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Name: Abarhi Seriphim

Race: Elf

Age: 500

Alliance: Roan’s Knights

Kingdom: Griffin

Rank: Body guard/Assassin

Weapons: Two black bladed short katanas with blood red runes inscribed on them. also numerous throwing stars, and assorted deadly weaponry of the like.

Personality: Abarhi is semi outgoing, though he harbors a particular distaste for Chorus and his rebellion. He lives by an ancient honor code, that his family lived an many eventually died by. This code means that he is unswerving in his loyalties, but there are also things that he refuses to do.

Description: see picture below.

Abilities: Lightning, and mind control.

History: Abarhi has known little else than war and struggle, as a young child he was taught the ways of the warrior honing these teachings to an art over many years of his life. Over the years he has watched his family fall prey to betrayal, outside persecution and war like no other. He is one of the last of his family.


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2009-11-27 [Eyden13]: just need what kingdom your in then your set.

2009-11-27 [Talos Cyrion]: ok cool

2010-01-22 [Gypsy Mystik]: Cool ^_^

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