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Estantia's Stories

A Boy's Worst Nightmare

I tried to think of a halloween theme, what comes to mind? Vampires!

Estantia's Stories
Hopeless Romantics


Sarah was not happy. The reason for this was simple, she was almost everyone’s worst nightmare. The vampire schoolgirl, she thought bitterly as she tramped down the school corridor, it wasn’t my fault I was born this way... it isn’t like I even ill for Christ’s sake! She gave a mental sigh It’s just that no boy in their right mind would want to kiss a vampire, even a vampire who stinted themselves and kept their pet rabbit live... she shook these thoughts from her head as she entered english, where another bitter thought ran through her mind, and they say all non-human races are treated equally...pah!

She sat on her own, in the corner, she hoped they weren’t going to do any partner work, then she’d have to put up with someone slowly edging away from her as if she was going to leap at their throat any moment. She paid attention, as per usual, she did actually want to get good grades. Then Mr. Simpson mentioned partner work.

Sarah felt her heart sink as everyone exchanged looks and nods with friends. She would just wait and see who was left over. Maybe Nat, she hadn’t looked quite so nervous last time, and she had stood up for her for about two sentences once...

She was brought back to reality by the door opening. Everyone’s heads snapped round to see a new boy walk in. Sarah saw him as a tallish boy, her eyeline around his chin, she was quite tall herself so that made him around.... 6 ft? Anyway, dark brown hair, not unlike her own, though hers was lighter. His eyes were a stunning blue. She watched as he stood uncertainly, smiling nervously.

Sarah did a quick check of the room, damn! He’d have to sit next to her, everywhere else was full, of course, there were those two who had moved up last week. She glared at the newcomer grumpily as the teacher introduced him. His name was Tony and he had just moved down from further north. That caused some murmurs, the northern part of the country was wilder and more magical than the southern plains which they were on.

Several people had found some extra chairs to make threes at their desks but Mr. Simpson put Tony next to Sarah and introduced her. She ignored the new boy (bar saying hello) and the groans from the other girls, Tony was quite attractive, but those thoughts only returned Sarah to her original train of thought. No-one would ever like her in that way, even if they did they would probably rather be dead, rather than half-dead, (she smiled at her dry humour)than admit it.

When people moved to be with friends Tony was urged to go with a group on the next table. Sarah didn’t look or make any movement to sow that she’d heard, she simply stared out the window, feeling the normal hurt that someone could be so rude to her face. Tony simply looked confused and spoke slightly haltingly, as if he wasn’t used to speaking their language, 

“but who will she go with then?” Sarah’s heart warmed slightly towards him, if only he had stood up for her out of ignorance,
“Ah, she doesn’t matter.” Her good mood vanished as her hands balled into fists in her lap, would she always get this?
“I think I will go with her, thank you, she does not seem so bad...” the other boys stared and turned away. Tony looked uncertainly at Sarah.
“Er... excuse me?” Sarah replied to his question without turning,
“You’ll regret what you did later,”
“Why?” At this she turned to face the confused boy,
“You haven’t heard already? Then you’ll soon find out, we might as well get on with this then, you understood the question?”
“Yes, but, why were those boys so horrible?” Sarah’s face was now emotionless, as it had been before,
“They always are.”
“Ah, well, ok then, well I think...” he petered to a halt, “Im sorry for being nosy, but those boys are giving me such odd looks...”
“That’s partially why I said you’d regret it, there’s going to be rumours about us since you actually talk to me.”
“Oh...” This time Sarah asked a question,
“Do you usually speak another language? I notice you’re quite hesitant.” At the question Tony looked at her quickly, seeming to be assured he said, “well, in a sense, yes. What were you going to say for the question?”

They returned to the proper topic and then at the end of the lesson Tony asked, “erm... where is room, erm... 42?”
“Follow me, it’s science.” Sarah slightly wondered at the change in her behaviour, from surly girl to normal simply from having someone to talk to.

