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Welcome to a time where big hair, crazy clothes and quirky music rocked our worlds! Welcome the era that brought us the most bodacious cartoons and radical toys ever made! Welcome to...



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Something to pass the time...

Members' Choice, Who is the hottest Autobot? Hot Rod

Who is the hottest Decepticon? Soundwave.....oooh, yeah


You Might be a Child of the 80's if...


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HaHa! Some good 80's humor from member [Paul Doyle]! Take this poll, you'll love it! <poll:74230>


TV from the Past

Hosted by [Malnu]

I [Lady of Lore] lost to Loth so as promised, here's the competition!

All things 80's Cartoons Contest

Since God created man, and man created the Transformers, the Transformers are like a gift from God, Randal! ~ Elias from Clerks II...just something to think about

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2005-09-27 [Lothuriel]: I bet you can guess which one got my vote....hehe!!

2005-11-12 [Daisy le Fleur]: OMG...they play the smurfs on the Cartoon Network :Boomerang channel !! I was so excited!

2005-11-12 [Lothuriel]: Totally!!1

2006-01-11 [Daisy le Fleur]: (taps foot quietly) Come on pamcakes, give us a new poll!

2006-09-10 [Lothuriel]: This wiki is still undergoing construction! If you have any ideas for sub-wikis...just drop me a line and let me know!

2006-09-10 [Paul Doyle]: Anybody else remember when KISS first took off their makeup (1983)?

2006-09-10 [Lothuriel]: lol yep

2006-09-10 [Daisy le Fleur]: omg that was traumatizing

2006-09-10 [Lothuriel]: Tell me about it =p

2006-09-10 [Kyrinn]: Anyone rememberTHUNDARR The BARBARIAN????  *falls over dead*

2006-09-10 [Kyrinn]: I have GOT to find my pictures from high school lol

2006-09-10 [Lothuriel]: I loved Thundar!!!

2006-09-11 [Lothuriel]: Hey [Paul Doyle], why don't you join us?

2006-09-11 [Perplexity]: Does anyone remember that terrible terrible KISS movie where they were battling some evil scientist type?

2006-09-11 [Paul Doyle]: THUNDARR!!!!!

2006-09-11 [Paul Doyle]: I used to love "KISS meets the Phantom of the Park" because it was so bad it was funny. However, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley (who pretty much control KISS) hate it so much that it's never been re-released since the 1980s, believe. I remember that thing used to be on those "Up All Night" and "Dialing for Dollars" movie showcases, whenever they weren't showing Godzilla marathons, fake Bruce Lee kung-fu movies (you know, the ones with Bruce Le or Bruce Li) and various horrendous camp/'70s Vincent Price horror flicks.

2006-09-11 [Paul Doyle]: Think of KISS's opinion of movie as being similar to George Lucas's opinion of that OTHER late-'70s made-for-tv monstrosity, The Star Wars Holiday Special which was neither entertaining nor funny. Even that animated part which introduced Boba Fett kinda sucked. Anyway, this is the best KISS flick snippet I could find, which sums it up rather well:

2006-09-11 [Paul Doyle]: Sorry, had to add this last one. Unintentionally hilarious dialogue and acting! xD

2006-09-11 [Asryth]: Smurfs... He he. The age old question is "Where did baby smurf come from? All those Male Smurfs and only Smurfette." You do the math...

2006-09-11 [dilandau]: all natural smurfs are all male. smurfette was created by gargamel.  so they would have to have a way to reproduce with only one sex.

2006-09-11 [Lothuriel]: It is sad that we know!

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