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*Artsie's* Family <img:stuff/GothicWelcmDkBlue.gif>


Everything on this page is copyrighted to me, [Artsieladie], AKA, Sharon Donnelly, unless otherwise specified.
[ *** ] Means chosen by the Daily Poem!</b></center>


<center><b>On this wiki page you will see where to go to learn a little about my family. There will be [nothing personal here unless it is their wish], 'cause a person's private life is just that...[PRIVATE!!!]


*Artsie_ladie's* Family

"About my Mom!"
"My Friend, My Mother!" [ *** ]
"Dearest Mom...!"
"Happy Mother's Day, Mom!"
"My Dearest Mom!"
"My Beautiful Mother! My Beautiful Valentine!"
"My Beautiful Mother, My Best Friend...</i>
...Has Gone Home With Our Lord and Jesus!
<i>"My Dearest Mom..."

"Missing You, Mom, On This Mother's Day!"
"Steps To Heaven"
"Missing You, Mom, On Your Birthday"
"Calling My Name!"
"A New Flower Added To The Master's Bouquet!"

"The Hand That Rocks The Cradle... ...Rules The World!"

This is the title to a song sung by:
Glen Campbell & Steve Wariner, genre: country.
Written by Tedd Harris
My entry in the Show Us Your Song Contest & submitted here: Song Contest Drawings, page 1! (See: <diary:964700>)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~[ ALSO: ]~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Artsie's* Mom Honored
*Artsie's* Mom Remembered Always!
*Artsie's* Mom Remembered With Images!

*Artsie_ladie's* Family 2

"About my Daughter - [bluefarie]!"
"A Mother's Thoughts With Love...!" [ *** ]
"Mom, I Want....!"
"Mom's Taxi!"</center>


*Artsie_ladie's* Family 3

"About my Sister - [gruffybear]!"
"My Sissy's Poem!"</center>


*Artsie_ladie's* Family 4

"About my Sister - [Artsie_ladie]!"
"...No poem, yet..."</center>


*Artsie_ladie's* Family 5

"About my Brother!"
"My Brother's Wings!"</center>


*Artsie_ladie's* Family 6

"For my Dad!"
"A Day For Dad!"</center>


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2005-12-17 [Artsieladie]: This is the leading page for "about my Family"!  :))

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