The day passed uneventfully until break, when Tony and Sarah parted, Sarah to sit in the library and Tony to be dragged by a teacher off to break. She quietly sat reading a book until the buzzer went. She then slipped off to her next class, Psychics. It was kind of like another language so that’s how it was classed. Sarah was the best in her class, being a vampire, but no-one really spoke to her much, they all communicated by talking rather than mind-speech anyway. She overheard some girls behind her talking animatedly about the Halloween ball. A soft murmur in her head said, You’ll fit
right in, won’t you Sarah? Only we’ll all have partners...
the voice faded and the girls tittered.

They didn’t know how close they’d come to voicing her thoughts, it was enough for Sarah to put down the strongest shield she could that even the teacher had trouble getting through. She then quietly worked at the exercises in the book. She only looked up when Mrs. Fralling called for attention, then Sarah let the shield down. Then she asked for examples of sentences from the book. The girls behind her were giggling at something in one’s book.

Sarah saw the girl’s thoughts, Vampires used to be burnt at the stake in other countries. It had a badly-drawn picture of her with flames creeping up her uniform. Sarah saw this and her loneliness turned to anger.

The psychic patterns on the paper turned red hot and melted as a wave of red heat pulsed into the girl’s mind. The girl whimpered and held on tightly, trying to make a shield that was flicked carelessly away. It was only a wave though, and the teacher didn’t notice. The hurt girl glared daggers at the back of her neck, Sarah could nearly feel it, they were getting better. Instead she happily watched as the girl floundered when asked for an example, since she hadn’t anything in her book.

When the lesson ended Sarah nearly ran into Tony who was hovering around, “what are you doing here?” she asked, partly still simmering down.
“Erm... this is a psychics room, right?”
“Did you feel a huge surge of anger a while back? I was being taken round when I felt it,” Sarah stood still and stared at him,
“You felt it that far away?”
“Who was it?” he asked. His answer was Sarah dragging him to the library where she picked up her book, thrust another in his hands, sat down, created a psychic shield and demanded to know how on earth he got that sensitive to psychic
waves in mind speech.
Yes oh, now tell.
Tony’s thoughts were not hesitant at all now, they were quite low, and the same volume as if he talked normally.
Where I come from we always speak like this...
And I guess that’s why you’re so hesitant when speaking normally?
Yes, that’s partially why I was so erm... Worried when you said about hesitance...
Thank you for telling me, now you can go if you wish.
Sarah’s wall fell as she returned to reading. Then a tentative mind voice crept into her consciousness, how
come you’re so good?
Natural talent, now buzz off...
It hurt to think of when he’d stop talking to her because he found out what she was. This didn’t usually bother her, odd.
What’s this Halloween ball thing they’re talking about? Said Tony again. Sarah sighed,
You know you have balls where you dance?
Indeed. Now can I read?
One last question, when do you go to lunch?
His thoughts were mischievous as she glared at him, then stood up to go to lunch.

Sarah inspected herself in the mirror, black, glittering dress, perfect for a vampire, or even a vampire Queen. Sarah smiled, she felt light-headed at the prospect of the ball, though she had to be careful not to let her residual magic take over, she wanted no fangs tonight, and especially since Tony still didn’t know, and might be there. It was so nice to have someone to talk to, she didn’t want it to disappear so quickly.

She did a small twirl, her lightish brown hair swirling out before she left the room. The diamond-like drop on her neck catching the light.

As she came closer to the school her apprehension grew, of course she had no hope of being kissed by Tony, it was a stupid possibility, she was a vampire, it would be unfair to while he didn’t know. She couldn’t banish the images flitting across her mind’s eye though.

