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PLEASE!!!! Don't steal my animation without asking.



Join our nation in the name of anime!


This is Anime Nation! As you can tell its all about Anime! And Manga. Here, I'm hoping to expose anime as much as possible to you. All ideas are welcome.

Hello I'm [kabutali] the creator of this wiki. Sorry there's not much but its underconstruction.

Bulletin Board

[The manga library will be created but do to investive copyright laws and low memory, the mangas will be teaser or sample manga. No full stories. T.T BUT!!! Now you can preview manga awesomness and if you like it can go out and buy some volumes.]

I will also continue back to this wiki, finishing the dictionary and work on both anime guide and info =3 HURRAH for re-openings!


[NEW Stuff]:


Japanese Dictionary

I have A + B, Jap-Eng.

Anime Cons

Feel free to put up pics. I'll have mine up soon.


<img:>--> LINKS!!! To many places!!!! <--<img:>

go to Anime Cafe` to chat!

National Anime Contests0 Contest beign held

go to Anime Nation's Members to join! (don't have to ask to join)

go to Anime Art! Post your art there! All accepted.

go to Anime Lists! Want to know others intrests? Here's their 'list'.

go to Anime Role Play RPG people. It's a messed up world of anime fiction...YAY!^-^!

go to Anime Info.Find cool info on the latest anime stuff! We update!

go to Anime Banners to get a banner. ^-^! [I have a banner!!!]

Anime Spoofs Wanna see some spoofed animes? Go here! So far: 5 pics + 6 comic pages

go to Anime Wiki Friends for a list of other awsome anime wikis of all sorts.(Just for your convience!^^!)


[-------->] [<-------]

[Underconstruction stuff]:

The Ultimate Guide to Anime2 links made in guide         

Anime Movies1 link


I need assistance... Want jobs people?

1.  Anyone who wants to help with 'the ultimate guide to anime' project, feel free to make a link and you will get all the credit! ...\<_<\ - />_>/...and maybe even a 'special' badge and anime title too... Muwahahahahahahaha!!!!! XD!

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2008-02-11 [Ayaka]: It's adorable!!!
You some kind of homophobe?

2008-02-11 [Surimia]: of course not! i just prefer other pairings. everyone's entitled to their opinion.

2008-02-11 [Ayaka]: true, true

2008-02-11 [Surimia]: it's a free country and all that.

2008-02-17 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2008-04-24 [chyu]: back

2008-04-25 [~Crimson Angel~]: hello,welcome back.

2008-04-25 [chyu]: thanks

2008-04-26 [~Crimson Angel~]: Where have you been?

2008-04-26 [chyu]: watching anime in only 2 or 3 months...

2008-04-26 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol Did you have fun?

2008-04-27 [chyu]: i think so

2008-05-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: you think so?

2008-05-05 [Surimia]: well, it entirely depends on whetther or not you liked the shows you were watching.

2008-05-09 [chyu]: seams like i liked the anime

2008-05-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2008-05-17 [chyu]: do you know where i can find haruhi gender bender manga?

2008-05-28 [Avatar15]: LOL gender bender.

2008-05-28 [Surimia]: i wrote a naruto fanfic with opposite genders once....
and no, sorry, no haruhi knowledge up here ^^;

2008-05-31 [~Crimson Angel~]: Same here,sorry.

2008-06-01 [Surimia]: ha, me and my fanfics.

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