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12 Olympians

Gods                         Of

1. Zeus                      Sky & Suppliants(Heavan)

2. Hera                       Marrage & Childbirth  

3. Hades                    Death(Underworld]   

4. Poseiden                Sea(Earthquakes and Horses] 

5. Ares                        War

6. Aphrodite                Love

7. Hephaestus            (Forge)

8. Hermes                   Theif and Messanger(Commerce and Travels)

9. Apollo                     Light and Truth(Healer and Music)

10. Artemis                 Wild(Moon and Huntress) 

11. Athena                  Wisdom(city)

12. Hestia                    Hearth(homer)

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2010-08-08 [SilverFire]: Hephaistos is not so much the god of 'fire' as of metallurgy, smithying, etc. Occasionally his name is used as synonymous with fire, but the usual references to him reflect his role as a blacksmith. Also, meaning no offence, but this list is a bit simplistic. Each god fulfilled a variety of functions - Zeus is also, very importantly, the god of suppliants, for instance (which is why, once someone supplicated to you it would be a religious crime to refuse them hospitality/their request.

Also, in a rather Egyptian fashion, gods could be given specific epithets to refer to a specific traits of theirs - e.g. Apollo Smintheus is the god of mice, and when referring to his role as god of prophecy, he's usually referred to as Pythian Apollo. Zeus Xenios refers to Zeus' role as god of strangers and suppliants, etc.

2010-08-08 [SilverFire]: Oh, Hera's good for Childbirth, too. :P There are myths where she stops a Alcmene giving birth by sitting outside their house with her legs crossed and fingers interlaced.

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