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2006-08-08 22:01:56
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<img:stuff/bulletblue.gif>Crying Destiney: A New Hope<img:stuff/bulletblue.gif>



Now 10 years later, After the deadly battle between the Nosams and the U.N., the world layed shattered, barely able to escape the near death experience it had from the new cyborg version 4 that the U.N. unleashed hoping it would erase the Nosams from the earth. The Version 4 betrayed the U.N. and tried to destroy the planet. The Warriors that met up in their journies, held strong to their friendships, and risked everything trying to stop the version 4 cyborg.... Enemies united, and Great warriors died.. The sadness that lay upon the earth is that of destruction, from the fierce battle between the Cyborg and the team of warriors. There is a rumor that they Have a base and their own army that grows every day, but this is only a rumor... No one has ever seen them. After the planet was cursed of destruction, the U.N. became to weak and little to keep control, and with the Nosams all dead, a Warlord quickly took over most of the cities. This is a time of despair, the black markets and crime control the world, and the people suffer. The common people have only hopes that the myths of the warriors known as the Guardians are true. They have even greater hopes that someone will save their towns, and restore order. Will this someone be you....... Will you save them..or hurt them more...the choice is yours..

(like before, more places will be created as we go, but this rp is offical underway, please have fun ^.^)


<img:stuff/bulletblue.gif>Waiting list:


<img:stuff/bulletblue.gif>MEMBERS IN PARTY2:
6.[X name]


<img:stuff/bulletblue.gif>OTHER PLACES:
4.Pirate Isle
5.Port Farlingrad
7.Dark Water

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2006-04-06 [snowwolfsa]: O.o.....o.O

2006-04-06 [dead~spirit]: O.o; Josh what are you doing!!! put your gas mask on, she's got Sars!! *points at Shy*

2006-04-06 [shy_elf_arra]: ahh wth? no I don't!

2006-04-06 [dead~spirit]: ^.^

2006-04-06 [shy_elf_arra]: meh....

2006-04-07 [crowfeather]: @__@ *the chibi tips over and ends up on the floor* wheeeeeee

2006-04-12 [crowfeather]: currently unable to get the internet connection on my computer at my dad's place to work right now due to something he was playing around with earlier in the afternoon... is if any of you don't see me later tonight, more then likely i haven't been able to get it up again... hoping that the problem can be fixed however... sorry and thanks

2006-04-13 [crowfeather]: YAY! net's finally up!

2006-04-14 [shy_elf_arra]: so anyone here?

2006-04-14 [dead~spirit]: Me

2006-04-14 [shy_elf_arra]: yay *claps hands*

2006-04-14 [dead~spirit]: O.o;

2006-04-14 [shy_elf_arra]: it's quiet in here

2006-04-14 [shy_elf_arra]: g2g

2006-04-14 [dead~spirit]: that was fast...

2006-04-14 [Yelsa]: *looks around scratching head* where am I?

2006-04-14 [Yelsa]: *sees dead* oh...*laugh* I must be in the right place if he is here...I think....*giggle*

2006-04-14 [Yelsa]: *sees elf**squeek**huggie* your here!!!!

2006-04-14 [dead~spirit]: *looks around.* O.o;

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2006-04-14 [Yelsa]: *looks at everyone with a smile* ummm....sorry...*sits in a chair*

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