Later on in the dream, [Blaze the Nameless] came to visit, and for some reason, had brought brownies. I helped her up the stairs/bookcase, but this time, the top "step" was cleared off, except for a plushie or two. Blaze stayed for a while, and we had tea and talked a bit. We didn't see Howl around during that part of my dream.

Even later in the dream, bad things started happening; something started attacking the castle, and I think there was a tear that led to the world of the demons (or Hell, I think), and the tear appeared in the golden room with red draperies. Lots of people fell into the tear and became possessed by demons, and eventually, the boar lost the ability to speak, and I found a small trunk the size of my hand on top of the boar's head (I think the boar gave it to me). I took the trunk, and inside, I found a small, silver key with little angel wings on the handle. Howl went off in his bird-human form to fight the demons, and after lots of fighting, he flew back in and collapsed on the floor, bleeding very badly from one of his wings and his chest. It must have been raining really hard in the tear, because Howl was soaking wet and very cold. I gently pulled him away from the tear, and then, he started coughing up blood. I was afraid that he would die, and started tearing up a little. He somehow told me to use the key I recieved to close the tear, and I ran to the tear, and the wings on the key grew larger. I plunged the key into a small space in the wall beside the tear, and the tear slowly sealed itself, and everyone was safe, but I don't know what happened to the boar. From that experience, I discovered that I was a witch, and kept the key in my pocket, thinking that it belonged to Howl, and wanting to return it.

Howl passed out, and was hurt really bad, so I carried him to his room. I couldn't get him up on his bed, so I lie him down on the wood floor. Soot creatures followed me into Howl's room, and brought with them a basin of hot water, salt, and a couple smooth towels. Howl shuttered on the floor, and slowly changed back into his human form (with all his clothes on, mind you); it looked as if transforming put him in a lot of pain. When he was finished transforming, I got to cleaning his wounds. San (aka "Princess Mononoke") walked into the room, and helped me take care of Howl. She said I had to mix some salt in with the water, which I eventually did, and we went back to cleaning Howl's wounds. We eventually finished and bandaged him up, and after helping me get Howl in bed, San left.

Howl was really weak from bloodloss, and was really sick (like with a high fever and a chest cold, but for some reason, it wasn't contagious), so I took care of him. And it didn't help that the castle had stopped in a mountain region, and it was very cold and snowy outside. Howl wasn't getting any better, and his temperature didn't go down more than half a degree. I was spending almost all day sitting beside him as he lie in bed, and I had to put lots of pillows behind him so that he was in a reclining position; that made it easier for him to breathe.

One morning, I awoke in Howl's room; I had fallen asleep in my chair as I was taking care of him the previous night. I looked up at Howl, and saw him hunched over slightly, just getting over a coughing fit. The fit passed, and he fell back onto the pillows, breathing heavily. I picked up a small towel (the soot creatures had brought in a basket full of them), moved to sit on the edge of the bed, and wiped sweat from his face and neck. As Howl's breathing started going back to normal, a couple soot creatures came in with a mug of warm tea; I took the tea and had Howl drink it. After a while of sitting there in silence, Howl asked me to come closer, and that he had to ask me something. I leaned in a bit, but he told me, closer. I leaned in a bit more, but he said the same thing. I leaned in so close that our noses were almost touching, and then, Howl leaned forward and kissed me right on the lips (!!!). The kiss lasted for a couple minutes, and when he pulled out of the kiss, he asked if I could stay with him. I was very surprised, and suddenly remembered about the key. I took it out of my pocket and held it out to him, saying that it was his. Howl took my hand and closed my fingers around the key, and said that he wanted me to keep it. He took a small silver chain from the bedside table and threaded the chain through a small loop on the handle of the key. As Howl put the necklace around my neck, we were close enough to kiss again; he smiled and said that I didn't answer his question yet, and asked once again if I could stay with him. I smiled back and nodded, and as we kissed again (more passionatly...), I woke up kissing my pillow. SUCH A WONDERFUL DREAM!!!!! TT_TT

