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Hello and welcome to the AMV dedication page!

Now i know that not all AMVs are good.But i have found that creating an AMV is a wonderful art. The right music and then you have to blend pics with the music.I have found some good ones at .I have never made an AMV but i still find them wonderful.

       And for people who love to make,or view AMVs please join at:


       If you have some favorite AMVs you want to share with the community go to AMV share,But they must be aproprate(nothing that wouldn't be aloud in elftown).


I can't promise that the AMVs here will not comtain spoilers.If you find spoilers evil then this site is probably not for you.

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2007-08-30 [Kikai]: Well, I can give you the link to the AMVapp on :) It's a collection of aweseome programs that are free and the guide that teaches you to use it along with it is the best out there. Sometime it might seem long and tedious, but it really makes thet outcome great. :D the link for amvapp is here:
and the full guide is here:

hope it helps ^^

2007-08-30 [*Leric*]: thanks!

2007-08-30 [*Leric*]: I got like two seconds from the opening menu on the wolf's rain dvd and i can't get the rest to work -_-

2007-08-30 [*Leric*]: could you maybe explain to me how to get it from my dvd to where i can get it to import onto windows movie maker??

2007-08-30 [*Leric*]: i looked through the guide and still have no clue what to do

2007-08-30 [I'm her Georgia *Peach!*]: ooooh... *clicks and tries for meself*

2007-08-31 [Kikai]: okay, in the guide, after you rip your footage from your dvd, you need to encode it in virtualdubmod. Just open up the .vob in VDub and go to video --> compression and choose 'huffyyuv' or 'lagarith'. You *can* choose xvid, but even though it's smaller file size, it will crash wmm a lot. Huffy and Lag are pretty big, but just cut up the segments into parts and you should be fine. As soon as you've converted the footage, import it into wmm :) (i know it seems a little much, but it really makes your video turn out great! :D )

2007-08-31 [I'm her Georgia *Peach!*]: soo... are 30-minute segments all right? I have stuff around there. o_O

2007-09-03 [Kikai]: whoa, thirty minutes? O_O that's going to eat up space on your hard drive like you won't believe @_@
you have to split it into clips you know you'll use....I wish i could find that screencap...

2007-09-03 [*Leric*]: great! i'll see if i can pull that off tonight. i have to play ping-pong now. catch ya later<3

2007-09-04 [*Leric*]: okay. how do you cut it into clips??
it's taking whole episodes and i just want some of the good fight scenes.

2007-09-08 [Kikai]: okies, I got this cap from my friend, Katie. Follow this picture:

See the tick marks she circled? You go to the beginning of the scene you want to take a chunk out of and click the tick mark on the LEFT to begin the scene, and then go to where ever you want to end the clip you want and click the RIGHT tick mark to end it. Then make sure that your compression is the kind you want, then do save as :D I hope that helps :)

2007-09-08 [I'm her Georgia *Peach!*]: ooh, I figgured out how to do it. x3 I ended up turning a 2-hour movie into a 27-minute compilation of clips I'd use. It was nifty. I think I'll do that from now on. =D

2007-09-09 [*Leric*]: I SEE! thanks xD

2007-09-13 [Kikai]: I'm glad it helps ^^ Anything else, just ask :D

2007-11-06 [chyu]: cant u put some galaxy angel ANVs here?

2007-11-08 [Coldfire1]: ya sure

2007-11-17 [*Leric*]: lookie my first amv!!!
it's not the best, but i tried^^ thanks for all the help guys!

2007-11-22 [*Leric*]: thanks for the comment coldfire1! =D that's my second one. i think it's a kazzilion times better

2008-08-05 [ForeverNothing]: how are there no naruto amvs?

2008-08-08 [Coldfire1]: there r some...some were oo here try :

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