She was probably going to be on her own again, then the slow dances would still hurt as she stood in the shadows, watching them. She was always alone...
“Have a nice time sweetheart,” her dad said, jolting her back to reality. She got out the car and swept up an avenue of trees with candles floating gently among them. The trees hadn’t been there that morning, neither had the grotto, you had to hand it to the mages really, she thought as she looked around. She then quickly walked inside, where a gentle blare of music could be heard. She stood against the side and watched a group of girls dance a practised routine. She clapped at the end, unnoticed in the crowd. Sarah was truly anonymous now, that was how she liked it, part, but unknown.

Suddenly a hand rested on her shoulder, she jumped and looked up in shock, to be met by the smiling blue eyes of Tony. She looked at him, he was formally dressed in a suit, as were the other boys, the black and white seemed so natural, and so stunning with his eyes.
“Found you,” he said simply, “you do like slipping away, don’t you?”
“Its what I do best,” said Sarah quietly as she shook his hand off. He frowned at her tone, “what is wrong? Did I say something?”
“No, no,” she reassured him, “it’s just that...” He waited for her to speak some more, she instead went quiet and watched the normal dancers, who were dancing in clumps. She instead started to drift over to a table with snacks, but Tony stopped her,
“What is it? I do not know why everyone shuns you, please tell me,” Tony looked so sad at not knowing, but Sarah couldn’t say. She simply said in flat mind-speech
You will find out, I’m amazed that you don’t know already. He gave up with a sigh.
 “Then I guess I will. I will get something to eat if you are hungry,” Sarah hadn’t the heart to refuse. She then plunged into her thoughts, wondering why she hadn’t told him. She found somewhere to sit at the side and thought. Why? Surely she didn’t care for his opinion that much? Did it mean so much to have someone to talk to?

She mulled on like this, Then Tony interrupted her thoughts with his return. They ate the snacks in silence until they had finished, then the song changed. To Sarah’s horror it was a slow song. She had her eyes riveted on the couples going to the floor. A mixture of sadness and loneliness welling up in her, threatening to spill out as tears.

Misinterpreting her gaze Tony stood and offered her his hand, “Shall we dance?” he asked.

It was the worst possible thing he could have said.

Sarah looked at him sadly and then ran out to the grotto. Hidden in the bushes she sat and leant against a tree, then let her tears seep into her knees. She knew that dance would have ended in a kiss, she couldn’t do that to him, not when he didn’t know. He’d probably dance with someone else now and...and...

She found she couldn’t bear to think of him dancing with another girl, or kissing them. This is ridiculous! She thought, I’m a boy’s nightmare! So she stayed curled up, head on knees.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when someone crouched down next to her, but she didn’t look up. They laid a gentle hand on her shoulder, then she looked up.

Once more to meet the stunning blue gaze of Tony. She returned her head to her knees and tried to shrug his hand off. It didn’t move. She looked up in shock, and saw something glimmering in his blue eyes. He helped her up, holding her gaze. She was breathless as the eyes held her.

Then she gasped as he held her close, her head resting on his shoulder. One finger wiped away a stray tear. Her head swam with the embrace as more tears trickled. Then he started talking gently.
“I wish I could make you feel better by kissing you, but I can’t, I’m sorry.” his voice rumbled gently through his chest. Unthinkingly Sarah replied with the end to her thoughts,
 “Not while you don’t know.” Suddenly Tony went rigid with shock,
“I thought I had a shield up...” Sarah’s head jolted upright, heart hammering,
“I...I didn’t look...” she stammered. His finger once more entered her field of vision, this time touching the corner of her mouth. She slowly opened it as her instincts reacted to the finger at the edge. She pulled away hurriedly as her canines lengthened, covering them with her palms. Her eyes were wide with terror until she saw him laughing.

She then got angry, “what is so funny? This has...” she trailed off, her jaw dropping as she saw moonlight shine on his teeth.

He swooped in and held her gently but closely to him as he kissed her.

Sarah thought she would burst with happiness as her fangs gently bumped two others.


Estantia's Stories
Hopeless Romantics

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