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2006-09-12 01:27:41
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Who was the decade's hottest crime fighter?

Only one vote per poll, please!

Just a reminder! Please do not use these photos in your descriptions! I do not own the copyright for any of them! They are not to leave this wiki!

2125) **Choose your favorite hunky crime solver!  (Administrator: [Lothuriel])

Number of voters: 14

2128) Now For you guys! Choose the hottest crime fighting vixen from the 80's! (Administrator: [Lothuriel])

Number of voters: 4

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2006-09-10 [Lothuriel]: I can't decide!! *fans self* 

2006-09-11 [Paul Doyle]: Is there a female version of this? ;-)

2006-09-11 [Lothuriel]: hehe...almost done!!

2006-09-12 [Lothuriel]: There!! Just for you guys!

2006-09-12 [Paul Doyle]: Hmm, "Wonder Woman" ended in 1979 (my wife is a huge fan) although Lynda Carter did her commercials, modeling, etc, into the 1990s. Carrie Fisher looked good in that slave outfit but wasn't THAT good looking. I always thought Farrah Fawcett was a stupid bimbo, and that turned me off. Cagney and Lacey looked like truck drivers. And the others . . . they were OK. Except for Sigourney Weaver. Smart as hell, beyond gutsy, and quite a babe in her own right. (And if you don't believe me, check her out as "Zuul" in Ghostbusters. Hot DAMN. My choice is made. Pauly has SPOKEN. :ppppppppppppp

2006-09-12 [Paul Doyle]: if I was a girl, I'd vote for Indy in a nanosecond xD

2006-09-12 [Perplexity]: That's what my husband said, Paul lol So, is it ok that I voted for Sigourney Weaver, too, or is that poll really for guys only?

2006-09-12 [Paul Doyle]: Heck with, it Plex. I'll ask Kathy (who doesn't have an ET house, but is sitting ten feet from me watching a third season (disco-era) episode of Wonder Woman) and I'll let her choose a guy. Then I'll place a vote for her :B

2006-09-12 [Paul Doyle]: It only took a moment for Kathy to choose Indy. *chuckle*

2006-09-13 [Lothuriel]: Well, Wonder Woman ran in syndication through the 80's and was very popular during the early 1980's expecially. I never missed an episode, I had the doll, the sheets, the underoos...the whole nine yards. So, to me she will always be an 80's icon...

2006-09-13 [Perplexity]: I agree, she was a hot mamma in the 80s heheheh

2006-09-13 [Lothuriel]: She still is, have you seen her lately?

2006-09-13 [Perplexity]: Well, saw her in "Super Troopers" and she looked beautiful still. Other than that I havent seen her around, no.

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