[White Phoenix aka Ryoko]
PS: Don't kill me, Blaze! *hides*

This one is extremely weird. I was cleaning some dishes in a kitchen. My hair was brown for some reason and I was also like an anime charecter. Vash was walking in the hall and then he came into the kitchen. I didn't hear him until he said, "You've been extremely naughty." I smiled, thinking he was joking. "I have, have I?" He said. "Yes, you have been." Then I replied by saying, "How are you going to punish me?" After I siad that, he grabbed me by the arm, turned me around pinned me down so I couldn't move. I got scared. "Only I can make you a good girl." He said to me. I was shaking and i was struggling at the same time but I couldn't get up. "You know, you're the only girl I would ever fuck." He told me and that made me really scared. "No!" I said, struggling again. I started crying and Vash still wouldn't let me go. "I'm not in love with you Vash. I'm madly in love with Wolfwood." "Then I have to go kill him." Vash said, letting go of me and taking out his gun. (No, not that one! Perverts.) He walked out of the kitchen and then I waited for him to get at the end of the hall. I ran in the other direction where I found Millie and Meryl. I told them they had to hide me so they said I could stay in there room. I did and I pulled out a copy of Labyrinth on DVD and we watched. Then I remeber seeing Vash and Wolfwood walking down the hall. Vash was apologizing for trying to kill Wolfwood and Wolfwood said it was okay. Vash said he had to find his 'naughty girl' and then, Wolfwood heard something from Meryl and Millie's room. He cracked open the door and saw us watching Labyrinth. We were at the part where the Goblin King and his goblins sang 'Dance Magic.' He smiled and closed the door.

Then I woke up.

By [Blaze the Nameless]

Full Metal Alchemist, Totally Spies(don't ask...), Teen Titans, and Inuyasha.

Ed and Al were looking for something at what looked this construction site that was nearly complete, but the spies thought they were evil and were trying to stop them. Though Ed thought the girls were evil, so he was trying to get through them. Ed was fighting them, I think Al was somewhere in the finished part of the building getting the item or turning off the security system. Anyway, I remeber Ed skidding back from a hit from I think it was Clover, then he clasped his hands together and hit them on the ground to do an alchemy thing. The ground below clover shot up in the air like a gyser, I remeber. Then he turned to Alex and Sam and did the same to those two girls, but quickly. That's when I saw Al standing on the platform with the ladder that allowed someone to get ontop of the platform and into the building. A light was shining through the door, like a light in a hallway or something. Then I remeber I was driving like a big crimson jeep along a highway with Ed and Al in tha back. I can remeber looking out at the city lights on the bridge or something.
Then all of the sudden I'm seeing Ed bound in a room, he had been captured by the three girls anyway. So did Al but I don't remember looking at Al. That's when Jerry walked in the room with the girls. Clover said something like, "Now we've got you, thief." or something to that matter. Then Jerry said something like he wasn't a criminal, I can't remeber what he said exactly, then something again like, "But then you have read everything, haven't you." he pulled down some kind of projector sheet as the girls untied him. Then Jerry took out some slide show projector and showed some film in black and white, though it looked old so it was tined brown mostly. It was of this soo mechain. Like a convaor belt that went around, not rightside up and upside down, but on it's side. It was more of a chain that went around. People were holding onto it and running with it and pulling the heavy chain, as a type of training. Then I found myself doing the same with Ed as a child in front of me. Like it was a memory. He was strong and too fast for the thing and finished his bizzar training. Ed had been freed after that, along with Al. Then I'm in a school room for some reason. I knew the doors and windows were locked so I couldn't get out. That's when I noticed Inuyasha was right next to me and used his claws to break the locks on the windows and popped one open for me and said, "There, your free." Before he climbed out of the room through the window, I hugged him from behind and said, "Thank you..." that was for saving me. He wasn't sure what to say, he just blushed and his eyes were wide.
Then I when we got out I suddenly appeared with Ed and Al somewhere else. They were talking about the memory of the chain training thing. Ed said something that he's stronger now then from back then, but he looked sad for some reason.(this was the best part! The part that makes me happy) Ed and Al were sitting down. Al facing Ed but sitting against a tree. Ed's back was to me, but I was leaning up against his back with my arms wrapped around him. He didn't have any automail either, it was gone. His shirt was off for some reason, I think he had been training, or fighting. (He had his pants on! So don't go there!)
I felt the skin on his arm. It was soft, smooth...and warm. I was looking at the back of his head. His hair was short like he cut it, except for the bangs that hang in front. I stroked the back of his head. His hair was like...silky smooth. I remeber I was smiling, I was so happy to be with him. I could acctually feel him, touch him! It was amazing! Al looked as though he was shadowed by the trees. As though he wasn't there, but he was. Like he had his body, but I couldn't see it cause I don't know what he'd look like now.
That's when I found myself surrounded by a stone structure, I think it was Stone Henge. Anyway, the Teen Titans were fighting something, I don't remeber seeing Raven though. Beastboy flew down from the sky curled up as an armadillo, then changed back to normale and said, "BEASTBOY!" I think he was introducing himself to the enemy or something....Anyway, then Robin comes up and says, "Starfire!" and throws this bug, weird, pink fruit and it exploads. Then Starfire appeared in it's place on the ground unconcious with half a watermealon on her foot...and....lying in berry juice or something...........yeah....Then I see this weird hillbilly family come up and said something.....Then...I was awanken by the stupid telephone.-_-' I didn't want it to end! I wanted to stay alseep and keep dreaming. I wanted to be with Ed again.^^=

