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*Artsie's* Easter Bunnies



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Angora Bunnies!


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May God Bless You! Have a Great Day!

Happy & Blessed Easter!


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2006-04-18 [Artsieladie]: For my graphic Easter Bunnies!  :))

2007-01-24 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Whee! Now I can put some bunnies in my house! <img:44166_1164099989.gif>

2007-01-25 [Artsieladie]: Just be careful! They multiply! LOL

2007-01-25 [Dark Side of the Moon]: *lol!* *snuggles bunnies* <img:61691_1132936287.gif>

2007-01-25 [Artsieladie]: I love bunnies. Angora bunnies are so cute, I think. :)

2007-01-25 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I had a little black Netherland Dwarf that looked like this one: <img200*0:> . Her name was Buttons. Unfortunately she developed major tooth and jaw infections and had to be put to sleep last June. I still miss my lil' bunny-boo. <img:stuff/mood9-gif.gif>

2007-02-03 [Artsieladie]: Oh, I'm sorry about you losing your bunny. *huggles* She's so cute! Our last one was a miniature lop-eared named Precious. He had fur like a wild bunny. We lost him about 3 years ago. I've thought about getting another bunny, but we always have so many animals at our house, so I decided not to. 

2007-06-02 [Tyrana]: Oh my gosh! Bunnies! They're adorable! ^_^ ^_^
Never had a bunny... I love them, but I ended up getting a guinea pig. I loved him, too. :)

2007-06-02 [Artsieladie]: Hi! Yes, bunnies! Thanks! I have more bunnies to post...if I ever find a little extra time. Time...never enough. I have some guinea pig images, as well, to put up. :D I've had gp's, too. I love their cooing & weet-weeting. :)

2007-06-04 [Dark Side of the Moon]: awwww! weet weet! Reminds me of my little Charlie-pig. *sigh*

2007-06-04 [Artsieladie]: Yeah...weet-weet. :) <img100*0:stuff/GP_test.png>

2007-06-04 [Dark Side of the Moon]: It's Charlie! It looks almost exactly like him! *cuddles*

2007-06-04 [Artsieladie]: *grins* I'm uploading some of my guinea piggies here: Guinea Piggies by *Artsie*. One of the ones we had, named Weet Weet (really original), looked like this, except for the twisted tuft on the head. :D

2007-06-05 [Dark Side of the Moon]: awwww, they're adorable! *takes one home*

2007-06-05 [Artsieladie]: *grins* They're always glad to find a good home! :)

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