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Welcome to *Phoenix* Art 2010!

Here you can find some the art I made for the year 2010!
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Pictures are click-able to a wikipage! Woot!

Sandshrew Jolten Heart Collage ~*~Tattoo Fairy Desgins~*~ travarus_lineart travarus_colored ~*~Die Computer!~*~ Peace_yo! Uni-fox Chibi_Dragon Chocolate_lover ~*~Laptop Idea~*~ Starry Couple Stippling Dots WSAL,BWWC Character Art Kon Cake Chibi Chibi Feet Fruit of the Spirit Finger Heart Harry Hippo Hamtaro Flareon Light Yagami Mew Fanart Charizard Charmander Squirtle Bulbasaur Doodle Dude Hands1 Hands2 Croagunk

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2010-06-20 [Hendercrazy]: Great to see that you're doing some new stuff! :) Really like the fae! :D

2010-06-21 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks! The faes were a tattoo designs for my step mom. I don't know if she ever did get it...Hmm. I'll have to see.

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