By [Kiristo]

K, it started out when we had (just for the record we had a bomb threat at our school) our bomb alert and the bomb squad and everyone came and we still hadn't left the building yet and my friend and i were walking down the hall and for some reason inuyasha, sango and kikyo were there and they were like searching the lockers w/ the bomb squad and one of them (i think sango) went into the gym and looked around and apparently she set off the bomb cuz that whole part of the school blew up but everyone was still alive and then the bomb squad thought she was the bomber so they tassered her^^it was awesome.
by [Rhymes With Orange]

Full Metal Alchemist
Ok, I don't remeber much of it, but the first this I do remeber was that I stole something from a museum. Two Egyption things. I was thinking of my char Rika for YYH at the time. It was night and then I remeber I was in a parking lot where there was a building on fire with fire trucks trying to put it out. I remeber thinking that the building a few feet beside the burning one was going to erupt in flames too, for some reason. Then I found myself in an underground building where Ed and Scar had been fighting. Oh, Al had his body too. Then I pleaded with Scar, "I beg of you! Please don't kill him!" Scar said something like, that he couldn't uphold that request and was going to kill Ed. Then I knew, that Ed knew he was going to die by Scars hand. Then I remeber Ed was lieing down on the ground on his side and I was lieing down on my side facing him. Al was sitting next to me. I was holding Eds hand ([I could feel it too! Even though he was wearing gloves]). I touched the back of his head, cause I could remeber my preveious dream where I touched his hair, and I didn't want to forget how it felt. I saw he was sad still, like in my last dream, but he also looked happy, for some reason he was happy, and still knew he was going to die. Then he let go of my hand and pointed to Al and I held his hand to comfort him. Then I found myself in a different part of the building, like in a hallway. For some reason I was crawling and I think slightly dragging my legs for some reason. I knew a few hours had past and had a feeling that Ed was still alive, even though he should have been gone by now. I was sad, almost to tears. I looked in a room and there I saw Ed sitting on the edge of a bed. He had a towl thrown over himself. ([Yes he was wearing his clothes under the towle so get ur minds outta the gutter!]) He looked down at me and smiled, then blushed and pointed. I looked down to see I was only wearing a bath robe, it was patially open...([Oo. EEEK!]) though you couldn't see my, er...privet parts.-_-' My hair was out of a ponytail too. I closed up my robe all the way, but I was happy to see Ed was still alive. So then I sat next to him on the bed. He was looking to the side with a smile and blushing. I was looking slightly down and was smiling and blushing too. Then I don't remeber what happened after that. I think I touched the back of Ed's head again, I'm not sure, but before I woke from my dream, I was in my school cafateria, so were all the other students in the school and we were danicing to the Shout song........

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2007-01-10 [Kiristo]: Rurouni Kenshin is good. So is Cowboy Bebop. I've never seen the other two, but I know Elfen lied has a lot of nudity and violence in it.

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